Top 4 Amazing Highlights of Music Streaming App

Decades ago, iPod was one of the favorite tools for millions of people worldwide, but today the access to the internet has changed the demand for music and has resulted in rising the popularity of music streaming apps and ultimately resulted in increasing music app development.

With over 75 million users, Spotify is one of the most popular streaming apps. This is one of the primary reasons due to which most of the businesses are considering developing a streaming app like Spotify. Learn the top 4 amazing highlights of Spotify clone you can consider for your audio streaming business, ensuring its success in the competitive market.

Spotify has more than 271 million monthly active users in India, the company is experiencing a great jump in its earnings results for preview years. Spotify had debuted with music label Warner Music Group in India, besides India Spotify has forayed to the Middle East as well as North Africa in the same month.

The Swedish music streaming respondent said that it has around 217 million monthly active users in March, which is quite higher than 173 million, which was found in the same quarter a year earlier. Whereas the premium subscribers reached around 100 million marks in the same year, which is around 75 million that was noted in the same year.  The company is estimated to have around 107 million to 110 million premium subscribers at the end of the year 2019.

How You Can Choose the Right Streaming Music Service Just Like Spotify

Physical music sales have plummeted these days, but it does not mean that music lovers have stopped listening to the music they love. Most of the people love to listen to their favorite tunes on numerous music and audio streaming apps. Streaming platforms have proved to be boon for all music lovers as it allows music to leverage their favorite tunes at any time and at anyplace like their offices, homes or any other location where they have internet-connected devices.

Streaming music services is one of the popular industries, it is found that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has factor music and audio streaming into its platinum and gold album certifications. “The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West was the first album that bagged the platinum-based completely on online plays, it was also noted that the streaming platform got more than 3 billion times worldwide.

There is no single doubt that streaming services are growing wider and big these days, thus developing and launching the music and audio streaming platforms can prove to be one of the most beneficial platforms for any of the individuals.  But when it comes to developing streaming platforms, then they need to consider the top 4 amazing highlights which can help you to develop Spotify clone for your audio streaming business.

Explore Advance Features Which You Can Consider Involving in Music & Audio Streaming Platform

There are numerous features which any of the individuals can consider integrating into their audio and music streaming platform. Explore the top 4 amazing highlights of Spotify clone you can consider for your audio streaming business. Integrating these features within your music streaming can help you to provide a seamless experience to music lovers when they use your music and audio streaming platform to leverage their favorite music.  

Stream Music List

Users are allowed to explore their favorite playlist on any of the devices as per their preference.

Advance Admin Dashboard

An advanced admin panel facilitates the admin to manage the whole solution stack effectively.

Subscription Plan

Admin is provided with a back-end panel that allows admin to manage users and their subscription plan as per their requirements.

Shuffle Music List

Users are allowed to shuffle the music list to develop the list of their favorite songs and leverage any of the songs randomly according to their taste and mood.

Upload Music

Admin is allowed to upload a new playlist through the back-end panel for the app users.

Social Media Login

Users are allowed to log in manually or can follow an instance login process by using a social media account.

Components of Music Streaming app Which You Can Consider for Your Streaming Platform

If you aim to develop an effective streaming platform, then it becomes vital for you to consider some of the vital modules which you can integrate into your music and audio streaming platform. These modules mainly involve two types of components, these modules are:

1. User App.

2. Admin Dashboard.

User App

Register/ Login

Users can make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc to register and login themselves through the streaming platform.


Users can check the list of popular music lists, trending tracks recently played music lists, and much more using the app dashboard.

Leading Search

Users are allowed to search and leverage their favorite music lists through the dashboard.

Create a Lovely Playlist

If users want to add and update the list of their favorite songs to leverage it later then they can do it using the platform. They are allowed to leverage their favorite playlist through the Spotify clone script as per their convenience from anywhere and at any time.

Secure Payment Gateway

Any of the users who aim to upgrade their subscription plan can leverage the use of any of the payment gateways through the app.

Profile Settings

Users can manage and update their profile through setting features options available in the app, they are facilitated to update their profile image, address, name, etc as per their convenience.

Admin Dashboard


Admin can easily manage and update recently added user details, tracks, and much more through the advanced admin dashboard provided through the Spotify clone script.

Handle Users

The advanced and feature-rich admin panel of our Spotify clone app allows admin to edit and upgrade the admin to manage platform users’ details and also their subscription more efficiently than ever before.

Earnings History

Admin is allowed to check and edit their site earning through the admin panel, they can sort the details as per their need.  

Sub Moderators

Admin can add and edit sub moderators of the solution stack and provide them the access to add and manage the content of the solution with the access provided by admin on the solution stack.

Audio Upload

Admin can add and manage new audios on the streaming platform with the right offered by the admin.

Manage Different Categories

Spotify clone facilitates the admin to use and manage different categories and subcategories of the music streaming app solution through the app.

Summing It Up

The global music and audio streaming market is growing rapidly, it is expected that the global subscriber base is expected to reach around 2.81 billion by 2025. Thus crafting audio and video streaming platforms can prove to be one of the most beneficial decisions for your streaming business.

You can take the support of professional music streaming app development company or can opt for ready-made app solutions for music streaming that some of the development firms offer to you. Ask developers to integrate some of the advanced features to the solution stack, which provides users with the best experience whenever they demand to have.

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