Netflix Business Model Revealed: How Does Netflix Make Money?

When anyone of us wants to search for any information, then the very first option which struck in our mind is Google. In a similar way, when it comes to watching movies and series online, then the very first option, which all prefer to choose, is Netflix Business Model. Netflixing has gained huge popularity among the users at a very lesser time after its launch.

Netflix is one of the best examples of a company that has shifted its business model multiple times for bagging massive success in their field, undoubtedly it has achieved massive success because of that. Netflix started its business by allowing renting boxed products via mail service worldwide, later it shifted to delivering on-demand entertainment to meet the global demand of Netflix users. Users are allowed to subscribe to any of the Netflix offers as per their convenience, they can watch their favorite shows from anywhere and at any time by restoring themselves to the Netflix family.

Netflix successfully launched an unscripted genre a few decades ago with several English-language formats, and the light-hearted cooking competition Nailed it. They built success by launching locally adapted versions in France, Mexico, Germany, and Spain at its initial level, and after bagging success with the same, it moves ahead with other versions as per subscribers’ demand or needs.  

How Does Netflix Operate?

Netflix is one of the popular streaming content providers which allow its subscribers to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more on any internet-connected device. The company also provides DVD rental plans to its users and supplies them with movies and shows on DVDs.

Netflix is one such video streaming on-demand company which has gained huge popularity among the subscribers in lesser time The company operates on a subscription-based model, users can pay for a monthly subscription plan to get the access to stream movies, shows, documentaries, many other types of content on Netflix based on different quality HD, SD, and Ultra HD, the quality of content might be based on the subscription plan of the individual users.

History of Netflix

Netflix was launched in April 1998 by Marc Rudolph and Reed Hastings, it uses online service to allow users to rent movies on DVD, Netflix is the streaming platform where users can stream their latest movies, series, shows, and much more online, today the company outranks cable TV in the US. A subscriber base of Netflix is much higher than over imagination, it accounts for around a third of internet traffic during its peak hours. 

Netflix, at its initial stage, only allowed users to rent out DVDs by mail, only a year later, it came up with a new business strategy and changed its model from the pay-for-use model to a subscription model. And almost a decade later, Netflix again changed its proposition from the subscription model to a streaming service. This business strategy of Netflix changed completely the way in which millions of people spend their free time. 

After seeing the success of Netflix in the entertainment stream many new entrants in the market, some of the names are Hulu Plus, Facebook Watch, Amazon Prime, and many others, but yet Netflix is still the leader in the market. Netflix is serving more than 125 million customers, and it’s estimated to generate around 11.7 billion in revenues in 2017. (Source)

These advanced video streaming services have gained more than 150 million paid members in over 190 countries these days. Subscribers get the change to choose content as per their taste, they get a chance to choose from a variety of content like TV Series, documentaries, movies, feature films, and many other types of content across a variety of genres and languages. Netflix Subscribers with the internet-connected device can explore as much as they want, anywhere, anytime.

Netflix Business Model: Know How Netflix Bagged Succeed with It

Netflix is one of the successful entertainment mass media companies which started with providing mailing services to customers, it provided customers with physical copies of movies, video games, shows, and much more through the standard mailing system. Netflix successfully converted its business model after bagging success as the startup due to the rapid change in technology over time.

With the changing technology, Netflix company handouts from providing physical copies, now it allows customers to stream their favorite video or any other content from the comfort of their own and enjoy their convenience. Nowadays, the streaming platform has come up with advanced streaming technologies, which not only have improved the overall business structure of Netflix but have also improved its revenue to a great extent.

Netflix is providing subscribers to stream and watch a variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more via a software application. And since Netflix has converted its business model to video streaming platforms. Netflix is the world’s seventh-largest company on the internet by revenue and always trying to improve its presence on a global scale. Explore the following pointers to find out all the complications faced by Netflix and how it came up by developing an excellent business model with the same.

Key Partners of Netflix

Netflix has gained around 35+ partners across their business stream, it offers millions of types of genres to the subscribers to choose from, subscribers can choose from a variety of types for enjoying at any time and from anywhere. Netflix has successfully built its relation with Smart TV companies like Sony and LG for winning the market and for many other aspects.

Netflix has even set an alliance successfully with PlayStation, X-Box, and many other businesses in the gaming industry. It has developed a partnership with the gaming sector to cater and provide all its gamer subscribers with video games as per their needs. During the crucial phase of converting the business model from mail-in-system to streaming platform, Netflix builds a partnership with Microsoft, Apple, and Android. And now, after joining the network on the web, it has successfully established its relations with big data providers like Amazon and Google.

Netflix has successfully established its partnership with telecom companies with the aim of expanding its streaming service through bundling services. This advanced streaming platform is successfully distributing its services through more than ten different operators across the globe. From the 2019 Q1 Report, it clearly emerges what bundling partnership helps it generate incremental customer acquisition at par economies with a ka carte promotion. During Q2, Netflix was running some tests in the European market and released the top 10 lists of the most popular content of the streaming platform.

Value Propositions of Netflix

Netflix works on effective strategies and methods to provide the best to its subscribers. Its main motive is to offer an excellent experience to all the customers by deploying valuable propositions. There are numerous advantages that Netflix users can leverage when they opt for any of the subscription plans on the streaming platform. Some of the benefits include:


  • Stream 24*7 content!
  • Explore movies and shows in high definition.
  • Stream content from anywhere and at any time.
  • Provide unlimited access to users to watch movies and TV shows
  • Free days trial for 30 days for new subscribers.
  • Access to Netflix’s original shows and exclusive movies.
  • Users can cancel their subscription as per their convenience.
  • Recommendation for watching new content to explore.
Netflix Man's Best Friend

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There are many other advantages that can be leveraged by subscribers like avoiding commercial ads, switching between on and off options for notification, personalizing their user preferences and accounts, updating profiles, and many more. Besides this, if the subscriber wants to share their account with their family and friends, then they can do it with advanced features offered to them by this advanced streaming platform. Subscribers are allowed to share an account with specific preferences and filters which are already offered to them by the advanced platform.

Key Activities of Netflix

Netflix believes in providing best to its customers; hence it hires and retains software and tech geeks. Netflix is continuously putting its efforts to expand its platform, hence it always kept maintaining and improving its mobile apps, websites, and TV apps. It produces and acquires original content to expand its video library.

Netflix Business Model

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Netflix has developed an effective subscription model and pricing strategy, which ensures driving new customer acquisition and affordability. Key activities that Netflix has followed have made it achieve massive success in the market in very lesser time. Not only that, but it has great user recommendations to retain the current customer base. For providing customers with engaging and interesting content, Netflix has built a secure partnership with content house production and Studios.

Customer Relations of Netflix

There are various things that Netflix offers to end a number of customers worldwide. Netflix provides its users with numerous advantages that they haven’t thought of having before on any of the streaming platforms. Users can leverage various advantages as below:

  • Easy Self Setup
  • Netflix has designed its platform with the aim to provide excellent service to end-users, users get more convenience when they use this easy to use and simple platform on enjoying the streaming service.
  • Developing Netflix has taken extra care while developing the Netflix platform, they have ensured to associate themes and elements that promote friendliness to users.
Netflix Business Model

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Excellent Customer Experience

Netflix uses a website portal to provide the best customer service to its customers. Netflix facilitates users to use various options like email inquiries, telephone, live chat, or any other means of communication for reaching a representative directly.

  • Live Chat Services
  • While using Netflix as the streaming platform, users get the chance to opt for a live chat session.
  • Users are allowed to chat with the Netflix representative if they have any issue and require the support for the same.
  • Some of the special promotional deals and discounts can be demanded by the subscribers when they subscribe themself with the streaming platform.

Key Resources Used By Netflix

  • Software developers of Netflix are trying to improve its platform and continue to offer a much better result to the users.
  • Netflix uses selection preference and artificial intelligence-based algorithms to provide the best experience to the users. Netflix builds and designs the recommendation algorithm for its users.
  • This algorithm shows data based on internal data and recommends new releases on various basis, which they can identify user watch selection.
  • Users are provided with the most viewed and related results based on frequent searches made by the users.

Streaming Channels of Netflix

There are various Netflix channels through which subscribers can use to explore a variety of content on this advanced platform. They are facilitated to use a various platform like:

Scribers can use a website to stream the content online. 

  • Users can also download the Netflix app to enjoy the content of their choice.
  • Subscribers or users are facilitated to use gaming consoles.


Cost Structure of Netflix

Netflix follows a unique and effective cost structure to earn more penny and be the frontrunner in today’s competitive world. Major purchasing of this advanced streaming platform includes movies, TV shows, series, and much more. This streaming platform also has to manage various costs, such as producing the movie, personalized recommendations, and much more.

Netflix Business Model

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Revenue Streams of Netflix

Netflix was not much popular until 2007, but it got huge popularity in a lesser time when it launched “streaming” services. Netflix grasped significant revenue when it launched its streaming service for the subscribers that also at a pocket-friendly price. This streaming platform offers three types of subscriptions plan to the users to leverage, these plans include:

  • Basic: $8.99/month
  • Standard:$12.99/ month
  • Premium:$15.99/ month
History of Netflix Price Hikes


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Netflix has successfully established its name in the market, it has established its global presence with international streaming to expand its customer base. It provides upselling opportunities to the subscribers to upgrade their plan and opt for a premium one for their business in no time.

Netflix is the most bang for your buck

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Netflix’s Business Segment

Netflix has come up with a unique business segment, which made it a winner in the race among many other business competitors in the market. Explore to know which business segment is followed by Netflix, which helped him to generate more lead for their business in no time.

  • Domestic Streaming
  • International Streaming and Domestic DVD

Domestic Streaming

Netflix’s uses domestic streaming segment to derive large revenues from monthly subscription fees in return of engaging streaming content which it offers to subscribers in the USA

International Streaming

Netflix has always come up with new business ideas, its international streaming segment helps it to generate revenue from monthly subscribers fees globally.

Domestic DVD

Netflix’s Domestic DVD segment helps it to drive more revenue from monthly subscribers fees for excellent services consisting of DVD by mail.

Netflix’s Subscription Model

How Does Netflix Penetrate to Newer Territory?

Gregory Peters, Netflix’s CPO (Chief Product Officer) responded that “as we launch our service, we get a chance to learn from our members. They tell us what content we incrementally need to provide to them.” He further added that, “We do a better and better job at that, how we modify the product experience, what we need to add from a payments perspective, from a partner’s perspective. And we’re seeing that basically in all the markets that we operate in the world.”

Therefore it’s not wrong in saying that Netflix incrementally learns from the newer regional markets where it provides its service and always trying to provide better customer service to almost all the subscribers, it provides them with regional content and experience to improve subscriber growth in the international market.


The industry for entertainment video streaming is extremely competitive, this is mainly because of rapid shifts in consumer taste and preference. Netflix has to compete with many video streaming providers, such as Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, internet-based content providers (this also includes those people that provide pirated content), DVD retailers, online video clip gambling providers, and much more broadly against other engaging sources of entertainment that most of the associates may opt inside their moments of free time. 

In attempting to leverage a competitive advantage over other providers, Netflix is consistently improving its content and product, it is trying to improve both original and technological content streaming on the platform, which is increasingly exclusive and curated and comprises our own originals.

Paid Advertising

Netflix advertises accurately through online channels to gain more subscribers and traffic. In 2018 Netflix has spent approx. $28 Million in paid advertisement online. Online advertisement includes Google Adwords, Banner Ads, Video Ads, PPC Campaign, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Ending Note

In 2000, Blockbuster was offered for purchasing Netflix as well as all its assets for only $50 million. But now, due to continuous efforts and improvement, the market cap value of Netflix is worth $155 billion. (Source)

Netflix follows an excellent business model that helps them to sell and produce its products and streaming content globally in the best possible manner. No matter what Netflix sells, what matters the most is how it sells and promotes its products or streaming content. Adaptation of powerful technological tactics has proved to be a boon for Netflix, accessibilities, and innovating has also helped the streaming platform to improve its user experience positively. Netflix Business Model implemented new tactics in several areas, which helped the streaming platform to capture the global market.  

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