Who is Watching What, How, & Why: Explore What Global TV Trends Shares on the Topic

Frédéric Vaulpré Glance Vice-President and Avril Blondelot, Head of Content Insight of Glance, the leading global TV audience and content research company shared their thoughts about “Who is watching what, how, & why – so let’s explore what both the experts want to share regarding Global TV Trends right away.

Both of them came with a new strategy for the industry, these includes:

  • Content Gluttony
  • Content Trends
    • Scripted
    • Unscripted
  • Viewing Patterns
    • The constant rise of non-linear
  • Players
    • A global Battlefield

They also provided sneak peeks of what they were going to cover with a short video to make the audience understand the topic in a much better way.

After giving a short introduction, Frédéric Vaulpré started with the first part, “Content Gluttony.” He said Content Gluttony is what we see today is driven by three drivers, that is:

1. More is Never Enough;

2. Local to Local;

3. Glocalisation.

“So, what do we mean by these drivers?” Explaining each, Frédéric Vaulpré said, “More is never enough, and it’s really driven by the rise in drama platforms. Globally it’s good news for the industry that the creation is back on track. More than 6650 new original programs were launched in the last season 2020/2021, higher than last year as the whole world was facing lockdown issues.”

Then the Glance Vice-President started the discussion with a driver that is local to local. In his discussion, he said, this content Gluttony is really characterized by a strong appetite for the local population, so the local population for local origins.

Frédéric explained the concept by showing the data from 11 different countries in Europe; he explained that the local production is very strong either in terms of programming percentage, but more importantly, in terms of viewing percentage. Thus for local productions, their aim is to build for local people.”

Later talking about the third driver Frédéric said, Glocalisation, its local roots to reach global regions, and that’s a new concept created by the platforms. For example, in 2020, we see non-US and Uk drama on global platforms. 7 to 72 new shows, it has been increased at +53% compared to 2019, so we see the global trend in non-US and UK drama on the platform.

Then moving to the last point on the topic “Content Gluttony,” Frédéric asked, “Will gluttony give way to indigestion?” From “always more” to a form of selectiveness. Later, Avril Blondelot continued with the good news that “creation is back.”

Talking about the content trends, she said, documentary series have increased more in the past five years. It has been followed by drama and comedy series. He further added that the audience love documentaries on a few topics introduced by BBC Studio and more, the market also loves to view wildlife, while the political figures are quite high during the last few years. For example, “Trump shows,” “The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty,” and many more are popular among viewers.

Documentary featuring realty issues is in trend and is loved by everyone these days, added Avril Blondelot. She continued having a lead is always a very important and feeling factor for documentary series. It helps create a bond between universal stories and something more professionals that viewers can relate to. Therefore it’s not surprising to see Louis to Who joining the list of successful titles.

Further talking about the new trend Avril said, now we look at more in terms of documentary, then we can see sports-related shows were more popular and liked. We also see that the platforms are now investing in the space and coming up with brand new ideas.

She discussed and showed a show clip of “Het Scheldepeloton” and “Tough Out.” Later she talked about the popularity of “True Crime,” which measures around 21% growth in many countries. She showed the example with “The Social Media Murders.” “Of course, true crime is something that is most popular on Netflix,” concluded Avril. She said if you look at the top titles, then you will find that nine belong to “True Crime.”

She further added that there are many links between drama and documentary. Facts-based drama has been popular for some time, and therefore it’s not rare to see the same topics being a success both on the Drama side and documentary side. 

She explained the example that explains why the same producers are interested in covering the same story. She explained that “CARLOS GHOSN” is one of the best examples for explaining it. It was a crazy story, and the drama was very interesting for the viewers. 

Talking about the “Royalty Series,” Head of Content Insight of Glance said, we have experienced this trend in the documentary. More drama is covering the recent part of royalty. She took the example of the Syden story, “A Royal Secret,” and provided a quick glimpse of the series. 

She said drama & comedy are some of the demonstrations of its trends. It has increased a lot and is slugged pushed by the platforms, and there is no sign that drama is not as strong as it used to be as demonstrations of its trends. One of the masterpieces was “Germinal” and “Hamlet” and gave a quick glimpse of the same to explain why the concept was very popular among the viewers. 

The adaptation of the Mini series has also had a steady growth in recent years. Avril explained her point by talking about the example with “Scenes from a Marriage,” “The Panthers,” and “The NewsReader.” She showed a short clip from the series. 

A comedy boom is seen in several TV markets, but Japan had six times more communities last season compared to the British seasons and is looking forward to launching more communities. There are many which Avril loves to discuss, but she picked one, “Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard,” from TV Tokyo. 

Then she moved to other countries that have experienced a boom in seasons. It is Denmark, the most famous for original comedy series. The country has more to make the market know about, especially in terms of communities. 

Avril Blondelot selected one show, “Guru,” to provide a quick glimpse about content consumption in the market. Many countries have expanded more communities and faster compared to past years. She also talked about the small games that you can play with your kids.

She said small games mean miniature things that you will love to enjoy with your little ones. She explained the content concept with the example of “Tiny Food Fight,” the show is a combo of presentation, creativity, and flavor, of course, and “Landmark.”

She also talked about the upcoming content on the platform, “The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge.” She then talked about tech competitions with the example Dimension Nova, Alter EGO, and more. Avril explained the modern trend has opened up a new field of productivity for producers and podcasters. She provided a quick look to make the audience understand the concept and create engagement among them. 

She then moved to the last trend that is featuring games and twists in the talent shows. Avril Blondelot with examples from the show “The Big Deal,” “Last Singer Standing,” and more. Talking about the scripted in unscripted trend, she said scripted and unscripted is coming together, and now we are seeing democracy in different trends. She explained the concept with the example, “Min Historiske Pojkvan.” We have seen “Peacock” also entering the space with “Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance.”

Further discussing the topic, she said makes of scripted in unscripted in America is more common. We have here an example, “Rennai Dolamana Koigaxidayi” and “Hotel Du Temps.” It’s a mix of script-based and technology-led shows; it’s AI-driven and all based on work that is done and what they had actually said when they were alive. 

After taking us to time travel, Avril Blondelot then handed over to Frédéric Vaulpré. He said it was very exciting and thanks to everyone for paying attention. Avril Blondelot moved to the last part that is “Why people are consuming and how people are consuming and impact of players.”

Avril shared some elements of viewing patterns, he listed:

  • The TV consumption in 2021 after the pandemic and historic peaks;
  • Live is still alive: sports, news, entertainment shows;
  • Pre-broadcast viewing is consistently growing.

So in 2021, where we are right now, TV consumption has experienced a decrease after the pandemic in different countries. For example, in Italy, people spend 4 hours and 42 minutes watching TV, which has decreased by 20 minutes, but then also the TV consumption remains very strong. He explained the difference in the TV consumption rate by showing the comparison in the chart. 

Talking about the second element, “Live is Still Alive,” Glance Vice-President said viewers prefer to go live, especially for news, sports, and entertainment programs. Around 77% of countries all over the world recorded an increase in news channels in 2020. 

Among Entertainment tops in five Western European countries: around 85% are live programs. Then he went to discuss the “Pre-broadcast.” He asked, what do you mean by pre-broadcast. It is a fact that you can access the content before linear viewing. 

Recent viewing patterns show new options for non-linear watching. He asked, “What the channels strategy with non-linear viewing and preview will be?” Then Frédéric Vaulpré came to the last part, Players: which is considered as a global battlefield, and discussed what we have with the global battlefield, these include:

  • Game of Streams;
  • Pays TV As Aggregators
  • Resilient PSBs

Talking about the game of streams, Frédéric listed top players’ names as King Netflix, Queen Disney, and Prince Amazon. He also mentioned that many new platforms had been launched recently. The NoTa database found that there are around 130 platforms with global, regional, and local players. 

The number of subscribers is increasing so is the streaming platform. Many people are looking for SVOD services, and PayTv aggregators are trying to evolve and provide access to viewers to all the programs. Even podcast news, educational programs, cultural programs, and many are treating buzz over the market.

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