Top 6 Mobile App Startup Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Do you want to start your own business in a mobile app? There are plenty of new business opportunity available for you to start an own venture in mobile app segment.

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile sales grew 58% last year. This trend is expected to continue this year as well.

You need to figure out what your app will do. Coupons? Special deals? Scheduling? Expert Mobile app developer will help you figure out the best strategy for your proposed mobile app.

This blog will help to figure out the great ideas in order to create an app which solves the problem. You can take inspiration from successful business models such as Uber, Instacart etc. to developer your own business model.

In case if you already have small business successfully for years and now want to start the mobile app to expand your small business this blog will help you to understand how you can get started with the mobile app.

Imagine designing an exclusive FIFA 2016 world cup t-shirt and launching it through the mobile app? You will also try to build a landing page or website and, get on social media and market. But the primary focus should be on selling it via a mobile app.

It’s rather easy nowadays to launch your mobile app in just 4-6 weeks including implementation for a shopping cart.

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Starting with a Mobile app for your new startup up is very cost effective in compared to other business. The mobile app can be built for as low as under $2000 – compare to setting up own restaurant which requires investment about $50,000+.

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Time to start your business with a mobile app is about 4-6 weeks. You need to make sure the web developers you hire are competent enough to get started quickly. We at Alphanso Tech can take a project from idea/concept to launch in a matter of weeks. You could see Payback period as quickly as 6-9 months depending on the business model you choose for mobile app development. Very few startup business offer huge ROI (Return on Investment) and payback period as a mobile app startup business.



There is millions of mobile and tablet users. There is a huge market for the application. You need to define your targeted audience to whom you will market your mobile app. The narrower you target segment higher will be the conversion ratio. It will also help you to deliver great customer experience and higher will be the customer loyalties.


Are you a fitness freak? Fitness app is to encourage and achieve personal health goal of app users. The app will analyze how fit active users is and monitor their food intake, activity and give suggestion to improve your overall fitness. There are several apps in the market. You can figure out the niche that you are going to address and based on that make an app that addresses the targeted segment. For Example, Fitness Buddy is an example of such app.

Online Food Aggregator


Online food aggregator services is a blessing for food junkies. You like Pizzas from Dominos and Hamburger from Subway. Food Aggregators collect the orders from various restaurant and food chain and deliver aggregated orders to customers. Food Panda is a great example of such services. You can charge restaurant owners a small fee for listing their restaurant listed on the mobile app. You will earn commission on every order you get on a mobile app. This is a unique opportunity for the people who would want to start Food aggregating business. This opportunity also offers great scale.

Vacation Guide


How about creating an app that helps the tourist to get all information about the city. It takes a wide variety of useful and helpful information aggregation it into the app.  For Example Vegas Baby does it in a perfect way. It has also included features like taxi fare calculator, bus finder, a list of local events, calendar for shows, Best Hotel and Restaurant finder and much more. It makes a useful companion for a trip to Las Vegas.

Similarly, you can focus on cities which are most visited by tourist and doesn’t have much help available on the mobile app. You can earn revenue from the event organizer, hotel, and restaurant to have their event & place listed on your mobile app.

Moonlight Marketplace



There is a need for marketplace connecting people looking to work and people ready to hire. Small business and Entrepreneur also look for the people for getting their gig done and people get extra income by performing a gig. By offering a platform for marketplace you earn a commission on it. This is very nice area and you can tap this opportunity by making mobile app marketplace. The moonlighting app is a very successful example of Marketplace for Moonlighters.

Home Cooked Meal on Demand

With increasing in working class population, they do not have time to cook their meal. If you can make a mobile app that provides healthy home cooked on demand then there is a good chance that it can have a flying start. You would be able to open an app, find the people in the nearby area who are ready to make you a home cooked & authentic meal; they can book it via an app and set delivery time. Simple marketplace styled app which can earn you big $$ if it is properly planned and executed well.

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On Demand Technician

 People always struggle to find a carpenter, electrician & plumber etc. on demand. You can offer mobility solution for people to find their technician on-demand. You can contact few technician to get their services listing on your app and when customer book their services through the app you will earn a commission. There is a huge demand for such services. You just need to market these services to the right audience.


In this blog post, we have discussed Various Mobile App Ideas and Few points to keep in mind for new mobile app startups venturing into it.

We have discussed the 3 points that you need to keep in mind before the development of the mobile app that is  Cost, Time and  Market. We have also discussed various mobile app development ideas that you can take inspiration from.

We hope that you will get inspired and develop your Mobile app and see how things work out for you.

We differential ourselves as from traditional app developers by focusing on niche-sharing economy solutions provider by partnering with startups and small businesses.  This approach helps up in creating a specialized team which can help you craft a strategy for your new mobile app  Startup.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Mobile app for Uber for X Startups.

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

Do you need help with Your Startup? Contact us today get a consultation. Alphonso tech is regarded as one of the best iPhone App Development company.


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