How to Quickly Build a Social Media Website ?

Social Media is very powerful. It connects geographically diverse users with similar and like minded people. Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has millions of users and generates huge money because everybody is so addicted to it. Social media website users can share and discuss various issues like news, videos, new happenings etc.

Due to frequent changes in social media website like Facebook and Twitter people always open to a new social network which is intuitive and easy to use.

For e.g. Twitter is in advanced stage talk to increase tweet limit from 140 characters to 10,000 words. Now that annoying for any avid twitter user.

You can quickly build a social media website with the features that is useful to the masses and people can use.

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Entrepreneurs can look at this as an opportunity in growing social media age. Making a successful & popular social media network is a complex process.

Systematic and structured in development approach can make sure you have desired product. So it makes sense to have an expert by your side. Alphanso Tech is a top web design and development company.

Find Your Niche

LinkedIn is a networking tool for professionals, Instagram is a social network for sharing pictures with family and friends. Tinder is a social networking app which enables people to find their ideal date.

Find your niche

Similar way you first need to find a niche in which you will operate. This is crucial. Almost all successful social media sites target a small niche market and focus on delivering value and better user experience for that audience.

It is really important to have an expert by your side while developing the in-depth strategy for your social media website. Hire an experienced web Developer who has the  experience in executing large projects so that you can have smoother take off your project.


Let’s get is straight. One of the reasons that you build Social media Business is to earn money out of it. Payback Period is 6-8 months and ROI is huge in this business. That make is a great business model for budding entrepreneurs. But it is always better to have a defined and written monetization strategy that you will follow for this business.


People will only pay the money if they like to product and it appeals them to come back again and again. It is really important to build a product that people want. Therefore You can consider building MVP Quickly for your product and test it with potential users, influencers, and angle investor.

Monetization can be achieved by associating with the brand in a niche that is associated with targeted users.

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.It also can be achieved with offering advertising space, Integrating Google Adsense etc. Users can be charged to use premium features on social networks as well.

Clean and Sleek UI/UX

Clean And Sleek UI / UX

What user comes to your website , he should have WOW feeling. Social Networking website needs to have a user experience that appeals to users. Bad User Interface will result in user spending less time on site and it will eventually increase bounce rate.

Tinder is the best example of Sleek UX. Swiping might be much more intuitive to younger generations and it is widely popular in the audience. Buttons and elements should be used in a way that it defines in a more intuitive way. This more important factor in deciding the User experience.

Engaging Customer


User engagement is a crucial part of social media. Attracting new customer and user is great! But you need to keep them engaged with activities with friends and colleagues.

Loyalty program or Virtual point collection can be used to promote more engagement between users. One of  the best way Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter engage their user is they enable them to share interesting content, schedule and share events, upload photos , videos etc. There can be tons of other things which can be done to boost user engagement.

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For Entrepreneurs & Small business building social media site means big $$. Website User Interface (Web Design ) and Development is a key aspect in this.

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If this is something that you are interested in you can talk with our expert developers and schedule a free consultation for your idea.

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