What is website clone or clone script | Who need this?

Website clone in a nutshell is creating a new website with improved design and functionality inspired from an existing website. If executed properly a website clone could be a game changer for your business in many ways.

Seven point explaining what is website clone in detail:

  • What is website clone?
  • Do you really need website clone?
  • How website clone are beneficial
  • How we approach website clone?
  • Things to check before finalizing a website clone vendor
  • What makes our clone shine?
  • Conclusion

What is website clone?

As mentioned earlier website clone is to create a legit website from scratch inspired from an existing website. It has unique design, features and performance applied to it!

People have typecast the clone as a low value entity on the internet. But there is really a change of perspective needed. Website clone is not really coping the website and creating the new one. Not at-least for us for sure. Read next few lines to confirm it.

There is no magic or software going on that copies the source of inspiration website and automatically creates the new website :), seriously if you were thinking of such software you have an awesome imaginary persona I guess.

Website clone is generally getting the features and overall idea behind the existing system. And creating an improved version of it with improved/added features and design.

If you really want to understand what website clone is, you better visit our eventbrite clone by no means it look like the Eventbrite website. It just carries the event creation, management, and ticketing (ticket buying/selling) functionality.

What is website clone? Example image

Do you need website clone?

Depends, but the answer is yes in most cases. If you want to play safe and take well calculated risk than website clone is a way to go for your next business venture!

Why? It must be your immediate query, right? Let me address it.

It lowers your venture investment upto 1/10 times! When we refer to the term online venture the majority of your investment goes behind the website/app development, hosting and maintenance.

Not sure? We are selling fully functional eventbrite clone script at $199. Ask any developer about building an online event management and ticket selling system and compare the pricing. The point will get validated under five minutes.

I’m telling from a developer or programmer’s perspective, website clone eliminates the need of detailed requirement analysis, use cases, features, functionalities, overall design language, and user experience.

We the developers have build a clone script keeping features, functions and design in mind. We have then added few features to make it more feature rich, removed features to optimize the performance, created a new design that refines the user experience.

In summary, we have created a system which matches your requirement to major extend. Making some tweaks here and there would make the clone script deployment ready.

How website clone are beneficial?

As we discussed earlier, website clone help you save decent amount your venture capital. The capital that you can later utilize in various marketing channel that help you bring success!

Based on my experience with website clones, here are the top six reasons why website clones are beneficial:

  1. Cost: We are utilizing the code repository that we have already developed. So, the base price of the core system will be super affordable.
  2. Time: As we have analysed the source system really well, we just need to analyze your customization requirement only. Which is a huge time saving, ask any senior system analyst about it.
  3. Deployment: As the core of the system is already developed, we deploy it over your web server to help you bootstart your marketing campaign while we address your customization needs.
  4. Marketing: It’s a kind of hard part for many first time entrepreneurs in my experience. Don’t worry, you can follow the same digital marketing route as the source website does with minor modification.
  5. SEO: While we take care of on-page SEO, URLs, internal linking, navigation, persistent links across the system right from the beginning, you only need to focus on the off-site links.
  6. Analytics: You will have clear measurements ready against which you can compare your website analytics data. You need to measure the performance, traffic, conversion etc in order to make most out of your business.

How we approach website clone?

Experience makes the whole difference! The same rule applies with the clone we develop or we have developed.

We’re a team of experienced individuals right from system analysis, designing, development to testing. We spend a good amount of time studying and analyzing the system.

Fun story! 🙂

Here is a fun story, where we receive a project requirement, we tend to analyze the requirement very deep. The result is nearly 7-11 page long quote expanding majority of the requirements in detail along with the time and amount to build the system. We pay sincere attention to details.


Before starting developing a website clone, we first study the entire system. User system thoroughly for many times to get the good idea about the functionality, features, and design language.


After analyzing the entire system. The analyst, architecture and development team gets together and decides the project development roadmap.

We collectively decide the core features of the system. A system is so dynamic that suits/serves many relative business domains. And it ultimately helps the entrepreneurs like you to save big on development!

For instance, we created an eventbrite clone that can be used as an event management cloud application, online event ticketing software, online reservation system, and stand alone ticketing cloud application!


Once we have definite set of features and functionality decided for the clone script, we start moving to the next phase which is development.

In most cases we divide the entire clone script development into multiple small module. It helps us creating a highly modular system, efficient code reuse, clear code and better separation of concern.

Things move pretty swift in the development phase as the designers and developers have the system code, database architecture and overall project design language.

The teams work in collaboration to produce the efficient and less buggy code. We love git for this purpose.


It might sound time consuming to many of the experienced developers, but testing helps us find and locate the bugs that we wouldn’t find in our normal use case based testings.

Our testing team makes all possible use-cases right from the most obvious to very rare in order to find errors (system error or the logical error) in the project.

As we divide entire system into multiple small modules and develop each small modules in collaborative manner. Our testing team test each of the produced module as they arrive on the testing server.

We believe testing the whole application at once might be frustrating, confusing and time consuming for our testers. So, we make them test each small module instead of entire system at once. Once they test each modules of the system, we make them test the entire system including the integration testing to finalize the testing.

Things to check before finalizing a website clone vendor:

There are plenty of website clone script providers exist on the internet. It might be confusing for you to pick the best one. I will be fair with all the points and wouldn’t try to up-sell my website clone scripts here, promise.

  • Architecture: Ask them about the code architecture they are using. If you know a bit of coding ask them to share their git code repository to have you look at their coding practice.
  • Customization: The code architecture has deep impact on the customization practise. Modular the code architecture lesser the customization cost! Make sure about the customization costings.
  • Mobile friendly design: it’s 2017 and you can’t afford to ignore the mobile visitors. Users and search engines tend to favor the mobile friendly responsive website designs.
  • Speed: How fast their website clone script loads and performs. The speed and performance has much to do with your website engagement, search ranking and bounce rates. Make sure the clone script loads faster.
  • UX: Let’s not exaggerate this point, but the website clone design should be easy to understand, use, and user should be able to find the requirement information easily.
  • SEO: Make sure the clone script has a proper on-page SEO, interpage linking, meta information, title, and search engine friendly – easy to remember URL structure.
  • Technology: Which technology stack has been used to build the website clone script (LAMP stack is pretty popular nowadays). The webhosting and server infrastructure cost will depend on the technology used to create the clone script.
  • Maintenance: How easy it is to maintain the clone script. You should need to learn any extra skill in order to maintain the clone script.
  • License: Read the license term correctly before buying the script. Many clone script providers mentions that you are licensed to use the clone script on your domain, do don’t own the code for it. Changing the code voids the warranty. Make sure to read the license terms.
  • Administration: Make sure you check the back-end administration panel. It helps you manage your entire system, users, payments, contents, commissions, and plenty of other things.

What makes our website clone shine?

Well, I have nothing much to upsell here, I just want to share three core pillars of our website clone products:


As we discussed in our previous section, we deeply study the source website and carefully design the new clone script that help our user server multiple functionality around the core concept.

We keep the base price of our clone scripts very low in order to make them extremely affordable for everyone. We design and create the core product in such way that is just enough for majority of our user in many cases.

The startups and large number of first time entrepreneurs loves us due to the fact that we are offering quality worth, robust clone script solution at very affordable price. The price that them save big on their venture capital. And they can utilize that capital in marketing their new product/service.


In some cases a user may need a different set of look to our clone script of couple of features to be added to it. In that case they ask us to customize the clone script that better match their business needs.

Our modular code design and efficient code architecture helps us accommodate majority of the requirements easily. And the same code architecture helps us create new custom solution with very least time and money!

Meaning customization on our clone script are cost effective and affordable too!


We all love a website that opens fast, loads quickly and support all devices and screen sizes. All our clone script does that.

We love open-source system and we are experienced with the LAMP stack. All are clone scripts developed using PHP (MVC framework), MySQL, and Apache.

Our development team user profiling to check what are some of the resources/modules that are taking more than expected time. We optimize each module to the extent that we can label them as optimized modules.

We tend to optimize all the images for web, minimize the css and js resources, cache data(if needed), and minimize the data trips by writing the batch DML command scripts in order to achieve the best optimization possible.


Clone script are just perfect solution for majority of the startups and first time entrepreneurs. It helps you save big on your capital. Investing the same saved capital on online marketing and content creation – promotion will help you create a buzz around the community. Everything in combine (Clone script + Savings + Higher marketing budget) will maximize your scope of success!

If in case you have some query or question about the website clone scripts, please let me know them in the comments section down below. I would love to help you out

Feel free to contact us for any of your website clone script needs. We will assist you till the end. We build a long lasting relation, we have clients working/in-contact with us for over five years! Let’s build your next successful venture together, now!

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