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Launch your streaming and social networking platform like 8tracks.

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8tracks Clone
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What is

8tracks Clone?

8tracks clone is a streaming platform that helps you launch your audio and music sharing & streaming business online. A radio and social networking platform provides you with great library support which helps you deliver a trouble-free streaming experience. Architecture used for 8tracks clone development helps us to provide you with a user-friendly and customized platform that satisfies all your business requirements.

8tracks clone script

8tracks clone


of 8tracks Clone Script

Audio and music-sharing platform revolves around the concept of user-curated streaming content consisting of 8 tracks. 8tracks Clone Script makes it easier for users to create a free account, browse and listen to created mixes. Artists can create and upload their streaming content on the audio and music streaming platform with ease.


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Why Choose Alphanso Technology for 8tracks Clone Development?

Stream Music List

Multi-Platform Support

We offer compatible audio and music streaming solutions suitable for all platforms.


Creative UI/UX

Our designer makes web and app design appealing and effective, helping you engage more audiences.


App Architecture

We work on the best architecture to ensure that an app like 8tracks boosts performance for your business.

Shuffle Music

Play Store Submission

We help you launch music streaming apps that are easy to install and improve your user experience.

Upload Music

Quality Assurance

Our testers perform multiple tests to deliver functional and bug-free apps that meet your requirements.

Social Media

Post-Launch Maintenance

We offer modifications and other post-launch support to ensure your platform never stops getting better.

Superior Features of Platform Similar to 8tracks

Log in

Users can listen to the internet radio, music, and other mixes after following a quick login process.

Music Playlist

8tracks clone enables users to access free music streaming anytime and create playlists at their convenience.


Users can search for streaming content based on artists, genres, activities, moods, and other categories.


Browsing for different categories like party songs, study songs, sad & happy songs, etc becomes easier.

Check Details

Users can easily check the details of songs, artists, and more before playing any as per their convenience.


Users can share the content of their choice on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


An app like 8tracks enables users to follow a quick registration process to enjoy streaming free music content.

Radio Listening

Users can listen to the radio, music tracks, and more on an audio & music streaming app like 8tracks.

Hide from History

User-centric platform similar to 8tracks enables users to hide history to avoid playing content they don't like.

Add to Collection

An app similar to 8tracks makes it easier for users to add any of the streaming content to their collection list.

Play Content

Users can choose to play audio and music streaming content with just one click.

Like and Share

Users can play, like, and share audio streaming content of their choice with their friends, family, etc.

Advertising Model

Admin can opt for advertising or other monetizing models to earn great profit with ease.

Manage Users & Artists

Users can easily check and manage users' & artists' details with a streaming platform like 8tracks.

Add Sub Admin

A powerful admin panel facilitates the admin to add sub-moderators and restrict some of the rights.

Upload Streaming Content

Feature-rich platform similar to 8tracks facilitates the admin to upload streaming content with ease.

Edit Details

Admin can edit details of audio and music streaming content details from the powerful admin panel.

Manage Content

The feature-rich panel enables the admin to easily manage content with the right to add, update, and delete options.

How it works?

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Get your internet radio and social networking website like 8tracks developed today!

Yes, the 8tracks clone is our IP. Once you purchase the license, you can claim complete ownership of the mobile app and website.

Yes, Sourcecode of the mobile app and website is encrypted.

Yes, we do provide three months of free technical support.

Yes, We can customize the 8tracks clone script as per your requirement.

Please drop us an email on sales@alphansotech.com We will get back to you in 12 working hours.

Alphanso Tech Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.

You can submit the request for the demo to sales@alphansotech.com Our team will get back to you with more details.

We sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which is standard practice in the software development industry.

Yes, it will be a one-time payment only for this script. Customization will be charged on an hourly basis.

Yes, we will help you with product customization. Please reach out to us at sales@alphansotech.com for more details.

Please review our refund policy here