You Too Can Make Money With the Metaverse: How?

The metaverse revolution is here, and the rush for virtual gold begins. The digital frontier is getting lots of attention from big tech and users looking to seize the infinite opportunities that the metaverse provides. From creating new forms of art & entertainment to taking on a virtual job, there are various options for generating and exchanging value for real-world advantages as a result of your metaverse experience.

The metaverse market size worldwide reached around 38.85 billion in 2021. It is forecasted to grow at 39.4% of the CAGR between 2020 and 2030. Major aspects anticipated to drive the revenue growth include a growing focus on worlds using the Internet and integrating digital, increasing popularity and momentum of Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and the COVID-19 outbreak and the situation’s subsequent outcomes and developments.

Metaverse Market in North Amercia

Source: (Grand View Research)

The concept metaverse is used to describe an immersive 3D virtual world experience obtained through the use of technology mixtures like VR, MR, and AR. The metaverse platforms elevate the web experience by establishing a digital world in which individuals can socialize, conduct business, engage in immersive gaming, buy and sell a virtual estate, and enjoy immersive entertainment, among other things.

Model for Generating Money in the Metaverse: How It Enacts at Decentraland

Are you curious about why anyone will purchase real estate in a 3D world? How do they make money from it? The best example of the leading virtual world is Decentraland, a good proxy for other metaverse economies.

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world platform. Users can buy virtual worlds on a browser-based platform as NFTs through the MANA cryptocurrency, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Created by Argentinians Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, Decentraland was developed in 2015 but was launched in 2017; parcels of digital land sold for approximately $20, and mana tokens sold for $0.02. Genesis City, the game’s first map, was made up of 90,601 parcels of land and raised around $26 million in its initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017.

With the growing craze of the metaverse, it was opened to the public in 2020 and overseen by the nonprofit Decentraland Foundation. Users can experiment, create, and monetize content and apps. During a surge in popularity for NFTs in 2021, parcels sold for between $6,000 and $100,000. This was because of the small pool of mana, the volatile currency, which spiked as high as $5.79 after events such as Facebook’s rebrand to Meta.

In 2021 and 2022, many brands appeared in Decentraland or purchased “properties” in it. These include Adidas, Samsung, Atari, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Miller Lite, and Sotheby’s carried its first metaverse auction. 

In 2022, Decentraland hosted Metaverse Fashion Week, where major fashion brands appeared, including Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Imitation of Christ, Estée Lauder,  Nicholas Kirkwood, and Perry Ellis. Music artists, including Grimes and Deadmau5, also held concerts on the platform.

CEO of Sybershel, Nico Nobili, says, “One of the coolest things about Decentraland is that it is not a virtual world, but a virtual economy as well.” He further added, “in addition to buying and selling land, users can buy and sell goods and services within Decentraland.”

Digital graphical software, metaverse provides various opportunities for employment to its users. There are numerous ways that help you to make money in the metaverse, these includes:

Own Pixel Real-Estate

One of the best money-making ideas for landowners is to buy property; they can later sell it in property speculation akin to the real world. Every 10m x 10m square plot of LAND in Decentraland is a permanent and indivisible asset stored in a smart contract. This simply means that each piece of land that the owner purchases is permanent and can not be altered. The value of every land is defined by market demand.

Virtual land is a non-fungible token ERC-721 coined on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT (non-fungible tokens) means it’s not replicable and is unique. During a surge in NFTs popularity in 2021, plots parcels sold for between $6,000 and $100,000.

“Decentraland is in its infancy; hence property and land prices are relatively low, Nobili says.” However, as the platform rises, prices are expected to increase.”

Sell Services on Your Property

Besides buying and holding LAND, users can easily develop their apps and experience lots more. Nobili further added, “much like physical stores, but the “dapps” you have an adventure as if you were joining a playground or museum.” He further says, Decentraland plans to launch a marketplace where users can purchase and sell goods or services. It will be powered by smart contracts that power the property system.

Speculate with Native Currency

One of the proven approaches to make money in Decentraland is to hold the platform’s native currency, MANA, which is an ERC-20 token that empowers users with cryptocurrency exchanges making buying and selling easier for them. Dapps on Decentraland can be visited by other users who own MANA.

MANA price is projected to increase as the platform grows and people use it. Sooner it will be possible for users to transform conventional dollars and sterling into MANA; this move is crucial to populate Decentraland and create better demand.

Mint and Sell Tokens

You can choose to create a market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) like game items, digital art, collectibles, etc. Nobili says, “Decentraland is working on the way to enable users to create their NFT markets.” “You can even sell the products you develop on the Decentraland Metaverse to additional avatar users who frequent this world.”

Talking about avatars, you can sell and create virtual clothing and avatar accessories and make money in various ways. Very soon, Decentraland users can create and sell their own avatar clothing. This is a very picture of the metaverse and how everyone can be involved and generate revenue from their participation; however, it strikes that it is not telling the whole story.

It would seem that most money-making schemes are like the stock market, where you purchase low; however, if the demand rises and cash out on a profit. The stock market IRL is dominated by venture capital; that is, those with capital can absorb the risk. 

Nico Nobili said one of the coolest things about Decentraland is that it is not just a virtual world but a virtual economy as well. In Addition to selling and buying land, users can purchase and sell goods and services within Decentraland.”

Like other metaverse idealists, Nobili does not point out that their site is dominated by brands. Its advertisers are hoping to extend their marketing into the 3D world, that’s old capitalism, and it is not creator-led. Metaverse visionaries make the idea that avatars and assets or currency can be exported between multiple virtual worlds that make up the metaverse.

However, Decentraland is pushing moves to be transparent; it’s not clear if NFTs stamped in worlds are able to be traded on its site. Nobili says their work is in progress, much like a metaverse. By the way, Sybershel is attempting to combine modern tech and artificial intelligence with human beings.

Nobili states, “creating tech products that blend, merge, and adapt with man,” “making him more bionic.”


Metaverse provides many opportunities to people. A 3D digital platform is used by many B2B brands and individuals as it helps them to make steady money. Decentraland enables them to grab the perfect opportunity over it. However, Metaverse is a much simpler app that you can choose to invest in and start making a steady income with ease.

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