Open Source Event Ticketing System Features

Responsive Design

Event Management platform comes with responsive design

Quick & Easy Event Creation

Make your own event in moments & publish it quickly.

iOS & Android App for Organizer

Scan ticket with iOS/ Android Mobile App

Ticket with QR Code

Each ticket comes with a unique QR code in event management platform

Export user List

Export list of attendees just by one click in Event management system

Feature Rich Admin Panel

Manage your website from the admin panel.

Advanced Features

Guest Checkout

User can checkout for a guest If They're not registered

Create Occasions

User can create an event once they login

Manage Occasions

Events can be managed from the consumer

Login with Social Media

User may Login with Social Media like Twitter, Google and LinkedIn

Ticket Countdown Timer

User Need to purchase a ticket in 10 minutes once chosen to reserve, otherwise ticket will Return to the pool

Profile Settings

User can update their profile in the settings

Register/ Login

User can login or Register in the Program.

Event Dashboard

After login user may see the events which are available to book

Search Events

User can search events could be search by event title

Book Ticket

Pick the event you would like to reserve the ticket for and reserve the ticket.

Secure Payments

Make payment securely to book the ticket.

Update User Profile

Update the user profile from the menu


Admin can see fresh events, recent customer booking, client enrollment etc. over the Dashboard.

Manage Occasions

Admin may add more event categories, see events & disable any events.


Admin can see the earning of the event organizer and see the complete sold ticket and getting by event.

Produce Sub Admin

Admin can create sub admin with restricted access.

WebSite Settings

Admin can manage overall site settings such as Website Time Zone, Currency, email settings and a lot more things.

Establish Admin Fee

Establish admin charge in the Admin Panel.

App Login

Event Organizer login with their specifics.

Select the Event

Pick the event that they want to use the program for checking in

Ticket Form Analytics

See the number of tickets has been marketed in each ticket type.

Check In Details

Get Check-In Details by every ticket kind on the Dashboard.

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR Code using the Program.

Watch Event Orders

Recent events orders could be checked on the app.

Open Source Event Ticketing System

What is Open Source Event Ticketing System ?

Eventz is our own open source event ticketing system. You can purchase this software and quickly start your own ticket management platform.

How can I customize open source event ticketing system?

Our PHP event management system is fully customizable. We can implement any features as per your business need.

I want to get more information about it.

Please contact us on to get more information on open source event ticketing system.

Is this completely white label solution ?

Yes, This is completely white label solution.

Client Testimonial

Event Ticketing System FAQs

Can I Claim complete ownership of Open Source Event Ticketing Platform After Purchase?

Yes, Eventz is our IP. Once you purchase the license, you can claim complete ownership of the mobile app and website.

Do Alphanso Tech provide technical support after purchase?

Yes, We can customize the ticket selling platform as per your requirement

Can I customize open source event ticketing system script ?

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I have a question regarding event management php open source script.Where do I ask?

Please drop us an email on We will get back to you in 12 working hours.

How do I install this script and App?

Alphanso Tech Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.

How Can I get the Admin demo for event management php open source?

Clients can submit the request for the admin demo on Our team will get back to you with more details.

Is this one time payment only for this script?

Yes, it will be a one-time payment only for ticket selling platform. Customization will be charged on an hourly basis.

Do Alphanso Tech helps in Customization?

Yes, we will help you with ticket selling platform customization. Please reach out to us on with more details.

What is your refund policy?

Please review our refund policy here.

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