Secret Techniques To Improve Data Protection in Mobile App

Use of mobile devices increasing rapidly. According to leading analytics firm Statista, Apple app store has 1.5 million active app and Google play store has 1.6 million apps.

Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with people and do business. As of March 2016, more than 100 Billion mobile apps have been downloaded from App Store.

Since all these apps have huge data. Data security & protection is an important element in mobile app development.

According to recent research from Arxan  :

  • 97% of Top 100 paid apps on Google Play Store had been hacked
  • 87% of Top 100 paid apps on Apple App Store had been hacked
  • 75% of Popular Free apps have been hacked in App Store.

These numbers are eye-opening. Data from Ponemon Institute suggests that 84% of consumer uses Smartphone for personal and professional use. This trend offers flexibility and agility to user experience (UX) it can open wider security and confidentiality issues to users.

It will be wrong to assume that underlying security of the mobile device or the mobile app in iOS or Android is fully safe.

FBI Vs. Apple Inc

We wants sensitive information stored in our mobile to be safe. IT security officers are confronted often with this issue. An experienced developer can help you make sure your app data is encrypted and protected so that hacking of an app can be avoided.

The Recent fight between FBI and Apple Inc. was known to all. It has sparked the debate of data encryption and how safe our data is. This debate is circulated around personal security vs national security. FBI was asking to break iPhone security of terrorist phone, while Apple was arguing that breaking its own phone’s security will violate personal security and millions of iPhone users will prone to security risk. While the battle is still going out it count, FBI is reportedly paid around $1 Million to Unlock iPhone of San Bernardino shooter.

What is Data Encryption?

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Encryption is the process of encoding data or information in such a way that only authorized users can read it. Encryption does not prevent the interception but denies the message content to the interceptor, without the decryption key data or information cannot be read by the other person.

Software Encryption

Whether you are developing a mobile app, web app or desktop software. Encryption is helpful in prevention unnecessary data breach and security flow. This is specifically helpful in developing scalable enterprise level application.

AES Support

Advance Encryption Standard(AES) is the fundamental of encryption. AES is used to encrypt and decrypt the data.  A Good App Development company will provide you Encryption support so that your app data and user privacy is protected.

Cloud Support

Instead of taking and storing information on hardware with encryption cloud storage can be used to cloud where it can help you store information more securely. Cloud services like Box Cryptor and Bluecot can be used to encrypt and protect data online.

Mobile App and Encryption



Since mobile app is used by almost every smartphone users it is important for an app developer to make sure an app is secure and user data is protected. Mobile malware makers often target bugs or vulnerabilities in the website or mobile app.

Hackers and attackers target popular applications, they rebrand and package it into a similar application with malicious code and posted to Play Store and App store to trap users and get sensitive information from their device.

It’s important for SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) to make sure the app that they are developing has none security flows and protect their application against reverse engineering and tampering. Experienced mobile app developer will use data encryption so that your data is safe and secure.

Secure Transaction

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Mobile apps enable users to make fast transactions. When money is involved it is important for an app developer to put the highest security to avoid any data breach or hacking.

Risk Tolerance vary with the purpose and usability of the app. for e.g. Human Resource related content will have less risk compared to eCommerce related transaction.

App development companies should adapt risk-aware approach towards monitoring high-value transactions. They can also lay out a policy on other mobile app risk factors such as device security, user network connection security, user location to name few.

Enterprise level application can leverage mobile risk engine to monitor risk factors such as IP velocity, user access patterns, and data access profiles. This system also helps you to sniff and respond complex attacks that can de-rail multiple channels and harm the system.


To Sum up this article , it is really important to have full security in place before launching a mobile app.

Alphanso Tech has been encrypting and securing data for many years from mobile apps to a highly scalable web application.

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