OTT Platform Script Features


This feature facilitates users to subscribe and pay for content they want to enjoy. Pay per view is a one-time payment for a video.

Subscription Plan

By uploading a video for users that attract them, you can convey them to subscribe to the watch the streaming content via OTT platform script.

Upload Video

The upload video feature lets the admin upload videos on multiple channels hassle-free from the feature-rich dashboard or app.

Advanced Search Option

Searching for video content on the OTT platform script has become easier with advanced search options. The search can be based on artists, languages, genres, etc.

Excellent Dashboard

The feature-rich dashboard of the OTT platform helps you to provide a user-friendly experience to broadcasters. It makes it easier for you to experience all functionality.

Advanced Filters

Users are facilitated to search and filter the videos based on different attributes such as "Recently Played," "Most Popular," etc., through this feature.

Advanced Features

Social Media Sharing

OTT platform script makes it easier for users to share their desired videos over social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., with few clicks.

Rating And Review

Users are facilitated to add their ratings and reviews in the comment section; all others can benefit from it as it helps to know more about the content.


Users can get instant notifications about new releases, helping them avoid missing their favorite movies, tv shows, and other content on the platform.

Offline Streaming

Users are allowed to download TV shows and movies for offline streaming within the platform. They are only allowed to access the downloaded videos within the app.

History Tracking

Users are allowed to check their watch history; they can use the same information to personalize recommended videos to improve user experience.


Users are facilitated to add a video to Watchlist that they like to view later. The watchlist feature encourages users to watch and save videos increasing the view count.

User Management

OTT platform script makes it easier for individuals to manage and group users' profiles and their details.

Video Management

Admin is facilitated to manage and segregate every newly uploaded video for improved user experience.


Category Management

Admin can easily categorize all videos under different sections to decrease user search time and improve convenience.

Manage Users

It becomes more accessible for the admin to systematically monitor and manage user behavior and profile through the database.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Alphanso Tech offers multiple payment gateway setting options with the OTT platform to make users feel easy to make payments.

Site Settings

Admin can easily manage commission, site, payment gateway, etc., from the powerful admin panel.

SEO Friendly

Alphanso Tech has developed an OTT platform script in SEO friendly manner to help businesses grow rapidly.

Profile Settings

A good profile can help you socialize easily and speedily, and the profile setting option of our OTT platform can help you do it.

Bug-Free Support

Our services ensure bug-free support, denoting our development services fit without the hassle and a highly responsive and user-friendly system.

Seamless Streaming

Our OTT platform script ensures continuous streaming without technical issues, frequently guaranteeing a seamless streaming experience to users. 

Collective Social Logins

Collective social login enables users to connect with their loved ones, making it easier to share the videos or other content they are watching. 

Multilingual Support

Users are allowed to change the language to enjoy content in their preferred one, which makes it efficient for them to enjoy all functionality without hurdles.

OTT Platform Script


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Client Testimonial

OTT Platform script

Can I Claim complete ownership of OTT Platform Script After Purchase?

Yes, Playnow is our IP. Once you purchase the license, you can claim complete ownership of the mobile app and website.

Do Alphanso Tech provide technical support after purchase?

Yes, We do provide three months of free technical support.

Can I customize OTT Platform Script ?

Yes, We can customize OTT Platform Script as per your requirement

I have a question regarding this script.Where do I ask?

Please drop us an email on We will get back to you in 12 working hours.

How do I install this script and App?

Alphanso Tech Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.

How Can I get Admin demo for OTT Platform Script?

Clients can submit the request for the admin demo on Our team will get back to you with more details.

Is this one time payment only for this script?

Yes, it will be one-time payment only for this script. Customization will be charged on an hourly basis.

Do Alphanso Tech helps in Customization?

Yes, we will help you with product customization. Please reach out to us on with more details.

What is your refund policy?

Please review our refund policy here.

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