Tizen OS : Why Samsung is adopting this OS?


Before we start discussing on why Samsung adopts tizen os we should also know something about tizen operating itself i.e what is it and so and so. So first let us answer that question.

What is Tizen OS?

Tizen is an operating system was for development for many years. There were many mobile phone running tizen os at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. There Samsung also announced the Tizen powered Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. And finally samsung had launched world’s first smartphone i.e. Samsung z with tizen os in Russia.

Till now Samsung was using the Google’s android os to run its smartphone and tablets. But now the Korean manufacturer has confirmed that its intent to go alone on tizen os and offering alternative to google’s android os, iOS and windows phone.

Tizen Os

Why Samsung Adopts Tizen OS?

Today almost no one is familiar about tizen. No mobile users and not even car users or the people with fridge. That is what the Samsung wants to change it.

The south Korean manufacturer of Samsung mobile is not going to produce the tizen operating system instead of Google’s android. This os is like same as android or iOS. The ambition of Samsung does not stop here but they want to bring this tizen to fridges and cars as well.

Samsung has given room to developers to create the tizen os apps. Samsung has also promised to pay $4 million to creators of tizen.

In this third quarter the one third mobiles sold are made by Samsung. These mobile phones uses the Google’s android, a free of charge os. It means that the Google’s this operating system has served it well. And also due to higher sales ratio kept android very popular in the market. Analytics says that 63 percent android os mobile are made by Samsung.

Although google was wildly successful with sale of its galaxy mobiles and tablets, it has a little success in getting users in touch with its service like music, messaging and other services. On the other hand google benefited about it google play being searched from Galaxy smartphones. At this point the owners of Galaxy device remain slave for the Google’s update schedule and its rules.

Almost 90% of smartphone users are using either Google’s Android or Apple’s iPhone ecosystems. They are getting profit every time user purchases an app or a game.

The above are two main reasons why the Samsung wants to expand their business from hardware to software.

As we see the major players of smartphone market they are Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung. In which apple always use its own operating system and Google has acquired the Motorola and Microsoft bought the Nokia Corp. So the Samsung is the only company which does not have its own operating system.

Tizen Os

Tizen will be announced as an operating system till the February of the next year. It will expand its to mobile devices, cars, fridges, televisions and well as wearable devices.

As the market of cheaper smartphone is increasing, the Samsung has said that the future versions of tizen will also support the cheaper smartphones as well.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and got a full information on why Samsung have launched their new operating system called tizen. At present we can wish Samsung that their this operating system get success in the market.

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