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Do you know now you can also use android for your work? Yes, that is true. This service is launched by google just less than 5 months ago but gained acceptance from people from usa. It has attracted more than 10000+ customers. This new program is known as android for work. What exactly it is let’s explore more on it.

What is Android for Work Exactly?

This is an enterprise mobility management(EMM) platform that provide help to companies to provide a fast, secure, productive and rich mobile experience within its employees. Let’s explore more about its benefits:

  • Security and Data Separation 

Android for work uses the hardware based encryption and admin-managed policies. Therefore the business data stays differently than the personal data of the employees.

  • Supported for both Employee-owned and Company provisition devices

Android for work is used for business purpose and personal use simultaneously.

  • Remote Management

With android for work admin can change the business data and use it without dealing with your personal data. He can wipe all the business data without affecting your personal data.

  • Distinguish User Experience

you can use your device simultaneously for personal and business use. Android work will allow you to switch between personal and business apps. Business apps will have distinguish different icons in status bar.

  • Application Deployment is Simplified

Admin can use the google play store to deploy the android for work devices. Admin can also use google play store to deploy internal apps.

  • Division of Productivity Suite

Those who do not have Google Apps can also use the full apps specially designed to android for work. This suite comes with business email, calendar, contacts, tasks and download management.

Although android for work in supported by 4.0 to 5.1.1 android devices only. It is mainly available in all major countries but not in all countries. It is a fantastic service you should use!!!

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