Top Tempting eCommerce Marketing Trends to Drive Online Sales

The digital genre has been evolving constantly and new ideas are always being incorporated into the industry with the motif of making improvements in the E-commerce field.
If the trends are implemented appropriately, it would surely contribute towards the overall growth of the industry as a whole. Web design is regarded as an essential aspect of any shopping site and thus, the online sites mainly focus on their provision to introduce new and modern trends that are purposefully intended to ensure customer engagement, which in turn is sure to drive the online sales. With so many brands together and where each of them has been competing hard to stand out in the industry, the website is regarded as the prime identity of any brand and thus, brand owners prefer to create a powerful website that can draw the attention of the audience, thereby driving the maximum sales.
With more and more shoppers preferring to shop online, E-commerce has been growing rapidly over the years. E-commerce and retail trends for the coming year primarily include:

→ data analytics;

→ supply chain;

→ customer engagement;

→ in-store analytics;

→ workforce technology;

→ hyper-personalized shopping;

→ mobile shopping and more of brand engagement.
In order to stand along with the modern trends, brands require an easy to use e-commerce platform (for instance, WordPress e-commerce themes ), and certainly, the existence of Shopify has simplified the issues with its cutting edge and responsive designs.

Here are top 10 tempting e-Commerce marketing trends to drive online sales:

    1. User-generated content

User Generated Content

Though this is regarded as one of the basic fundamental, the trend has been continuing over the years, for the users have always been looking forward to coming across websites where they could come across genuine contents.
As the users scroll through the products, it is quite obvious for them to urge for the detailed specifications of the articles. Before they can stick to making a decision about the purchase, they need to get sure about the utility and functionality of the items as well as to note about the product comparison.
A rich content is definitely a good idea to encourage the users. Make sure the content you post on the website should be well researched and unique that would convince the readers indirectly, yet they won’t be leaving the site without making a purchase. These kinds of contents are regarded as much more influential in terms of triggering millennial purchases.

2.Social proof

People mostly choose to move with the trend. 70 % of the shoppers keep looking at the product reviews and check the feedback before making a purchase.
Besides, product ratings and reviews play an important role to increase the customers’ prospects of making the purchases. Social proof shall continue to remain at the top of all other marketing trends. Being a marketer, give more reasons to the consumers to rate your brand.

3. Know your audience

Customer research is a significant deal. Since the dawn of marketing, this has always been an essential aspect for increasing the sales. Businesses need to research well about the target market as well take ample knowledge regarding the clients’ demands and preferences and delivering things to meet their needs is important to increase sales.

4. Mobile friendly website

With so many shoppers, recent surveys say that about 97 % of them consider browsing through their mobile devices. When the products are being marketed on the social platform, say for Google or Facebook, 50 % of the traffic that a brand would receive will be on the mobile device.
Therefore, it can be considered as a necessity for a brand to maximize its sales. Besides, users do not prefer to stay on web pages that take a lot of time to get loaded. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the web page acts faster and the speed are good enough for the clients so that they aren’t bored or are compelled to leave the website due to its slow action.

5. On-Site personalization

This is going huge in 2017 and 2018 would also portray the same, with some improvements. The website is to be personalized according to each of the users to provide them an experience that works with the consumers in a more relevant way.
Besides, online shoppers are more likely to prefer shopping on sites that feature personalized recommendations. These recommendations are particularly based on the previous experience of the customers.

6.Videos and animations

A website with no graphics appears to be a dull one. Users usually look for sites that can grab their attention. Using GIFs, videos, high-quality pictures, and animations can convince a user to remain on the site for a longer time.
Media is definitely a significant part of online marketing. One can also consider including Live Videos which would enhance the overall quality of the web designing, making things more genuine and relevant. Videos, when included on a landing page, have got the potential to increase conversions by around 80 %.

7. Augmented reality / Virtual reality

It resembles imagining the product at your own hands and inspecting it from various angles.

It helps one choose the product more likely since they can view the items from various angles, be it a dress or some other deals.

It works more with dresses, particularly with the fashion industry for the shoppers are able to know how they would look in the attire.

This has brought a new wave in the e-commerce segment and would certainly be more helpful to the marketers who want to lead the market.

 8. User experience

This is more important than ever. A user who has got a bad experience on some site may not return back to the site. Therefore, a website must always be designed with a higher UX to offer customer satisfactory experience.
Using a strong housing provider to ensure experiencing a greater stability and higher speed would captivate the visitors. Make sure that the products are easy to sort without any difficulty. A better search functionality with proper tags on products provides an astounding and user friendly interface.

 9. Content marketing

Creating awesome content is important to maximise sales. Content marketing has gained a good fame in 2016 and 2017; the same is expected to continue for 2018 as well.
People generally hate to get interrupted by ads, and content would certainly be the prime element to drive traffic to the website. Most brands prefer to go for content marketing over outbound marketing since it costs 62 % lesser. Content proves the brand’s authority in that particular niche.

 10. Customer engagement

Now, this is not a new trend in marketing, yet the E-commerce industry lays more stress upon this fact. A simple thank-you video, message, email or some personalized content to help the clients provide their feedback after they have used your brand’s product are some ways through which one can associate with the consumers, and this is definitely an amazing way to get connected with the audience.
E-commerce stores have been going ahead in the game and technology has definitely been the reason for this immense growth. All these trends are meant to contribute towards creating more of online sales. Learn more with Free bonus for you:SEO foundations for small business owners.

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