What is Mobile First Design & Why It’s So Important in 2016

Have you ever wonder how much time normally spent using mobile in a day? We generally start checking mobile phone when we wake up in the morning. We check mobile frequently for the reason or other until we go to bed at night.

Mobile apps are slowly taking over the mobile world. Mobile Tech and mobile commerce are growing exponentially. It is really important for every business to have design new website, app or software that work seamlessly across all device.

Mobile internet usage continues to grow every day. According to Online stats services Statista…

  • 44% of organic search engine visits in the USA came from mobile device
  • 35% of product search on eCommerce site comes from mobile
  • 7% of mobile phone internet user penetration Worldwide
  • Statistics predicts that in 2017 “ more than 90% of internet users will access online content from their smartphones”

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Above statistics suggests mobile internet usage is increasing rapidly and will continually grow in coming years. Entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses should focus on mobile first design to take advantage of this.

First, let’s understand what is mobile first and then we will talk about why it is important to implement on your website.

What is Mobile First?

Mobile first design refers to designing the website keeping in mobile view in mind instead of designing for desktop and larger screens upfront. This approach was created by Luke Wroblewski in 2009 and coined new term “Mobile first design” envisioning mobile web growth.


More and more businesses are referencing mobile first designs as it has an advantage over simple design. It is important to know about Responsive Web Design (RWD) and key advantages it provides to small and medium businesses. RWD and mobile first approach is similar as both are about optimizing website design for multiple screen size.

The mobile first approach is about coding for mobility rather than just optimizing already designed a website for multiple screens and platforms. Progressive Enhancement element is used to create mobile-first UX design and adding features when a user visits a website from the desktop.

Mobile First= Content First

If your website is good on a mobile device, then it translates better to across all devices. The mobile first approach is also a content-first approach. The mobile screen has some limitation since it has screen size of 4 to 6 inches, so designing with limited screen size & bandwidth force designer to prioritize content strategy.


The mobile-first approach should also focus on UI (User Interface) and UX ( User Experience) across all devices. Therefore placing elements, using typography also have important in mobile first approach. Content strategy is also important in crafting mobile design. The mobile first approach leads to an awesome design that more content-focused.

Content is the heart of the site. Therefore it’s important to have mobile first and content first design to have in the website. Alphanso Tech offers you a free consultation for your website. Contact us today with your idea.

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Another big advantage of the mobile first approach is that small screen can better fit around nice element & content. With this approach break-points set around looks natural and increase UI of mobile view. This will result in it better user experience and % increase in conversion.

Why Mobile First?

The $100+ phone in the pockets of people you know are all the indication that you need to think beyond desktop computers. Mobile web access is very popular since last few years. Large eCommerce companies like Amazon, eBay have increased their focus on enhancing the mobile experience.

In 2010 Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google Inc. announced that Google will take the mobile first approach and rank higher mobile friendly websites. Since then developers and designers have started to give more emphasis on mobile first approach towards designing websites and applications.

Mobile Friendly Website Ranks Higher

Major search engines like Google and Bing frequently roll-out updates that affect search engine rankings of a website in mobile search result.

It affects all languages and applied page by page basis means mobile friendly areas of your website will be given priority on search results and the pages which are not mobile friendly will be penalized by Google.


Google states that pages that are not optimized for a mobile device can still rank higher if they have very high-quality content written on that page. However, the message from the Search engine giant is clear ; Website owners need to  optimize their website for mobile users, if they do not optimize, Google will drop their ranking on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page).

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Mobile First Approach

A mobile first approach is very clear – when you are going to build new website or mobile app you have to make sure it works best for different mobile screens. For Example, most of the people in the United States already use their smart phones to access the web.

A Mobile first approach – designed first for mobile – is not only limited to designing just for mobile. Progressive Enhancement approach is that will make website or app that can adapt to any screen resolution. This way you can increase value incrementally without majorly changing overall look and feel of a website.

For example, IBM has an entire mobile-first platform catering  to growing mobile enterprises. We think this is enough sign that whole world is slowly moving toward mobility.


At, Alphanso Tech we don’t make any website, software or app that s not based out of the mobile first approach. Our experienced developers & designer working on mobile first approach since our inception.

We have discussed how mobile first approach will dominate the future web and its impact on search engine ranking.

We hope that you will get inspired and design your new website or web application by keeping mobile first approach in mind. We have also discussed the mobile first design and its significance in today’s world.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding What is Mobile First Design & Why It’s So Important in 2016 .

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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