New Year Gift : Become an Entrepreneur with 4 Quick Start Business Idea

Dec 28, 2015

Gaurav Kanabar



As a new year is about to come, do you want to start your own business in this season? There are plenty of new opportunities available. To become an entrepreneur all you require is a good idea. If you have a good idea then you can become an entrepreneur and start to earn a good amount of money. In this article, we will see top 4 Quick Start Business idea where you can start your own business.


Starting off with a website or mobile app is exceptionally low compared to other enterprise ventures. A website or an app can be built for as low as under $2000 – Compare that to setting up your own restaurant which requires an investment of about $50,000+.


Our Website and Mobile app Development team have over 20 engineers and programmers with 5+ Years of experience at least. We can take a project from idea/concept to launch in a matter of weeks. You could see ROI (Return on Investment) and PayBack Period as quickly as 6-9 Months. Very Few businesses offer such ROI and PayBack period.


Today everybody has smartphone and tablet. No matter what solutions your website or mobile app provides you have huge global and digital market.Today, your business doesn’t limit by geographical boundaries. You can provide services to anywhere across the globe, let’s look at some business ideas.

Idea #1: Social Media Consulting

Almost everyone uses Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn these days. But do you know that many SMBs (Small and Medium Business) will pay you to manage their Social Media A/c? To Find Social media consulting you need to contact small businesses and offer them solutions that they are in need. You can explain the power of social media to them and convenience them to create brand awareness on Social media. First You will need a website where you can list your Social media offerings and customer reviews. The website for any business is as important as naming your own business.

Idea #2 : Kid-Centric Mobile Apps

Kids are future customers, so gaining their attention and loyalty is not a bad idea. According to a Recent report by Common Sense Media, three-quarters of kids have access to mobile devices. This sounds great business opportunity for anyone who can conceptualize an app idea and market it just for kids. You can read Business model of Online Portal for  Kids and Parent to get insight.   If you can also promote your app for educational or good healthy living you can win over their parents, too. Alphanso Tech can help you with Free Consultations of your app Idea. Contact us for more details.

Idea #3 : eCommerce Store

We can sell almost anything anywhere in the world. You Start your eCommerce store  in few months with very minimum investment. If you are already doing business offline, then why not create online eCommerce Store to get more exposure. If you need help with your eCommerce Setup Contact us now to get a free consultation on your idea.

Idea #4 : Mobile Consulting

According to recent research by 60- Second Marketer suggest that there are more people on the planet who own a mobile device than who own a toothbrush. So Mobile Tech is a must for SMBs. But SMBs often struggle to take advantage of Mobile Tech due to lack of awareness and understanding. That’s where you can come into the picture. If you can provide affordable mobile development solutions to SMBs then you will find it a very rich business opportunity? Do you want to start your own Mobile Consulting business? Contact us today Free Consultation . We will help you to set up your Start-up Business.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding 4 Quick Start Business Idea . Let me know if you have any question regarding your Start-up Idea. I will reply to you ASAP.

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Post by Gaurav Kanabar

Gaurav Kanabar is the Director of Alphanso Tech, a globally acknowledged IT consulting company providing the services in the arena of the WordPress Development Services & iPhone App Development Services. With the immense support from the adroit team, Alphanso Tech has been serving a huge client base worldwide.

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