User Experience For A New Website : Topics To Be Taken Care (Part 1)

User Experience For A New Website : Introduction

User Experience(UX) is an emerging technique concerned for websites now. There are so many points can be covered in this respective field of website development. Basically what it does is that it satisfied and produces higher level of satisfaction to user with great improvement in user experience. In today era companies now actually hiring a separate UX designers. In this article we will see when a new website is in the face of development how a user experience should be taken into concerned. We will see each and every point in detail. So let’s begin.

User Experience For A New Website : Responsive Web Design

First and foremost point is that responsive web design. A website without this is actually nothing at all. Today the websites are now even browsed from mobile device, iPod, iPhone, Tablet, Laptops and even from small to larger screens. So instead of handling multiple versions of a website it is recommended that a website should have responsive web design implemented. Even google also recommends to have responsive website for mobile traffics.

In responsive web design it should be taken care about the layout of the screen when the screen size change. It should be taken care about layout of the screen on variable sizes of the screen. Which thing to be shown on which screen size should be taken care. Size of the button and text should be taken care.

In a responsive web design we can use different type of frameworks like bootstrap. It can also be used with media queries as well. With use of javascript we can check that if our website is accessed from which device than which version of css should be loaded.

Responsive web design will also help a company to increase the traffic from mobiles, increase the number of page views, increase the number of visits, increase in the average duration of visits, decrease the bounce rate. In this way responsive web design can really help a company a lot. If you really want to see how the benefits of responsive web design are companies getting than check the case study of credit agricole and case study of

Look at the following example of responsive web design. You will see there are five different types of screen size. A same website is accessed from these devices there is desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad and tablet. See and analyze how the website is performing differently on different devices. You can mark that the menu bar shown in desktop, laptop and iPad is differently than the mobile and tablet. And this way the look of content is also affected a lot. This is the main difference which I pointed out there are also some other differences which you can easily see when you analyze these five different screens.

User Experience For A New Website

User Experience For A New Website :  Material Design

Now as we have seen that popularity of accessing web from mobile, tablet, iPhone, iPad is increasing. The visual interaction, motion, and visual presentation of anything matters a lot when it comes to user experience. Recently only google has developed an new language called material design for that. It is a language which is now most popular among the developers. If you have ever used the lollipop version of android or a up version of it then you are mostly familiar with it.

Anything on the screen is made of pixels. Although we much look at the hardware side of anything, we also look inside the screen as well. And this create an effect on us. The color combination, animation effects, visual presentation of anything on the screen matters a lot. And therefore to have great user experience you must implement the material design inside your application. If you want to explore more about material design then checkout this and this articles.

User Experience For A New WebsiteUser Experience For A New Website : Meaningful Micro Interactions

When you are designing an app with fairly good user experience, you must have to keep watch on your small task which you performed with you users. These small tasks are called micro interactions.

Thanks to advancement in technology that with rich graphics now you can perform the micro interactions with more meaningful way and with more graphics. Now you will say that what are the examples of micro interactions. Example could be anything like you when you are in an online shopping website on the left hand side there is a photo of product and when you hover over it, it will be enlarged to the right side. You always interact with your application and set alarm on daily basis.

It may happen that you are uploading something on the web and due to some error it failed. At that time obviously you should be notified that uploading is failed. You can either simply notify to your user and with good graphics you can also notify in such way that at this point your user smiles! Look at the following image. And there can be variety of micro interaction that you should take care while designing your app or website.

User Experience For A New Website

User Experience For A New Website : Beautiful Typography

For a better user experience your website should have a perfect typography used. Gone are the days where you need to pay more on the just text. Now high rich fonts are available to be included in your pages.

To use a typography you should also consider for what purpose you are developing an app or website. Are you developing a website for reading on an education purpose? Or for something else. You typography should have a proper color and font size. This thing matter a lot when your website is accessed by different group of users.

Typography is a kind on body language which we can use in a website to show our content. If content is king than your typography is queen. You can easily attract and retain you internet traffic on your website with great use of typography. So chose your typography well for a better user experience. Check out the following websites which have great typography :

User Experience For A New Website

User Experience For A New Website : Card Style Layout

This is a new way emerged as representing information in website. If information is organized in card then the information is easy to read and organize. In a card you should use one piece of information per card. This will really help reader of your website.

Select clear and crisp image for your card. This will represent your information effectively. Also use simple typography. Normally black and gray colored fonts are used for better readability of the card. Normally social media site like twitter, facebook, linkedin are using card style layout. Another best example of card style layout is Trello.

User Experience For A New Website

User Experience For A New Website : Conclusion

I hope that you have got good amount of information. If you honestly analyze your requirements of website and fulfill the all above ideas then your user will be really satisfied with website. In the next article we will see next another points which could be kept in mind which are will help to achieve more user experience.

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