Why Responsive Web Design is Integral Part of The Intelligent Web ?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) In short time responsive design has become an integral part of web designing and has become industry-wide acceptance toward the approach to multi-device designing.In this blog, we will discuss what is responsive design its benefits and why it is an integral part of the Intelligent web.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Responsive web design responds to user’s device and viewport. In short, it is a design that can fit any resolution of the screen.

The device penetration and diversity used to browser website is increasing exponentially and it has become an expectation of user that website show look uniform from all the devices irrespective of the device. Website’s design must response to user’s screen resolution in order to deliver acceptable user experience. If the user can not view your website from smaller devices he just goes off and searches for another website that will satisfy his expectations.

Responsive Web Design Benefits

Holiday season is over and mobile shopping trend was clearly visible. Here are some mind-boggling stats

  • Last year more than 25% revenue of online shopping came solely from mobile devices
  • Near about 2/3 of time spent on mobile devices researching and locating brands last year
  • In 2015, 67% of online business leaders ranked responsive web design as a top priority for them

Investing in Responsive Web Design will Save you $$ in Long Run

When user search for you services online Google tends rank website higher in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if your website is responsive.For Small and Medium sized business, investing in responsive web design will help improve their ROI in a long run. The conversion rate for the mobile optimized website is a higher than a simple website. Therefore investing in a responsive website will help you in the long run to generate more leads and improvement in user engagement.

The Intelligent Web

Several major technology trends are going to change in coming years. From this border perspective Web 3.0 , will transform by emerging technology trends such as

  • Broadband Connectivity Penetration in Emerging economies
  • Mobile Internet
  • Mobile Devises adaption

Responsive website design will be an integral part of the Intelligent web as more people from emerging economies are going to connect and user power of Web 3.0. Web 3.0 is more open, intelligent and connected with web technologies, feature rich applications and intelligent data.


Today customer wants to as much about product or services that your business has to offer. Responsive web design is a way to make the first impression on your customer. By choosing not to optimize a website is no longer a choice but necessarily if you want to remain competitive in business.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Why Responsive Web Design is an Integral Part of The Intelligent Web ? Let me know if you have any question regarding Responsive Website Design. I will reply to you ASAP.

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