Reasons To Have Responsive Website : Top 11


Before discussing on reasons to have responsive website, let us first understand what is responsive website? Responsive website is now a website looks on various screen size. A website must look differently on mobile devices or on tablets. It is all about look and feel of it on several devices. In today’s modern era a website now must be responsive. Let’s discuss why a website should be responsive.

Reasons To Have Responsive Website

It Is Strongly Recommended By Google

One of the strong reasons to have responsive website is that it is strongly recommended by google itself.

One Website Can Be Viewed On Multiple Devices

A responsive website can be viewed on multiple screen. That is a main benefit of the responsive website. One website can be viewed in multiple screen sizes, increases the viewing experience of the viewer.

Reasons To Have Responsive WebsiteLess Bounce Ratio

It have proved over time that a responsive website has a less bounce ratio compared to non-responsive website. As responsive website does not compromises on functionalities and content of the website. So it is helpful in keeping bounce ratio less.

Easy Website Management

As here desktop website and mobile websites are different so separate SEO campaign requires. It is very natural that having two website with two separate SEO campaign is more difficult compared to one website having one SEO campaign.

Decreased Page Load Time

Google prefers to having a website to be loaded in just one second or sometimes even less than that. Normally a responsive website does not require any type of queries to redirect the users to different url. This reduces page load time.

Responsive Web Design Means Best UX

User experience of any website should be good. Every business wants to provide their customer a rich user experience and keep them happy and satisfied. For that reason responsive website provides a good option. A responsive website has a good user experience.

Stay Ahead In Competition

In today’s modern era every business wants to keep themselves stay ahead in the competition. And therefore they want to build a website responsive instead of device specific. So be prepared to hire an expert web developer for your business website and stay ahead in business.

Responsive Websites Makes Life Easier

It is said that responsive website is made for lazy people. If you are choosing a responsive website than you do not have to maintain it for mobile platform separately. You can maintain one website with multiple devices. This is the easiness of a responsive websites.

Reasons To Have Responsive WebsiteTargeting Major Mobile Group

In last few years the user of internet from mobile has been increased dramatically. As responsive design is also gives mobile users a good view. RWD gives good use of internet from mobile as well.

CMS Platform Are Also Supporting Responsive Design

There are millions of website which are hosted in wordpress, drupal, joomla and other content management systems. The CMSes also started using responsive design. With the use of these cmses the maintenance of website has become easier.

Invest Now To Save Later

Every business always thinks to save money and make a good profit. This helps to make more profit and save money. The concept of Responsive design will go viral and most expensive in near future. If you’re are smart enough to hire an expert web designer to save money for later.


I hope you found this article very helpful in choosing responsive web design. All the above are reasons to have website responsive. For more information click here and here.

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