Top 5 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement on the Website

When you get lots of traffic on the website it is important to engage website visitor. We live in an era where your potential customer expects businesses to meet their needs instantly. Overall customer experience is much more than just driving traffic to your website from Social media or search engine – It’s about solving the problem of your customer, answering questions. For successful content marketing user engagement and user experience plays an important role. Website visitor’s attention span less than 8 seconds. In this short time, you have to assure them that your product or services are useful for them.

What is customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is all about your customers interact with content on your website and create a unique experience for them as a business. Good customer engagement can grow your business and visitor loyalty toward your brand. The customer always wants something more beyond just sales pitch, they want a quick response to their queries, great video/graphical content etc.

Here are few ways which can improve your website’s customer engagement and conversion rate.

Interactive Element

Website visitor tends to interact more with the graphical element on the page or video. Try to write the content on the page more interactive way.

In the mean time, we need to make sure that we are in the right kind of environment to overcome the challenges in the meantime.

Offer Rewards or Incentives to Users

Everyone loves a freebie or incentive and would not hesitate to give you their email address for a free ebook or 15 Day trial for a subscription offer. Engagement can be increased by encouraging to a visitor to comment on the blog, share the blog, forums, app installs etc. By incentivizing their website visitors they are capturing their visitors in the sales funnel and it can lead to more loyalty and a higher number of purchase later on.

Live Chat

Live chat is a unique tool to increase visitor engagement and conversion rate on the website. Live chat is also cost effective. If you want the superior experience you can opt for tools like Intercom which can also capture the leads. If a website visitor is confused about the product or services on your website he can directly ping you and reach out to you. You can promptly solve the questions and it leads to higher conversion and customer satisfaction.

Create useful Content

Using content and Infographics to educate and engage the customer is a great way to engage them. A Recent study from Google finds that 48% of the smartphone users are more likely to make a purchase decision if the mobile site provides instruction video content or Infographics on how to make a purchase.

Personalize Customer Experience

You should treat every customer as a special one. They should be a delight after surfing through your website. More than 70% of US retailers are making personalized experience a priority on their website. Personalization can be done in multiple ways e.g. you can track their location and offer products which are likely to interest them. Personalization should be about making website visitor feel welcomed.


The engaging user on the website is a very important first step to convert website visitor to customers.

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