Vuuzle Media Corp who have officially moved their headquarters on May 15, 2020, and VMC with the Swedish corporation On May 13, 2020, is our valuable client. Vuuzle Media Corp has a contract with Verizon Media, in 2015, Verizon Communications acquired AOL and purchased yahoo.


NSWMA, also known as the National Solid Waste Management Authority, is one of the well-known waste management authorities operated by the Jamaican government. The National Solid Waste Management Act (2001) made it mandatory for Jamaican government.

Old Globe White Paper

Our client is The Old Globe Theatre, a community theater in San Diego - California. The theater was built in early 1935 for the presentation of abridged versions of Shakespeare's plays as part of the California Pacific International Exposition. The theater has seen many remold, renovation.


CDO Group Inc. Real Estate Builders & Construction Company, located in Chicago IL, is our client. They provide multi-unit retail companies with a complete construction management solution on an outsourced basis.

Face Connection

Our clients demanded to have a web-based platform and came with the same requirements as us. They aimed to have effective and impressive connecting employers with job seekers. This platform helps employees find the best talents.

Jamaicans Music is an advanced and feature-rich website that catalogs and markets Jamaican music culture, history, and artists. The company's Facebook fan page has a more significant number of fans following than any company.


ComeThru is an event management and ticketing platform that is committed to providing unique events. They help users to create and manage websites for events they are promoting. Get the desired result for unique events like house parties, kickbacks, networking events, TV watch parties, and more. Users can earn extra through a unique local event; they can even reserve tickets whenever required.


EliteTix is a compelling event management platform helping everyone create, find, attend, and share events that grab their interest. The event list simply includes art, music, concerts, conferences, training, community, and fundraisers. "The sky is the limit" for event planning and management with EliteTix. The slogan of the event platform is "LIVE, LAUGH & ATTEND."

Pinnacle Hip Hop

Pinnacle Hip-Hop is a music streaming digital platform. It provides music content from a range of independent and significant libraries. The digital platform users can either subscribe to a "Freemium" model. They can even pay a premium to access extra features without advertisements.

Gateway Stream Music

The Gateway Streaming Music is a digital streaming platform built by Alphanso Tech. The streaming platform is developed keeping in mind the requirement of artists as well as listeners. It helps them to interact, connect, and enjoy numerous plays. Our team has provided clients a one-stop solution for artists to develop their profiles, manage their contributions, list their work, and earn from their contributions.

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