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SoundCloud Clone
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What is

Soundcloud Clone?

SoundCloud clone is a white label audio streaming platform that helps you start your streaming business online. The audio distribution and music-sharing script is crammed with advanced features and functionality that allow you to serve a better experience.

Soundcloud Clone

Soundcloud Clone Script


of SoundCloud Clone

  • Spotify clone Content distributors can use the SoundCloud Clone to distribute content globally.
  • Spotify clone Monetization models like advertising, premium subscriptions, and pay-per-view offer content distributors multiple revenue streams.
  • Spotify clone The SoundCloud clone script can be customized to align with the branding of content distributors.
  • Spotify clone Access to data analytics provides valuable insights into audience behavior.


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Password: 123456

Functionalities of An App like SoundCloud

Stream Music List

Content Curation Dashboard

A centralized dashboard helps you to upload and manage a diverse range of streaming content, including music and podcasts.

Admin Panel

Monetization Models

Platform similar to SoundCloud, supports various monetization models like ad-supported content, premium subscriptions, etc.


Profile Management

User-friendly profile management tools for independent artists help them manage their name, social media URLs, and more.

Shuffle Music

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics tools provide insights into content performance, audience demographics, and engagement metrics.

Upload Music

Podcast Creation

Podcasters can create, upload, and manage podcast episodes, enabling them to diversify their content offerings beyond music.

Social Media

Offline Listening

Offline listening options enable users to download and enjoy independent artists' albums even without an internet connection.

Outstanding Features of App Similar to SoundCloud

Music Library

The more music your streaming platform has, the better it performs. Allow users to search music by artist, genre, etc.

Personal Recommendations

We have integrated the personal recommendations feature, which provides users with a list based on listeners' preferences & habits.

Content Monetization

Artists can monetize their albums, podcasts, music videos, and more using different monetizing options the platform supports.

Download Content

SoundCloud clone provides an excellent experience and enables you to download content with just a click.

Social Login

Users can use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others to login into the audio distribution and music sharing website.

Substitute Moderators

Admins can add substitute moderators and restrict their permissions as per their needs from a SoundCloud clone.


Our music-sharing app similar to SoundCloud enables users with easy registration and login processes.

Insightful Dashboard

Users can check the details of popular music, trending tracks, the latest music being played, etc.

Leading Search

Our SoundCloud Clone facilitated users to browse their favorite music based on different categories.

Create Playlist

Users can add their favorite albums & songs to the playlist; they can even create and shuffle playlists at their convenience.

Secure Payment Gateway

Users can upgrade their subscription plan by paying online, using their credit or debit card, or another mode of payment.

Profile Settings

The advanced setting feature enables the admin to manage various profile details like profile images, first names, etc.


We provide an advanced admin dashboard that facilitates managing and viewing recently added users, tracking, etc.

Handle Users

Admin can manage users and their subscription details more efficiently through the advanced admin panel of SoundCloud Clone.


Admin can explore site earning details of their streaming platform through the advanced admin panel that we provide to them.

Sub Moderators

Admin can easily add sub-moderators; they can even add and manage the content on the portal at their convenience.

Music Video Upload

The insightful admin panel of SoundCloud Clone facilitates the admin to manage and upload music videos and other streaming content.

Manage Different Categories

Admin is allowed to manage all the content effectively through the advanced panel.

How it works?

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Ready to launch your audio distribution and music-sharing platform?

The development time for a SoundCloud clone can vary based on factors like the features' complexity, UI/UX changes, etc. Please get in touch with our team for accurate pricing details at

The development cost of a SoundCloud clone depends on lots of aspects, like the complexity of features, design intricacy, development platform (web, iOS, Android), and the level of customization. For more details, please get in touch with us at

Yes, the SoundCloud clone is our IP. Once you purchase the license, you can claim complete ownership of the mobile app and website.

Yes, the source code of the mobile app and website is encrypted.

Yes, we do provide three months of free technical support.

Yes, we can customize the app similar to SoundCloud as per your requirements.