Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience

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Now a days due to technology advancement people uses website a lot. And therefore the user experience matters a lot. User experience is all about to create satisfaction in the user that how they got satisfaction while using the website or app of the company. Now here question arises when a company can create a satisfaction in user? Obviously for that company has to know his users. Again another question arises how a company can know his user? The answer of this question lies in this article. This article is all about this. The more you know your users, the more you can satisfy them. So let’s begin with this article.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : What Is Requirement?

A requirement is all about how a product should do and what it should do. A requirement can be fulfilled with the expectation of customers from the product. If a requirement is unambiguous, clear and specific then it can be measured and implemented effectively. Example of requirements is that a requirement can be of that a particular button should print the current screen. See the classification of different requirement in the following screen.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience

In this article we will focus on functional and non-functional requirements.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Functional Requirements

Functional requirements specify about the system that what functionalities software developers must implement in the system in order to satisfy the customers. It’s all about how a system will perform in order to accomplish the task of customer. Example of it is that the website shall notify the customers by email when user register with it. Let’s see some of the examples of it as below:

  • Business rules
  • Transaction corrections, adjustments
  • Administrative functions
  • Authentication
  • Audit Tracking
  • External Interfaces
  • Certification Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Historical data
  • Legal/Regulatory Requirements
  • Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Non-functional Requirements

Non-functional requirements says that what constraints or quality standards does a system apply. All quality parameters comes under this heading. Let’s see the list of non-functional requirements:

  • Scalability
  • Capacity
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Recoverability
  • Maintainability
  • Serviceability
  • Security
  • Regulatory
  • Manageability
  • Environmental
  • Data Integrity
  • Usability
  • Interoperability
  • Performance

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : The Iterative Nature Of Requirements Gathering

In an ideal world, one should simply gather data related to user needs and then elicit the user needs. However this is a simplistic view. In real world this is an iterative approach. When you already gathered data from the user and now you are trying to elicit the user needs and you found that the system requirement which you are trying to fulfill may now wanted by customers. So now again you will need to gather data. And therefore it is an iterative approach and so let’s understand it fully.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Step : 1 Gather Data From The User:

A requirement gathering is a very necessary step. At this stage you should not limit your actual user. Broaden your data so that so you can get more data. Se the following image for requirement gathering:

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience

Data gathering can be done with various techniques. In this article we will see the some of the techniques from it.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Interviews

This is very effective technique for data gathering. Semi-structured or unstructured interviews can be set to understand the requirement of the user. With the help of interview we can try to find out the scenarios.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Focus Groups

With the help of focus group we can try to sort out the conflict and disagreement during the requirement activity. This techniques will also help to meet stakeholders to the designer and each other and they can express their views in public. It is also possible that the views to a particular problem may be different when it comes to different group of stakeholders.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Questionnaires

Initially requirement gathering can be started with questionnaires. Questionnaires can be used to collect data and view from the prospective users of the company. Questionnaires can also be used as to decide to whom company shall interview.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Direct Observation

In this technique the natural participation of users in a task is observed. Sometimes a trained person handed this job to observe the user how naturally they perform and particular task. After the completion of task the person makes a report on that and gives it to the design team. Or sometime the person of design team itself is given this job.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Indirect Observation

Diaries and interaction logging are used how a currently a task is performed. This information is used while developing a completely new system.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Studying Documentation

Manuals and documentation are good source of data about the steps involved in an activity and any regulations and governing a task. With this we can get information on how users performs everyday tasks.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Researching Similar Products

We can analyze about the similar product available in the market. This will really be helpful to us in requirement of our own product.

Requirement Gathering For A Better User Experience : Conclusion

Now you might be confused that which techniques you should use? There is not any universal technique that can work for every product. Different technique satisfies different criteria. For example the interview technique can be used when the group is small and questionnaires can be used for geographically devised users. You can also use the combination of techniques for a particular product and this will really help you.

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