Proven Ways to Increase Conversion Rate On your Website

Driving visitors to your site is not enough if those people do not convert into customers. 

When you employ small changes, like the addition of a lead gen form or create a testimonials section, you can increase sales immediately. Here are few points that will help you to improve conversion rate on your website.

  1. Boost your CTA’s

Small & incremental changes to your CTA (Call To Action) button’s such as text color, font size, and placement can make a substantial effect on conversions. According to leading Conversion Rate Consultancy  ConversionXL green, orange and red buttons function well. Hubspot conducted a study where red buttons defeat green by 21 percent. Red communicates enthusiasm and passion whereas green connotes “natural” and “go forward” because it’s used in traffic lights.

Words can also significantly impact conversions. Use action-packed words like “try”, “access” and “book” in order to motivate potential buyers to take action. Use buttons instead of text for your main CTA’s as these tend to be more visible and get higher click-throughs.

If your site runs on WordPress you can easily set up plug-ins which will allow you to experiment with your CTA’s and conduct A/B testing. The images and text surrounding the CTA may also affect conversions. You could even use photo editing software to correct the background transparency degree and produce a CTA button more visible.

  1. Include a direct form on every page

Maximize conversions by placing a direct form on each landing page. Lead forms can be placed over the fold, at the end of your content or even in the sidebar. According to Hubspot, contributes with three to four area forms maximize conversions while longer forms actually increase bounce prices.

Keep lead forms as concise as possible since visitors are very likely to discount long forms and reluctant to give out private information. Third party tools such as Clearbit can be used in order to glean more details about a customer based on their email address. Avoid the use of captchas since this an extra step for clients to finish.

  1. Provide customer testimonials

Prove social proof and credibility with customer reviews. These are especially effective as they aren’t sales pitches and come from an unbiased party.

Look at developing a video testimonial to resonate more deeply. Video testimonials enable your present customers to demonstrate emotion when explaining how your service or product has impacted their lives.

Display testimonials on notable areas on your website like the homepage, contact page or possibly a full page testimonials page. You may also opt to add testimonials on every page of your website.

Connect to your business page on Yelp or other relevant review websites where customers can read even more reviews. For example, Baunat Jewelers prominently shows snippets of consumer reviews on the homepage that are linked to the complete inspection on Trust Pilot. Establishing trust is especially important for a company such as Baunat because they sell jewelry and customers are naturally more worried when making big ticket purchases online.

  1. Display contact information on every page

Contact information such as your cell number and e-mail address should be displayed at a prominent area like the header, primary navigation or footer area. This can make it easier for prospective clients to contact your company without having to navigate to another contact page.

Show visitors that there’s a real business behind your site by providing bios and photos of your founders or group. Your site must also have a detailed “About” page and supply information about your organization’s history, mission, and founders.

The key to improving sales is to make small changes with time and observe the direct impact on your bounce rate and conversions.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an iterative process. You have to collect the feedback on existing features and improve on it continue to see what combination works for you the best.

It is possible to get connected with our staff to discuss further on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) of your Website or mobile app to bring into reality. 

The engaging user on the website is a very important first step both in the website and mobile apps.

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