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Dec 25, 2020

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Eventbrite is a great event management platform. The platform makes it easier for you to arrange and manage basketball games for one weekend. You might even use it to organize a major industry conference. There are numerous benefits to generalized tools. Undoubtedly Eventbrite is a useful and perfect tool, but many searches for alternatives to Eventbrite. Then we are here with top Eventbrite alternatives: explore the complete list to find the best one right away.

Online ticket sales platform Eventbrite is looking for new ways that it can’t boost attendance at various events that are running on its platform. In December, the platform launched its recommendation system to offer events that the users want to attend. Several months later, it is sharing some data about how the system is performing.

Nowadays, Eventbrite is providing recommendations for more than 20 million of its users. For each of those users, the platform can provide an average of 60 events to recommend; it entirely depends on how much data Eventbrite has on interest and other events that have been attended.

Eventbrite Alternative: Explore Complete List to FInd Best One!

When it comes to event management software, then individuals have multiple choices to choose from. But it becomes vital for them to choose the one that works and feels great and meets the markets’ changing demand. One of the well known and used event management software is Eventbrite. The easy-to-use solution has a clean interface and a comprehensive set of tools. Moreover, event management falls short when it comes to branding and customization options. You can even look for an Eventbrite alternative when it comes to organizing and managing events systematically.

To help you out, we have listed top Eventbrite alternatives. Keep on reading to know the critical functionalities of every product to understand how it differs from Eventbrite. It will definitely help you to gauge which product will work excellently, allowing you to make a smart choice for your company’s operations.


It’s a powerful event ticketing software that simplifies every process, including the registration and login process. EventsFrame helps vendors to save a vast amount of their time and money.

Why Choose EventsFrame:

  • Embed ticket pages across the web or on your website to make it easier for an audience to find and sign up
  • Robust backend analytics to view what is working across multiple events
  • Use Facebook Pixel to automate search engine optimization and track conversions as well


EventZ is the perfect event management system for all sizes of events. From small parties to enormous conferences, you can manage everything from a one-stop solution. EventZ is capable enough to help you run events smoothly. Some of the interesting and appreciatings features of event management platform include:

  • Flexible payment processing
  • Social sharing
  • Online ticketing
  • Customizable event
  • Branded event pages

From the moment you create the event, EventZ has features that help you plan, manage, as well as execute events successfully. Your organization requires software that has a robust set of tools to carry you all the way to the finish line related to the event.

How EventZ is the Best Option?

EventZ has impressive features that help you to manage every event efficiently. You can create an event as per your choice from the EventZ platform; the feature-packed event ticketing platform also makes it easier for you to control the event, build tickets, and keep track of every activity through the feature-rich platform. The vendor appeals with a free trial where you can tinker with every feature at no cost.


The platform is a popular event management platform, especially for selling tickets, tracking sales, and getting insight into what works at your event. Ticketbud offers you with:

  • Integrated sales and marketing tools like Salesforce and Facebook Pixel helping vendors to promote their event
  • Users can use powerful analytics to know where customers come from and who all are converting.
  • Make use of white label features to keep event ticketing and promotion on brand.


Wrike is a popular event management software that lets users organize multi-department projects. The event and ticket management help to coordinate with small and big events. It helps with planning, budgeting, and time management tools. The software offers templates making it easier for you to track vendor activities, deliverables, deadlines, ideas, etc.

The built-in calendar platform makes it easier for you to plan all important events along with scheduling them corresponding to dates. It supports layer multiple calendars and color-coding. The event management platform makes it easier for you to manage events by industry, region, or any other classifications.

Wrike enables you to collaborate with an end number of suppliers in a single hub, helping to easier communication. Wrike provides reporting tools that highlight the event success that you have completed. It enables you to leverage the amazing result of hard work quicker than ever before.

Why Choose Wrike

  • Wrike offers a free plan that is perfect for businesses who have a limited budget to spend on event management software.
  • The event management software comes with automated scheduling features that simplify every process of delegating tasks and speed up the completion of different processes.
  • Wrike is developed for collaboration, making it easy to coordinate with team members and other stakeholders


The leading platform is a popular way to create local groups tailored to interest. Just like Eventbrite, Meetup helps people browse for everything which they are looking for in the area. The Meetup helps you perform numerous things like:

  • Create groups and challenges easily
  • The platform also makes it easier for you to learn events the might interest people in a particular area
  • An audience can browse for different categories within the app, making it easy for people to find and join the event and group


Ticketmaster is usually correlated with large-scale events. You do not come to this site to find a local soccer meetup. You can more likely visit Ticketmaster to pick up tickets to view your favorite major league soccer team. They practice in live events: theater performances, concerts, sports events, etc. It offers users with:

  • A fan-engagement platform that gives you insight into the audience purchase
  • Gain an internal CRM to segment several audiences
  • Get access to robust reporting about inventory, ticket sales, etc.


Eventbee offers the same event and ticketing management services as Eventbrite. The platform provides a complete list of competitors; the big difference with Eventbee’s is its pricing model and features. It offers features like:

  • Integrate event management solution with social media tools to maximize digital promotion
  • Set up recurring and one-time events within the ticket management system
  • Create event pages for selling tickets

Summing It Up

technology has changed many things these days, including the event management industry. Significant evolution is measured in the industry with each passage of the day. When we talk about technology in utilizing an event management tool, then the first thing that strikes in individuals’ minds is the program or software itself. For many decades, many software solutions have been built to assist the industry in organizing and managing different kinds of events.

The latest technology and platforms help event planners and managers to perform their jobs efficiently. However, more than 57% of event management technology or platforms help efficiently achieve all the data. Meanwhile, around 96% confirms the value and importance of using feature-packed event management platforms to manage their events and meet-ups.

Event management software helps you manage and sort every activity, ensuring to maximize the use of the event management program. The above-listed event management system can help you make a smart choice for planning and managing your next event systematically.

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