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If you are planning to start a new venture or have a startup in mind then you often come to hear “Uber for X” that brings a product or service quickly & in an efficient way.

Uber for X mobile apps can be a great business model for Startups for making money by bridging demand & supply gap for a marginal fee generally charged from a service provider or vendor. This can create huge sharing economy and create employment for an economy for e.g. drivers for Uber, shoppers for Instacart etc.

This term “Sharing Economy” also comes with challenges like building trust & credibility with customers, proving value for money services, capacity building (replicating model successfully) etc.

What is Uber for X ?


Uber for X is meant for on-demand service (on-the-go). This term is derived from most successful startup Uber, the taxi-hailing app that connects drivers with customers. Uber has very clean User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).To book a cab all you have to do is press a button and cab will be at your doorstep.

To put in simple terms Uber for  X means two-sided marketplace ( Vendor and Customer). It’s about aggregating demand on the mobile app and Service is quickly delivered as the customer gives request via a mobile app. Mostly Uber for X services is offered in mobile app.

Many entrepreneurs have taken inspiration Uber for X model and established successful startups in last few years. Startups are who launch “Uber for X” getting huge support from Angle Investors and Ventures Capitalist.

Future Potential of Uber for X


Angel List have around hundreds of startups marketing themselves as ‘Uber for X’ startups in each city. Where X can vary from doctors, lawyers, groceries, dating, car pooling  and much more. Some of these verticals have already shown momentum and healthy growth for service including food and dining, travel, beauty care etc. It has immense potential for a startup to venture into niche market area. The main attraction of these services is it provided instantly and the solution is user-friendly and easy to use.

Following are few things that you need to keep in mind with developing Uber for X model for your Startup.

Don’t Copy the Business Model

You can take inspiration in the form of bringing together all the stakeholders onto the one roof just like what Uber does, but copying it completely will not take your startup much far. You need to develop your own business model in order to succeed for your Uber for X startup.

Uber has been around for about 8 Years so they have their own reasons to build the successful and replicable business model the way it is. Similarly, when you develop your own business model considering market research, customer problem, targeted audience etc. it is obvious that it will be different.

On Demand Platforms

You should be creating and willing to experiment with various options in order to find out what works for your startup. Remember Real business is just not building the app but to service your customer offline so that they keep coming back to you.

You need to enrich the experience of all stakeholders in order to scale up organically. The app part is easiest to built and good mobile app development partner will help you it quite easily. But along with that, you need to also focus on managing logistics, suppliers , the financial transaction between vendors, customers, nd other stakeholders. All these will take care  on-demand business on operation side.

Find Niche and Be Prepared to beat Competition



The first rule of thumb of starting any company is to identify niche area or target customer segment & try to find niche area in which they are having a problem. The narrower you target segment higher will be payback period. It will also help you deliver great customer experience.

If your model is successful you should be prepared to face stiff competition from others. You need to differentiate your company with delivering superior customer experience and make sure all the customer are satisfied. If they’ve had a bad experience with your company, they can spread bad word of mouth and quickly shift to another provider. Customer Loyalties takes a time to build.


Replicable Business Model

Uber has replicated its business model over 66 countries and 450 cities worldwide. When you plan for your business idea around Uber for X business model you need to make sure that idea is replicable enough grow your business. Scaling up business too quickly can be very hazardous, but not being able to scale at all can increase the chance of failure of the company.

Uber for X for Startups

Companies can fail simply because they scale up too quickly or run out of cash. For e.g. Good Eggs, an online grocery delivery store that had scale their operation in order to capture market share & lay off 140 employees because they grew too quickly.

Here, Entrepreneurs must check their ambition with real world scenario and act according to the need of the business.

Another example could be Rivet and Sway , the online retailer of eyeglasses for women, unexpectedly closed their business after rising around $2 million reasons being high customer acquisition cost.

There are a couple of ways to increase transaction value and volume- get repeated business from existing customers and acquire a new customer from the different geography. Your on-demand start up needs both to grow successfully.


In this blog post, we have discussed Uber  For X model and Few points to keep in mind for new startups venturing into it.

We have discussed Potential of Uber X, How can you beat the competition and stay ahead of the curve to be successful Uber X startup. We have also discussed the need to build replicable business model and couple of case studies on it.

We hope that you will get inspired and develop your Uber X Startup and see how things work out for you.

We differential ourselves as from traditional app developers by focusing on niche-sharing economy solutions provider by partnering with startups and small businesses.  This approach helps up in creating a specialized team which can help you craft a strategy for your Uber for X Startup.

I hope you will find this post very useful regarding Mobile app for Uber for X Startups .

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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