Top 10 Ways to Avoid Rejection of iOS app from Apple App Store

It is very common for Entrepreneurs and small and Medium businesses to have a mind blowing app idea and get their app published on App Store. Once ideation process is done they will contact app developer to conceptualize idea and development process.

It is really important to understand guidelines of Apple about the submission of your app to App Store. After making an app you need to submit an app. According to App Review Times Apple takes about 7 Working days to review submitted an app. This data tend to vary according to over the period of time and it depends on various factors.

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Mobile App Bugs

When you submit an app for review in app store app developer need to make sure the app doesn’t have bugs and crashes. If you need to test it before submission you can ask your developer to provide you Test Flight Account to test an app before submission to an app store.

Incorrect/ Incomplete Information

Make sure to provide all the description and details required for reviewing an app. If your app requires you to give you sign in details, you need to provide accurate details so that they can test it thoroughly. You can also provide demo video of detailed user case of the app uses hard to replicate environment.

Broken Links

Broken Link in Mobile app

If you are planning to put links in the mobile app such as Website link, Social media links, links to other web content then make sure all links are working before submission of an app from the review. Any sort of broken link will lead to rejection of your app.

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Patent/ Copyright Violation

We would recommend you to read Apple Developer Program License Agreement  to be aware of all condition that apple has laid out in terms of patent and copyright violation. If there are any parts of the app that don’t comply with this then you can ask your developer to fix it before submission of an app.

App Ratings

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

Apple has set very strict parameters for game rating; make sure a mobile app or game follow the proper rating rules. Experienced app developer will make sure your app follows all the guidelines laid by Apple.

For example; you have made application for iBeacon, then you need to provide information such has on which beacon you have tested this app and what this app supposed to do when implemented in real word scenario.

Demo/ Beta Test Module

You should not submit demo app or beta test app for review. It will be rejected right away. Apple doesn’t event take demo apps into consideration. Apple doesn’t accept unfinished app if they got any indication that app in beta stage or unfinished they will not approve it.

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Long Load time

Web Loading time

All mobile operating –iOS, Android, Windows – enforces max. app start time. For iOS app, start time is about 15 sec. If your app will take longer than 15 sec. then OS will kill the session.

From User Experience perspective also long app load time will increase bounce rate and the user is unlikely to use your app again.

Detail Description

You should write the detailed description about the application so that the person how is going to be helpful to users. This will help the user to get a better understanding of about your app also you need the relevant snapshot of the app.

Bad UI and UX

Apple rejects anything which is not following Apple’s design guidelines as well as UI Design Guidelines. You need to make sure app developer follows the guidelines set by Apple. Sleek, neat, User-Friendly User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) helps to get your app approved very quickly.

Mislead/ Cheat User

This is very crucial. Your app should match the expectation of the users. Anywhere in an app, you should not mislead or they should not feel cheated in any way. The app should deliver all functionality and features that you have mentioned in app description and screenshot.

You also should not use trademarked material or Apple icons & logos anywhere in the app.

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While there can be many other several reasons Apple might reject your app, these 10 are most common mistakes that developers can avoid and get a higher chance  app published successfully.Submitting app for approval and getting rejected by App store can be very frustrating. You can follow discussed steps to avoid rejection.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Top 10 Ways to Avoid  Rejection of iOS app from Apple App Store.

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