Things to keep in mind While Designing Rich User Interface (UI)


User Interface(UI) is a heart of any website and therefore it should be designed very carefully. A good user interface is enough to attract new clients. There is a lot of material available on how to design a good website in the market. Following are some key point which should be followed while crafting a user interface:


  • Should Capture User’s Attention
  • Should Be Simple & Clear
  • UI Must Be Concise
  • Make Use Of Effective Writing
  • Back To Basics
  • UI Should Be Familiar
  • UI Should Be Fast
  • Get Some Form Of Feedback From User
  • UI Should Maintain Consistency
  • Interface Should Be Forgiving


So let us understand each point in detail:


  1. Should Capture Users’ Attention

A rich user interface is all about to create first impression of the business in the minds of users. A user interface should be designed in such a way that it creates attention of the website in the mind of user.


  1.    Should Be Simple & Clear

If a website is simple than user will be able to use it well. If the user interface is not clear and user do not know from where to go from current page then he will get confused and frustrated which is not good for any website.


  1.    UI Must Be Concise

Whenever you can explain things in one line instead of two do it. Do not add too many explanations to achieve simplicity. This will save valuable time of the user.


  1. Make Use Of Effective writing

After all content matters a lot in a website. So the font should be used carefully. Wherever it is necessary, images should be used. Content which is written should be user friendly.


  1. Back To Basics

Understand the basic and primary needs of the user. Your user interface should not be too high that it create problems to end users.



    UI Should Be Familiar

Many designers design the user interface in such a way that it should become intuitive. But here you should understand the meaning of intuitive. Your user interface should make feel to user that he has visited the functionality before. If a user interface is familiar than user knows its functionality.


  1.    UI Should Be Fast

Fast means that the functionality of user interface should load fast. Something which loads too slow will make user disappear from the website. And this is not good for business.


  1.    Get Some Form Of Feedback From User

Feedback like user has successfully pressed a button. It can be shown from the state of button changes to pressed. This type of various feedbacks should be taken from user.

  1.    UI Should Maintain Consistency

Consistency will help user to expect the usage pattern of different forms or so many other things. User will be able to know the how certain button will work and user will learn new things quickly and easily.


  1.  Interface Should Be Forgiving

Nobody is perfect in this entire world. You should build an interface which is forgiving. Users are bound to make mistakes while using your interface. For example users use your interface and has deleted an important piece of data by mistake. Now your software should allow them to retrieve that data and undo the operation.


So by concluding I will say that all the above points should be kept in mind while designing the user interface.

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