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Laravel Application Development

Laravel Development Company

Laravel being the most preferred PHP MVC framework. According to BuiltWith there are 325K websites build using Laravel framework. It’s one of the finest and developers loved PHP framework. It’s packed with all the goodies and features that developer would ever ask for! Highly recommended framework for custom websites and web application development. It’s bit thick but features-packed modern MVC framework.

Laravel Development Company Features

What do we the laravel development company offer in $14/Hr?

  1. High Precision: We produce well documented, human readable, and highly precious code. You know a poorly written code bugs us!
  2. Test: Being an experienced laravel development company we perform the module and unit test before deploying the code.
  3. Bug Repo: We admit that our code could have a bug. We create a bug repo. A code can only be deployed if bugs have been resolved.
  4. Architecture: Hire laravel developer from AlphansoTech if you believe in scalable and load bearing laravel application development.
  5. Management: Our 9+ years experienced project managers make sure your laravel application development is progressing smoothly, on time!
  6. Communication: We keep you informed on all major project milestones. We communicate on your preferred communication medium.
  7. Agile: We are agile laravel development company. We love progressing a project in smaller sprints. We deliver/deploy module fast.
  8. Scalability: The laravel app with well-architectured code & normalized database design can only scale. We the laravel development company do both!
  9. Delivery: We are swift in laravel application development and delivery. The Agile method helps us minimize the turnaround time.


Our latest laravel application development samples

What’s backing inside our laravel development company?

  1. Old Globe Laravel Application Development
  2. CDO Group Laravel Application Development
  3. Giftcardsupreme Laravel Application Development
  4. Dating Laravel Application Development

Why clients choose AlphansoTech?

What makes us preferred laravel development company

  1. $14/Hr flat is our rate. No strings attached. No hidden cost.
  2. We are offering flexible hiring model.
  3. Active and full support.
  4. We follow strict NDA policy.
  5. We take IP security seriously.
  6. Experienced project managers managing your project.
  7. Code repository for better collaboration.
  8. Bug repository for the collection and resolving all the bugs.
  9. Track project progress in real time.
  10. High employee & customer satisfaction.

A preview of our Laravel application development process:

The process which makes us preferred laravel development company.

  1. Your idea/concept understanding.
  2. Detailed requirement analysis.
  3. Design prototyping and finalizing.
  4. Code and DB architecture.
  5. First version release.
  6. Feedback gathering.
  7. Further development.
  8. Feedback gathering.
  9. Beta release.
  10. Final testing.
  11. Final release & deployment.
  12. Launch Party 🙂
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