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What is

ReverbNation Clone?

ReverbNation clone is an advanced digital platform that concentrates on the independent music industry. You can provide audio and music streaming platforms to artists, musicians, and producers to communicate and collaborate. White label ReverbNation clone helps you offer opportunities to users to listen to the music of their choice without hassle

Reverbnation clone script

Reverbnation clone


of ReverbNation Clone Script

We have integrated all the modules in the ReverbNation clone script helping you meet artists' requirements and gain popularity with more fans following. A feature-rich audio and music streaming platform gives an edge start to your business. ReverbNation clone in PHP facilitates your targeted audience to enjoy music and audio like folk, pop, rock, dance, most popular, and more.


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Password: 123456

Why an App Similar to ReverbNation?

Stream Music List


Our developers build scalable and custom software like ReverbNation after understanding your business needs.


Build Endorsement

In today's competitive media and entertainment industry, the audio streaming platform helps you boost your business visibility.


Capture Insights

The audio streaming platform helps you capture insight into what your users love to listen to, what is trendy, etc.

Shuffle Music

Increased Revenue

Different monetizing models supported by ReverbNation like app help you generate greater revenue in a short time.

Upload Music

Personalized Experience

Knowing what your listeners love to listen to can help you provide them with a personalized experience.

Social Media

Promote Music

Promoting music streaming content becomes easier with email, social sharing, and other ways supported by the platform.

ReverbNation Clone Advanced Features

Social Media Login

Users are allowed to login themself to the platform using their social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or any other account they have.

Add Items

Users can add, update, or remove any of the items from the list they have created on the engaging platform, they can only leverage these rights if they have opted for a subscription plan.

Select a Package

You can explore all the subscription packages available and can choose any of the pocket-friendly plans which satisfy all your requirements.

Manage Profile

The manage profile section of our ReverbNation clone script allows you to manage and update your profile without any hassle.

Manage Content

Users are allowed to manage and update content on the platform as per their needs, they can add and update songs, tracks, and much more through the unique feature.

Create a Campaign

Our ReverbNation clone script facilitates users to create ad campaigns, which can help them to promote songs, music, and much more they have created.

Explore Tracks

Users who have opted for paid subscriptions have access to upload and explore all the tracks, they can select the track and share it online as per their need.

Choose Plan

Users are allowed to make a choice for their subscription plan on the ReverbNation clone script, they can explore all the plans before making a choice.

Search Content

Our ReverbNation clone script facilitates users to browse numerous types of content to find an interesting one that matches their taste and present mood.

Download Music

The subscription plan of our clone script provides users with access to download any of the content from the available list on their preferred device.

Genre Wise Content

Users are allowed to manage content based on the different categories on the advanced platform, they can sort the content by a variety of genres like comedy, romance, drama, etc.

Share Content

Users are allowed to share content with any of the individuals they want, they can use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or any other to share the content.


An impressive dashboard of our ReverbNation clone script facilitates the admin to explore each and every data, they can explore the latest added content, users, and much more.

Analytics & Reports

The feature-rich dashboard of our ReverbNation clone provides admin with a wide range of opportunities, they can check reports to know what is trending and plan growth strategy accordingly.

Manage Users

The feature-rich admin panel of our advanced clone script facilitates the admin to manage users and their subscription plans in a systematic manner.

Content Management

Admin can upload and remove any type of content on the platform, they are facilitated to ban any content if it violates the policy of the platform.

Subscription Plan

ReverbNation clone script facilitates the admin to view and manage users' subscription plans, they can also manage pay-per-view through the advanced admin panel.

Site Settings

Admin can easily manage multiple site settings through an impressive admin panel which we avail to them with our feature-rich clone script.

How it works?

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