What is Online Video Streaming? Detailed Guide on Online Streaming

Online video streaming facilitates users to watch and download any of the video content as per their convenience. This helps them to save their time which is wasted in buffering by enabling users to view the content of their choice. Now they don’t need to save the video content now, and then, they can just go online to leverage benefits offered by online video streaming.

You might have a glimpse of what is online video streaming? Explore everything below to know more about the same. Also, find out how online streaming works actually to offer you with excellent results. A survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that around 47% of streaming video viewers worldwide prefer to stream more live video compared with a year ago. This shows that more people these days prefer to go online when it comes to video streaming these days.

What is Online Video Streaming: Explore to Know How Does it Actually Work?

The global appetite for online video is growing continuously, content delivery network providers need to find media streaming solutions helping them to provide excellent video streaming services to cater to the growing demand of the audience. Most of the online users’ theses days want to access the highest quality video on their device as per their preference on any location.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 2018 survey, 47% of live streaming video viewers globally are streaming live video than a year ago, while 44% of respondents in the same survey said that they watch less live TV. More than 50% of live streaming video viewers are leveraging their favorite content through social platforms that are outdistancing a TV network site by 34%, pay-TV service by 21%.

Sources from which live streaming video viewers

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When any of the individuals download a video file online, a copy of the same is generated on the hard drive of their device. This simply means that users are not allowed to view it until it gets completely downloaded. But now viewers hate to wait for the content; hence they prefer to go online, it has given a huge increase to online streaming video.

When users consider leveraging the content online, then the video streaming file loads little more faster, ensuring to provide real-time viewing experience and satisfaction to customers on their demand. Now no one has to wait for the long for buffering, we can just enjoy any type of content as per our requirement.

Conviva’s 2018 report found that viewing hours of live video content increased by 65% from 2017 to 2018. More people these days stream content online compared to past years as it allows them to consume online content that also without having to wait for downloading the same.

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What is Online Video Streaming Actually?

Streaming video is simply the content that is compressed over the internet and displayed on viewers’ devices in real-time. And when it comes to online video streaming, then users don’t have to wait until it gets completely downloaded on their device they can just enjoy any of the video content online by just having the internet-connected device.

When we talk about online video streaming, then the media is streaming continuously on the users’ device and is played instantly as it arrives on their device. The user just needs a player which is a special program that uncompresses the video data on the users’ device and helps them have a clear view of the same.

Online video streaming allows users to explore online content and enjoy their favorite ones that also without waiting for downloading the same. Are you paying attention to some of the melodious tunes which you come across while browsing on the internet? Or catching Friends reruns in another tab? This simply indicates that you are streaming online.

Gone were the days when you have to spend hours downloading your favorite songs, but now you can enjoy any of the videos of your choice, and all these credits go to online video streaming platforms. Today numerous video and audio streaming platforms are available in the market, helping you to leverage the content of your choice with few clicks on the device.

These platforms simply include Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Pandora, HBO GO, Hulu, Disney+, and many more. This music and video streaming platform have gained huge popularity among the users in a short duration of time. According to an analysis, 86 of the top 100 most-watched live telecasts in 2017 in the United States were sporting events that have jumped from 48 in 2011.

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Why to Stream Video Content Online?

The online video got a mass streaming hit during recent years. People now stream online video content on services like YouTube or any other. Instead of downloading large multimedia files, video streaming simply involves compressing the data into small packets and sending the same to your device where this video content is decompressed and displayed. It is estimated that online video streaming is going to become a $70.5 billion industry by the end of the year 2021.

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One of the surveys shows that only 12% of customers are able to find video content of their choice on one or other platforms, rest said they were not able to find the one for which they were looking for. Online video streaming service providers have to understand that consumers who have a low tolerance for a bad stream for 90 seconds, then they will definitely tolerate a streaming channel.

When a particular individual is streaming video, then the video is constantly buffering when they are viewing one packet of data on their device. The second is in the decomposing state while the first one is being watched, hence makes it easy for you to watch the whole content on the device having internet connection.

Some of the popular video streaming services which are preferred by customers these days are YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and many other newest platforms that are launched in the market recently for the users. Online video streaming saves huge time for users and helps them get rid of the frustration of downloading huge files that consume huge storage on their device. They can watch any of the video content online that also, without downloading the same, these elements need to store each and every video now and then.

Why Should You Go for Online Video Streaming?

Now you might be thinking why should go for online video streaming, instead of downloading and enjoying the content on your preferred device. Then the answer is very simple: if you want to leverage numerous benefits then it becomes vital for you to go for an online video streaming platform instead of preferring to download the video content on any of the devices and wasting its storage.

  • Get instant playback.
  • Avoid high costs and piracy.
  • Save space.
  • Access live content.
  • Access content from abroad.

Why Online Video Streaming is a Perfect Option?

Why Online Video Streaming is a perfect option?

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U.S. adults were found spending around 6 hours per day watching videos. They previously spent around 5:57 times on the same, which measures around an 11-minute increase in video consumption during the recent year. Users now watch live video 10 to 20 times more than on-demand content, which has made live streaming a powerful way. It helps service providers to deliver interactive content to users’ demands ensuring to address their demands in the most effective manner.

According to the report, total video traffic is forecasted to grow by a 30% Compound Annual Growth Rate between 2017 to 2020, this has reinforced the need for end-to-end video software services. It is also estimated that video traffic will comprise 80% of internet traffic by the end of 2021.

Looking at the growing demand for online video streaming facts and figures, it will be more profitable for an individual to opt for a video streaming platform. If you want to build an impressive video streaming platform to earn huge profit and ROI, then take the support of a professional app development company that has expertise with the same.

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