Top 10 Mobile App Business Ideas for 2017

New Year comes with new hopes and aspiration. Mobile Tech is booming and budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of it by venturing out into the mobile business.

Even in you don’t have much technical knowledge about the how to build a mobile app you can start your own business. Today it is all about a unique approach towards solving the problem that customers are facing.

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming a part of people’s lives. According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile sales grew 58% in 2015. This trend is expected to continue for new few years.

In the blog post, we will discuss few mobile app business idea that will help you understand the opportunity.

First, budding entrepreneurs need to figure what is their passion and what mobile app business you want to start. You can take inspiration from business models such as Uber, Instacart etc. to develop your own business model.

eCommerce Store Marketplace

eCommerce Mobile App, mCommerce App

Many startups and small business want to sell their products to the larger audience. You can build a mobile app where people can buy their products. The mobile app marketplace is an asset-light business model. You as an entrepreneur have to maintain the mobile app, rest all is taken care by the merchant who is selling the product. You are just offering a platform for them to sell their products. When a product gets sold you take commission from it.

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Fitness App

If you are a fitness freak then this is a great business opportunity to start Fitness app to encourage and achieve personal health goal of mobile app users. The app will analyze how fit active user is and monitor their food intake, physical activity and give suggestions on how to improve overall health. First, you need to figure out the niche that you want to address in the market and your target segment. Fitness Buddy is a good example of such app. 

Hotel Booking App

Hotel Booking Mobile App

Many small hotels and rental apartment have an ideal inventory of rooms. If you can make an app and aggregate those rooms with your mobile app it can be a great business opportunity in the travel business. You can make a commission on the booking made through your app. With travel for business and leisure being necessity you can attract the customer who wants to book rooms. Beautiful and easy to use User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) with an extensive database of hotels and excellent booking experience is all you need to get started with this business. Again, this is an asset-light business model and since you don’t invest anything in inventory.


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Event Planning Mobile App

Event Planning Mobile App

Do you love event organizing? Help people organize an event within your app and send an invitation to other people to RSVP. They can share the event on social media and send an invitation via email or phone number. It can be a great business model for budding entrepreneurs who wish to start a business on event planning. Later you can expand your services to organize the event, take party or catering order etc. It’s asset light model and can be started with minimum initial investment.


Crowd Funding Mobile App


Crowd Funding Mobile App

Help Startups and Small business raise fund for their business. Many Investors is looking for a great opportunity to support startup eco-system. Startup and small business can list their business and ideas with answers to various questions. Investor and mentor can fund the startup and help thousands of creative project to take shape. Kickstarter and Gofundme are the best examples of crowd funding.

P2P Lending App

P2P lending Mobile App Development

Finance need to be fast, fair and flexible to meet the demand of the person or business. P2P lending app can be a great alternative solution. People in business always need the money and there is always someone looking for a greater opportunity to lend money to earn interest on lending. The only thing in this business model is you need to setup stringent Risk & Due Diligence system to make sure that somebody doesn’t take undue advantage of the system.

On Demand Service Providing App

On Demand Services AppThere is always a need to find an on-demand services providers such as plumber, carpenter, electrician and other. Small business and Entrepreneurs also look for getting their gig done and people get extra income by performing a gig. By offering a platform for marketplace you earn a commission on every services book through it. This is very niche area and you can tap this opportunity by making mobile app marketplace. The moonlighting app is a very successful example of such marketplace.

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Mobile App Marketing Consulting

Mobile App Marketing

Everybody wants advice for the marketing services. You can start offering mobile app marketing consulting on the app. Consulting includes Content marketing, Social Media marketing, SEO, and Online advertising. Often Startups and small businesses struggle with the marketing and you can pitch your unique services to them in a unique way.

On Demand Cab Booking

On Demand Car Booking Mobile App Development

The popularity of taxi booking apps is increasing with growing need of consumer for on-demand car booking. The idea is to make customer experience smooth with the mobile app booking.  Mobile includes driver app, customer app, admin portal and payment can be accepted by cash, card, wallet etc.

Our cab booking app offers an easy opportunity to directly register with an application. The taxi booking app will also track the nearby drivers and set up pick up with the closed driver nearby. The riders will have an opportunity to select the vehicle segment like hatchback, sedan, SUV etc. The details regarding fare estimation will also be made available to the app user.

This is a very lucrative opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who want to start business travel industry.

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Car Pooling Mobile App

On Demand Car Pooling Mobile App

Another interesting concept in the travel industry is car polling app. In this business idea, upfront investment requires only to build a platform for the car pooling. The best example of this is a BlaBla Car.  You can request a ride with the car owner, communicate with instant chat, notify while ride owner arrives at geolocation and many more things.  Car Pooling is one of the most popular ways of public transport these days. It reduces overall traveling cost and comfortable for the value migration researcher. 

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In this blog post, we have discussed various mobile app business Ideas along with how you can take advantage of it.

We have discussed total 10 business idea starting from eCommerce Marketplace to Car pooling mobile app. 

I hope you will get inspired and develop you own mobile app business and see how things work out for you.

We differentiate ourselves as from traditional app developers by focusing on niche-sharing economy solutions provider by partnering with startups and small business

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Mobile app for Uber for X Startups.

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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