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Eventbrite Clone

What is an Eventbrite clone?

Eventbrite clone is an event management and ticket booking software that enables you to create, manage, search, and promote events across boundaries with a few clicks.

Eventbrite Clone Script

How it works?

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Advantages you will get


Easy Management

An event organizer can manage everything from marketing to promotion & sales from a one-stop solution.

Quick Payment

Eventbrite clone makes the payment process easier and quicker for users and organizers



Better Return

You can use the default revenue model or integrate other models to maximize profits

Easy Promotions

Promote your organized event to enable more people to purchase event tickets online.



Boost Reach

Build an email list and grow your social media following to turn more audiences into event attendees.

Increase Ticket Sales

Turn your audience into ticket buyers with timely notifications and ads that boost ticket sales.


App Like Eventbrite features

Alphanso Tech has included all essential modules and features in an event and ticket booking platform like Eventbrite.

Login or Sign-up

Users can sign-up and login into the account using their credentials.

Profile Page

Attendees can create and manage their profiles along with details like name, profile pic, gender, etc.

Search Event

Event search becomes easier with an app like Eventbrite. You can search for events by category and date as well.

Share Events

Users can easily share any of the events with their friends, families, or with others on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Flexible Payment Options

Users can make payment flexibly through any of the payment methods that platform supports

Ticket Scan

Organizer apps enable organizers to authenticate tickets by scanning the barcode or RFID during entries.

Real-time Tracking

Keeping real-time track of all bookings through Eventbrite clone script becomes easier.

Virtual Events

Enabling users to attend the events virtually has become easier with our feature-rich platform

Save Event

Users can save events that interest them with a single click.


Users can follow event organizers to get updates on the event they are interested in.

Check Ticket Details

Users can check the ticket details for upcoming, virtual, saved, and past events.

Online Booking

Users can find and book the ticket immediately for the event that they want to attend.

Social Media Login

Users can log in using social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Discount, Coupons, & Codes

Users can receive special deals, coupons, and discounts, helping organizers to boost ticket sales.

Responsive Design

A responsive and mobile-friendly design ensures a seamless experience for attendees on various devices.

Attendee Registration

Attendees can follow a smooth registration process with the ability to create accounts, save preferences, and track event attendance history.

Event Organizing

Event organizers can easily organize events by entering all the essential details required.

Event Management

Events listed on an app like Eventbrite can easily be managed by the organizer along with the edit, update, and delete options

Event Picture and Description

Adding event pictures and descriptions can help your attendees know what the event is all about.

Categorizing Event

You can categorize events into different categories like Music, Night Parties, festivals, Food & Wine, etc

Push Notifications

Sending push notifications is the most obvious way to enable users to know about your event and updates related to it.

Modify/Delete Events

Event organizers can modify the event details or delete events whenever they want.

Total Earning

Check the centralized view of earnings for specific events with a dedicated earnings module.

Sell Tickets

Organizers can sell tickets of their organized tickets at a preferred price.


The Eventbrite Clone is a comprehensive event management and ticket booking software developed by Alphanso Tech. It empowers users to create, manage, search, and promote events seamlessly, providing a one-stop solution for event organizers and attendees.

For detailed information on pricing and customization options, please contact our sales team at sales@alphansotech.com

Yes, We can customize Eventbrite clone script as per your business need.

Installation of the Eventbrite Clone script and app is complementary after purchase.

Please reach out to us on sales@alphansotech.com for admin demo details.

Yes, it will be one-time payment only for Eventbrite clone script. Customization will be charged on an hourly basis.

Yes, we will help you with product customization. Please reach out to us on sales@alphansotech.com

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