Highlighting Features

Locate the Nearest Restaurants

Users may search restaurants according to city and their location

Order History

The purchase history lists the completed, forthcoming deliveries and canceled.

Order from Web or Mobile

Users can order their meals from Website,  iPhone or Android device


The purchase history lists the completed, forthcoming deliveries and canceled.

Add to Cart

Once the user has located the restaurant around the app and the meal for the day and all the information related to order is made available for on the app.

Log in using Social Media

User can Register or Login using social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google

Advanced Features

Search Restaurants

A user can browse & search Restaurants based on their preference

Add Items to Cart

Select the restaurant, browse the menu & add items to cart

User Promocode

A user can use promo code to order items and they will get a discount on the total amount

Order History

User will be able to see the order past history

Secure Payments

A User will be able to make the payment via Credit/Debit card

Invite & Earn

Once the driver accepts the delivery, contact to inquire about order via SMS, Call

Restaurant Availability Status

The restaurant can go online/offline. They will be able to receive the order when they are online

Accept Incoming Order

A restaurant can add offers on products, big orders, item-based offering, add-ons, combo offers in ubereats clone restaurant app

Food varieties

Add menu items. Also add add-ons,combo-offers etc.

Order Status

Restaurants can update the order status in the app like order accept/preparing/ready for delivery etc.

Accept Incoming Orders

A restaurant will be able to accept/reject incoming order from the customer.

Real-time order Tracking

The restaurant can track the status of a delivery location before pick-up, on the way, delivered order.

Online / Offline Status

A driver can set online/ offline status from the app

Update Location

A Driver can update location manually or with GPS to accept order from near by restaurant

Driver Earnings

A driver can see his earnings from the orders in Earnings tab

Profile Update

A Driver can edit/ update profile from the ubereats clone driver app.


A driver can navigate to delivery location & to restaurant through In app navigation option in ubereats clone driver app

Job History

A driver can see a history of this pending/current/historical orders


See Latest restaurants, users, orders on the admin dashboard

Manage Users

Manage restaurants & drivers from the admin panel

Site Earnings

Check to earning restaurant-wise, driver earning, total site earning

Admin and Sub-admin Moderators

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Site Settings

Manage site settings like currency, time-zone, commission, logo etc.

Restaurant Ratings

Ubereats clone admin can manage restaurant rating settings

Client App


Driver App


Restaurant App


How UberEATS Clone Script Works?

Easy steps to get your order placed and delivere

First Step

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and categor

Second Step

Add food from menus to cart, checkout, and pay (online)

Third Step

The system will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Meanwhile, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order.

Fourth Step

Driver will arrives at the restaurant  and picks up the order

Fifth Step

Driver will come at your location and delivers your order at your location. you will picked up your order very qvickly as soon as possible.

Sixth Step

Last Step is just you have to ratings and reviews us.

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