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Web applications are powering everything that is connected to the internet. No matter in which way you use these technologies, they must be using the web apps in some way or other.

For instance, the mobile application that helps you book a cab, shop for garments or groceries, a system that helps you transact a payment, and platform that helps you connect with community someway everything is powered by a backing web application.

The roots of web applications are very deep and strong. And to give you some perspective what the Facebook, Instagram or Uber apps would do if you remove the central web application backing? They might be of no use!

No matter what online venture you are starting the web first or the app first, you might need the web application as a strong backing pillar in any case.

Here is the list of web app ideas we will be exploring in this article. Click to jump directly to your favorite idea.

  1. Event management web app ideas.
  2. Ticket booking web app ideas.
  3. Online teaching web app platform ideas.
  4. Mobile app landing page generator web app ideas.
  5. Marriage website generator web app ideas.
  6. Peer exercise (find & meet fitness geek around. Stay along with fitness goal) web app ideas.
  7. On-demand music/audio streaming platform web app ideas.


A quick tour to Web app background:

Web technologies are pretty matured and around for decades. The Web has the widest range of frameworks and programming languages to offer. A Large number of legacy desktop applications have been replaced by the web apps in last half decade!

Web applications have changed your music listening experience. Have you noticed it? Earlier you were listening to music from a desktop media player app (Windows media player or Winamp) from music disk or locally stored mp3 music files.

You now listen to them via online music streaming applications like Spotify, Pandora, Saavn and other such services. These are the perfect examples of modern web applications.

The benefit of running web app startup:

I know you want to solicit that it’s 2017 and this the mobile-first startup era! Really? If that’s the case why do we still has the web servers? Why do we still has cloud web infrastructure?

Web applications are easier to market. Content is the king in this digital marketing era and web applications help you create and manage content. Content is the single most factor of building traffic and brand awareness. With mindful efforts, you should be able to generate decent traffic and business in a matter of few months.

Web applications are cheaper to develop. As we all know a majority of the mobile application except those utility apps requires a backing web application. We at the AlphansoTech offer web application development from $499 onwards!

The mobile app only startup on other hand requires more efforts building brand awareness and initial user base. While you need a backing web application for building your mobile app first startup, the native mobile application development generally cost you around $1k onwards per platform.

Finally, it’s always possible to create the native mobile application for your web application business idea! It’s again a low risk and high rewarding business model as you already earning from your web application and now entering mobile app business model.

Safe to start web app ideas:

Okay, so we have explored that web apps are the core of all modern internet connected entities. We have explored some great example of how web apps have replaced the desktop apps and how you have adapted the change. Finally, we have seen how web apps are the backing the modern mobile applications.


01 Event management web app ideas:web app ideas 2017 events web app

If you are living in a large city with a high population, what do you think how many different events happening in your city? You might be aware of those big events that make their place in the newspaper, radio show or the internet advertisement.

There are many events that match your interest, give you an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and they have pretty low budget to get broadcast by the newspaper or other advertising medias.

How would you find those events? There is indeed some generic platform available but they are too broad to fit in some preference. Like what are some of the good event management platforms for music lovers?

The specification is a key to success! It’s far easier to build your market dominance around the single business domain. Like how successful the Spotify can be if also starts the on demand Video streaming like the Netflix? And how successful Netflix would be if it starts the audio streaming platform like the Spotify?

The point here is to start something target specific industry niche. And you know if there is a possibility of bringing people to an event with newspaper and online ads then there is a strong possibility of having a serious business with a well-organized event management platform!

Ideally, the event management web application ideas are to create a platform where the creators from specific niche create events on your platform. You have visitors and users who filter out the event.

Event management web app ideas business model:

The platform will be like the aggregator platform. You receive a percent of fees(2-10% maybe?) user pays for the event. The remaining amount goes to the event creator’s account.

You start with one or two niche area for event management and once you find things moving on positive direction, you can start branching out into various business areas.

The safe way to start your event management web app startup:

  1. Find a business niche you want to start.
  2. Finalize the name and domain for your business.
  3. Discuss your web application ideas with the development team.
  4. Start the development of your web application.
  5. Launch the beta version of your web app for public.
  6. Make the beta free for all for quite some time (1-3 months maybe?)
  7. Observe the traffic, usage pattern, suggestions and create the final version based on inputs
  8. Launch the final version.


02 The booking platform web app ideas:

Apparently, reaching the venue and buying the tickets looks like a history now. Online booking has been the new trend of buying a ticket with convenience and in advance.

The online ticket booking web app idea works like charm when you are selling tickets when the number of tickets is limited and tickets are sold per session basis. The best example I could site is the movie ticket booking or rail ticket booking.

The ticket booking web app idea here is not the simple and dumb ticket booking only idea. You may add some engagement factor to it. Booking tickets from your platform would help them gain some points or credits. Those points/credit can be used to buy future tickets at discounted price.

The common psychology is that those who go out for the movie tend to have lunch/dinner at some nearby (not too far) restaurants. How about up selling the table booking to the best nearby restaurants while they are booking movie/theater play tickets?

How about using the same platform to offer a complimentary service at discounted price? It will help you boost your mainstream business.

How about offering a car cleaning or car spa service at discounted price with bookings? Your car gets cleaned/spa while you watch the movie! When coming out you get clean and serviced car! People need cleaning car anyways, but you are offering the service at discounted price with convenience!

Another example would be helping people find their preferred food and booking their slot on remote location when they are traveling.

It may become the best complimentary service to the AirBnB customers! AirBnB helps them find the best and affordable place to live abroad and you help them find the best affordable food of their choice abroad!

The combination you can make are infinite and highly depend on your geography and the preference of people you will be operating your business around.

Booking platform web app ideas business model:

Keeping the online booking a core part of your service offering. You will get your x% of commission on every booking.

Additionally, you will be earning more by selling the complimentary services that help your customers get valuable service at discounted price with convenience.

Take your time to find out the best combination that you can sell along side of your booking service.

The safe way to start your online booking web app ideas:

  1. Finalize your online booking business domain.
  2. Finalize a set of complimentary service you will be offering.
  3. Discuss your web application ideas with the development team.
  4. Start the development of your web application.
  5. Release the first iteration of your system.
  6. Collect feedback and usage pattern and develop the next version.
  7. Release the more matured version of the system.
  8. Branch out and add more services and integration on your system eventually.


Looking for creating a Web App startup?



03 Online teaching web app platform:

web app ideas - teaching portalLearning to code has been the new passion everyone seems to have these days! Especially in the developed market like the US and Europe where the payment wages are quite high for programming jobs. Everyone seem to be finding the resource to get their programming career started.

How about taking advantage of this time? How about giving those people the best coaching they probably need? Well if you can do this correctly, there is a huge business potential laying around.

Online universities are already doing this what’s the point doing the same thing, right? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s completely false but it’s not completely true either!

You are just starting up and that’s your power! Your small size is you winning edge. And I don’t recommend their mass teaching way either.

Instead of going for the pre-recorded version of teaching, you better start with one on one teaching. There is a huge market of one on one teaching as well. Check the teach me this/that job posting on freelancing platform to believe it.

Let’s not limit this model to the programming only. Programming is an example only. You can definitely try this with Guitar training, music vocal training, music programming, audio programming, embedded system engineering, and so much more.

Education and teaching are like the no one size fit for all. Pre-Recorded videos based online education would not be for everyone. Some may need the personalized coaching and that’s where your business opportunity lays.

Online teaching web app ideas business model:

Start with your most loved and skilled teaching area. Offer the course to various students for free or nominal charges to start with. See how things are moving. Collect the feedback and change the teaching method.

Make your web application a constantly improving digital asset. Write quality articles on education patterns and the subject you are teaching. It will help you gain more concerned traffic and business eventually.

Once you find a decent amount of students signing in and traffic coming into your website. It might be the perfect time to branch out and start offering other subjects. You may hire other people to help you out teaching various subjects.

The safe way to start your online teaching web app ideas:

  1. Finalize the subject you will be teaching initially.
  2. Create a base course work.
  3. Design your teaching session relatively small.
  4. Ask your web application developer to start working on our web app idea.
  5. Make your system beta version public.
  6. Allow a limited number of free enrollment to start with.
  7. Help student clearing doubts as you teach them.
  8. Collect feedback, re-design teaching pattern and iterate over your web application.


04 Mobile app landing page generator web app ideas:

web app ideas mobile app landing page generatorDo you know the single most weakness of mobile app developers? It’s the web design and web programming to certain extend. Really ask any of your mobile app developer friends how much they struggle with website design?

And any good mobile application would need a website or at least a landing page on their already established website. As stated in this article earlier, it’s easy to market website or web apps because it gives you the power of content creation and distribution.

They need an application website or website landing page to promote their website, land visitor to the landing page where they can find the relative information, features, and usability of the app.

Web search before an app installation:

Do you know that a large number of people make a Google search for the application by putting the keywords like “best camera apps”, “best Pomodoro app”, “best app fitness”, “best yoga app for android” and so on…

Searching for these terms would bring plenty of the web suggestions. The website or the website landing page for the app help the app creator to show up in this search results. It would bring a serious traffic which will end up in plenty of app installations.

Consider a case what if I ask you to install the XYZ app? You might first open up your browser and search for the app. You get all the necessary information from the landing page which results in you installing the app.

But what if the app creator doesn’t have a website or a landing page? He/she might be missing a serious business, aren’t they? How about helping them with a mobile app landing page generator web app idea?

It’s a platform where app creators don’t really need to understand the web design and development stuff. They choose the preferred template, customize it, add their text and host them. That’s it! They now have a website or a landing page for their latest app in minutes!

If you really want to take this idea further, you can create a self-hosted platform. Meaning those app creators need to sign up, choose the template, choose the domain(subdomain) name of their website, add/alter the text and images and hit the publish button.

It might be the fastest way of publishing a website without worrying about the web design and development skills. They don’t even need to buy a hosting as well. You may become a go-to resource for the app developers!

Putting the advertisements as a source of revenue would give a senior money after a few years of efforts.

Mobile app landing page generator web app ideas business model:

We targeted very specific business niche. We will be helping the individual app creators who find it hard to deal with web design and development.

Initially, We provide them a set of template for free for their mobile app landing page. The web app allows them to customize the template before downloading it. Once downloaded they might need to change the text and images to convert them into the landing page.

The next step to this business model is to create a self-hosted mobile app landing page platform. The mobile app developers don’t even need to any web coding thing. They create an account, pick a right template, add details, set preferred domain name and hit the publish button to launch their landing page!

The Safe way to start your mobile app landing page generator web app ideas:

  1. Finalize the name and domain for your own domain.
  2. Discuss your idea with the web application development company.
  3. Create your website design and make the beta version public.
  4. Start designing mobile app landing page templates.
  5. Make these template CSS customizable from your web app.
  6. Collected the usage patterns and feedback.
  7. Re-iterate over the design and web app development.
  8. Scale up your business and make it a self-hosted web app landing page platform.


Looking for creating a Web App startup?


05 Marriage website generator web app ideas:

web app ideas marriage website generatorHaving a wedding website is the new trend for the young couples. They treat and give the same level of importance to their wedding website like they give to the wedding invitation cards!

While wedding invitation card business would be extremely competitive but creating a marriage website business is apparently not. There are indeed few players here and there but there is still a strong possibility that you make your mark in the industry.

Right design, right fees, and the right marketing effort are the key ingredients to your success here. The nature of such websites is quite temporary. Meaning for how long a person would want to keep his/her marriage invitation website up and running? Maybe somewhere around a month to a year?

If a couple thinks about having a marriage invitation website, here are some of the expenses generally they need to consider. The domain name, hosting, template, content, and a developer to put all these together. The sum of the amount goes around $400-800 for a temporary website!

How if you can provide the same thing without having to mess with any domain, hosting, and template finding mess? And no need of hiring developer and having the same thing at half the price!

Well, it might sound an interesting deal, isn’t it? That’s the marriage website generator web app idea.

Marriage website generator web app ideas business model:

An ideal destination for to be married couples to create the wedding invitation creation website with a one-time fee. A fee that let them keep their website up and running for a year.

You have a subscription model in place that helps you earn money. Additionally, you may use the affiliate sales and online advertisements to set up an additional cash flow from the system.

The Safe way to start your marriage website generator web app ideas:

  1. Finalize your business and domain name.
  2. Create beautiful wedding website templates for your web apps.
  3. Discuss your idea with web app developers.
  4. Launch the beta version of your web app.
  5. Collect the feedback, observe usage pattern and iterate over the web app development.
  6. Use social channel and content marketing channel to let people know about your venture and bring traffic.
  7. Let people use your system free for some time (maybe a half a year to a year).
  8. Add the pricing plans and other revenue channels to your web application.


06 Peer exercise platform web app ideas:

web app ideas peer exercise platform

Have you ever come across a situation when you decided to hit the gym daily or at least thrice a week? And you never seem to stick to your goal? Do you what is missing in this regular exercise thing? It’s the motivation!

Now how come we address the motivation of different people? It’s easy, let’s connect all these like minded people with those who are really into fitness, hit the gym daily, and fitness enthusiast.

You know if you have a group of ten friends you may at least have two fitness freak friends. How if my web app help you set up a fitness goal intelligently and share your goal with all your friends, especially those two fitness enthusiasts?

Your friends or the peer community members have the power to push you into the exercise and stick to your fitness goals.

The platform is intelligently designed such that it helps you set up a weight loss, weight gain, cardio fitness, muscle building or just pure fitness goal.

It also suggests you the most common exercise based on your goal and helps you setup a fixed deadline for your goals.

It shares your goal with your friends and the community you choose. The updates or the progress you make with you goal gets shared with those members as well. It really becomes helpful when you hit low moral for expertise or no longer making progress towards your fitness goal.

Peer exercise platform web app ideas business model:

You start the peer exercise web app idea with just fitness goal setting, goal deadline for completion and adding the updates as one progresses.

The second iteration contains the feature of connecting with friends. Sharing goal and updates with a friend.

The third iteration contains the feature of the community. A community of like-minded people which whom one can share the goal and updates. Various community member provides suggestions, cheer up, and motivation to stick to the goal.

The fourth iteration contains the feature of intelligent goal setting and exercise suggestion based on goal setting.

The fifth iteration contains the feature of expert consultation. The users on the platform can ask for one on one consultation to our panel physician, nutrition experts, fitness trainers and other experts for a small amount of fee.

In a meanwhile, we introduce our native platform app for both the Android and iOS to make our platform more engaging. We integrate their fitness tracker data with our portal and add those details to our portal.

The safe way to start your peer exercise web app ideas:

  1. Take your time to finalize the name of your venture and domain name.
  2. Work closely with your web designer to create an intuitive and rich UI design.
  3. Discuss your idea with your web application development team.
  4. Create the first version of your web app idea and launch the free beta to the public.
  5. Get the feedback and observe the usage pattern and iterate over again.
  6. Introduce the new feature and let the community know about it.
  7. Start producing well researched and insightful fitness related articles on your website.
  8. Roll out the new iteration and mobile based on the feedback and usage. Repeat the process.


Looking for creating a Web App startup?


07 On-demand audio streaming platform web app ideas:

web apps ideas on-demand audio streamingThe on-demand audio streaming platforms have been typecasted to music especially commercial music only! Why? Do you know the education industry can get a good benefit out of it?

On-demand audio streaming platform for education:

How if students can listen to their past school lectures whenever and wherever they want? Isn’t that really helpful when a student stuck at some point while doing homework clear the doubt by just listening to the audio lecture he/she had in school from your platform?

How if you provide a shared web app platform to every school to store and manage all the audio lectures they have in the class every day?

How if students can listen to any of the previous lectures they had in the case of any doubt or for the reference without waiting for the next day to ask faculty in person?

If your offer the subscription for a reasonable price, the educational institutes would be willing to adopt your platform. As you are managing all the technical aspect, you can make as many schools on board as many you want.

The business starts with the on-demand audio streaming of previous class lectures can be scaled to one on one teaching subject for a certain amount of fees.

Audio streaming platform for upcoming artists:

Do you know there are a large number of singing artists, music composers, individual music players working hard to make their mark? What’s common amongst all? They all are looking for a platform which can help them get noticed by the community.

Are you familiar with the open mics for stand-up artists? Have been through it? There some exceptionally good stand up artists struggling to get their mark. What is the single most common thing they need? They all want the community to know about them and their comic timing and the quality content.

In any case, a web application that offers on-demand audio streaming will help. I’ve listed two distinct business models. One is for the education industry where you earn by selling the subscription. And the other one where you earn by selling ads.

On-demand audio streaming web app ideas business model:

First, identify your business niche. The education, music industry and the standup niche for the reference only. You can think of something more specific with a decent business model around it.

Create a base prototype and let the community use it for free. Get the feedback and reviews. Improve or alter your platform based on the feedback.

Introduce new features that have business value in it. Like if you are building a platform for music artists. You can ask for paid membership for in-depth analytics like how many people visiting his/her profile, how many times certain of his clips got played, personal messaging system on a platform, and a small amount of fee to put his/her content into the featured area and audio advertisements.

The safe way to start your on-demand audio streaming web app ideas:

  1. Finalize your business niche.
  2. Finalize the domain and business name.
  3. Discuss your web app idea with the development team.
  4. Create the first prototype version and make that beta public.
  5. Introduce new feature for every x months.
  6. Introduce the paid plans and awards plans.
  7. Gather the feedback and usage pattern.
  8. Improve your product and work on new features.



Web apps are the base of modern internet connected technologies. Presented are the unique web app ideas that you can start with the minimum financial resource. They are lower in risk with high scalability factor.
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