User Experience For New Website : Topics To Be Taken Care (Part 2)

User Experience For New Website : Introduction

In the first article we have seen several points which can be used to increase the user experience of a website. You can check them here. In that article we have seen several topics like responsive web design, Material design, Meaningful micro interactions, Beautiful typography and Card style layout. We have seen how these points are so important while designing any website. In present article we will see another points on how to achieve a great user experience. There can be so many topics we can cover under how to achieve a great user experience. But we will cover only best topics. So let’s starts.

User Experience For New Website : Parallax Scrolling

This is another topic which can be used by web designers of today to achieve a good user experience. Parallax scrolling is a technique used in computer graphics in which background image move slowly than images in foreground, creating the illusion of depth and immersion.

Parallax scrolling is part of modern web design. It is a powerful way to increase the great user experience. Let’s see an example of a parallax scrolling as described as under:

User Experience For New Website

You can see in the above example that there are two images are used one in running in background and one is running in the foreground. This guys have used bright colors and vivid imaginary support to the scrolling mechanism but overall its powerful and successful too.

User Experience For New Website : Content – Focused Design

Content is most important part of any website. As now a days a website can be accessed from any device like mobile, table, iPad, iPhone, the readability of content is most important part of the content. And readability of content should not be sacrificed. A user must be easily access, use and read the content of the website throughout any device.

Content focused design become very important to the website which are specially built for content. Website like blogs, news website and so. In these websites the content is king and design of website should be as such that readability of content should not be sacrificed at any cost. The size of font of the content should be chosen very carefully with kept in mind the various devices from which the content will be accessed.

User Experience For New Website

User Experience For New Website : Use Icons Over Text

As we have heard a sentence that “An image is worth a thousand words??? and so is icon. Over last many years now designers are using icon to keep website more beautiful and attractive. In a modern website the designer use more icons over heavy images to create website light weight which will load faster. Icons can really bring the satisfaction in the users. The use of icons over traditional text is advised. For all these reason the user of icons over text creates a good experience of user with website.

User Experience For New Website

User Experience For New Website : Demand For Native Apps

From the user experience point of view the native apps are very important part. Although responsive website is also needed but native apps are needed more than that. Today the use of mobile device has very increased so the use of operating system like ios, android and windows phone has been increased a lot. A research has shown that the use of website on mobile device with a browser is less popular than the app. So every website should have its one app as well.

An app will really create a good user experience than a responsive website. Features like push notifications, reminders and offline functionality make an app more successful than a responsive website. A business should have both a responsive website and an app.

User Experience For New Website

User Experience For New Website : Personalized User Experience

Today in the era cut modernization everyone now gives a good personalized experience to their user. In this the use of cookies is increasing. With the use of cookies you can remember the browsing habits of your user and can provide the more personalized experience to them.

With the help of cookies you can also know the location of the user. All these information will really help to web designer to increase user experience. The best example of this is YouTube. YouTube remembers the videos which a user is browsing and provide same type of recommended videos to the users.

User Experience For New Website

User Experience For New Website : Conclusion

All the above are key points to increase the user experience. If you implement them while your website is in the construction phase, this will really help you to bring the user experience up. I hope you found some valuable information and really enjoyed this article.

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