Native, Hybrid or Web Application; What your business needs?

Jan 02, 2016

Gaurav Kanabar



Mobile Technology is redefining the way we do business. There are the different path you can take to make your product or services online ready for mobile devices. It depends largely on these 3 main factors.

  • Your business need and Target Customer

  • Features complexity on application

  • Your Budget

Depending on these 3 broad factors you can choose one platform for your idea. Here we will discuss a summary of the key differences between building an app : Native, hybrid or web.

Native Application

Native apps are developed particularly for one platform and take full advantage of all the features of that platform. It is coded in the programming language specific to platform i.e. Native app for iOS or Native app for Android. The most popular are Java for Android Device and Swift or Objective-C for Apple Device.


  • Anyone with URL of your app can access it from any device
  • Inexpensive to build compared to native application
  • Low Maintenance

Hybrid Application

It is built busing web technologies like HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. It is transformed into native code platforms like Android and iPhone. It is quick to build and easy to deploy across all platforms.  A hybrid app is also known as Cross Platform App Development. It reduces the cost of development as only it’s code can be deployed across various platforms.


  • Cost Effective Development
  • Fast Deployment across all platforms

Native, Hybrid or Web Application

Web application

Programming in a web application is written in a way that its user experience becomes more interactive and it feels like a mobile app on mobile devices. It has look and feel of a website but it runs smooth across all devices like tablets, phablets, and mobile screens. Anybody with web application URL can access the application through any devices , they do not need to download any app. Though it doesn’t support Push notification and native gestures that native app offer. It also an inexpensive option for entrepreneurs to develop in on the web to test the waters instead of diving directly into the app world.


  • Anyone with URL of your app can access it from any device
  • Inexpensive to build compared to native application
  • Low Maintenance

Now that we have discussed all it’s important for you to decide which platform does your business need and what’s the budget you have. It is  equally important to have a technical expert who can guide you on this important matter.  Alphanso Tech offers free consultation on your idea. Contact Us Now.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Native, Hybrid or Web Application; What your Business Needs. Let me know if you have any question regarding your Start-up Idea or Project. I will reply to you ASAP.

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