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What is Melodify?

Melodify - Music Streaming Platform

Melodify is an advanced music streaming platform that enables you to take your music business online. It also enables music lovers to play music and podcasts that they love to listen to.

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Melodify Music Streaming Platform
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Superior Features

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App users can enjoy any music streaming content of their choice without hassle.


Melodify, a music & audio streaming platform, helps to recommend content to users based on their tastes and preferences.


Users can easily search for music, podcasts, and audio content based on categories like travel, love, mood, etc.


Music streaming script facilitates users to create playlists to enjoy anytime and from anywhere as per their convenience.

User Taste

Algorithms used for Melodify development provide users with what they are more likely to listen to.


Users can register and sign in to create their library of podcasts, music, artics, and more with a few clicks.

Quick Registration

Users can follow a manual registration process or go ahead with social media registration by using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Play Favorites

Our music streaming platform lets users listen to songs and discover new podcasts, audio, and more.

Playlist by Music Experts

Feature-rich music streaming script enables users to make their own playlist or listen to one made by music experts.

Liked Songs

Users can check the list of liked songs, podcasts, etc., to enjoy it again whenever they want to.

Advanced Search

Searching for content based on different categories becomes easier with an advanced search option.

Share Content

Users are allowed to share their favorite content with friends, family, or others through social sharing.

Manage Content

Powerful admin panel enables admin to manage music, podcasts, and other content systematically.

Users & Artist Management

Admin can check details of users & artists and manage them efficiently through music streaming platforms.

Upload Content

Admin can upload content and edit all the essential details like title, artist details, and more with ease.

Check Ratings & Reviews

Admin can check ratings and reviews of the music lovers and manage them if needed right from the dashboard.

Manage Categories

The feature-rich admin dashboard facilitates the admin to manage categories and create new ones if needed.


Admin can create and remove sub-moderators. They can even update the moderators' rights with ease.

Melodify Mobile App

Artist Login

Artists can follow a quick login process to efficiently manage their profiles and engage with their audience.


Ad and Pay-per-view Model

Monetize content with a flexible advertising system and leverage a pay-per-view model for special live events & exclusive content.


Podcast Management

Podcast creators can effortlessly share and organize their episodes, ensuring a smooth & engaging experience for listeners.


Music Video Upload

Provide audiences with immersive audio-visual experiences, allowing artists to showcase their creativity beyond traditional audio content.


Subscription Services

Tailor experiences for subscribers with personalized plans to offer exclusive benefits such as early access, premium content, etc.


Manage Categories

Cater various tastes and preferences by improving content discoverability by organizing music and podcasts into categories.

Product Architecture

Product Architecture
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Yes, Melodify is our IP. Once you purchase the license, you can claim complete ownership of the mobile app and website.

Yes, Sourcecode of the mobile app and website is encrypted.

Yes, We do provide three months of free technical support.

Yes, We can customize Melodify Music Streaming Platform script as per your requirement.

Please drop us an email on sales@alphansotech.com We will get back to you in 12 working hours.

Alphanso Tech Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.

Clients can submit the request for the admin demo to sales@alphansotech.com Our team will get back to you with more details.

Yes, it will be one-time payment only for Melodify Music Streaming Platform script. Customization will be charged on an hourly basis.

Yes, we will help you with product customization. Please reach out to us on sales@alphansotech.com with more details.

Please review our refund policy here
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