Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid ~ Part-1

If you’re in that moment where you start developing a mobile Application, I am sure you already dream of the success that will come after you’ll upload it on the app market. Although you can handle very well the programming part of your mobile app, this can be great but, regrettably, it is not enough. There are lots of variables that can influence the way users will receive your app. Whatever you do, don’t make the following mistakes that’ll keep you far in the desired victory. The design for the user interface, bear in mind that the first impression matters the most. It’s vital to keep your app easy and intuitive. The ideal app is to produce user understand how it functions in the specific moment that he opens it to the very first time.

Moreover, let’s experience a bit with your mobile app and what it can do before asking him to get his advice. If the very first page of the app is a registration form you can be sure that he’ll close the app as soon as possible. A much better approach is to present the app a little and allow him to understand its worth and after that, try to convince him that he will receive more if he completes his information. Be careful though, not to ask for more, also early. Permit them to decide on an innovative profiling and ask just the essential information at first. More helpful details on mobile app onboarding it’s possible to read in one of our previous articles here.

Construction For Many Platforms at the Same Time

If you are considering multiple platforms, think twice as you will not be able to concentrate your efforts in the right direction. If you start with just one stage, then the entire development process will run quicker and you will appreciate the results improved. Although you want to achieve the top of all app markets the best thing you can do in such a situation is to produce the program for only 1 platform — App Store, Google Play, Amazon, etc — also, then you can concentrate your ideas for a different one. The minute you are sure of its success there, you can think about the third stage and so forth.

Focusing on Over One Purpose and Function

Since You should build the mobile app for just one platform first, the same thing occurs with your own features. Should you overwhelm your customers with too much functionality initially, thinking that this needs your app to impress them, you are incorrect. First, focus on the major aim of your app and on the main solution of this problem that you wished to solve in the first place with your app and after that, you may offer more. Needless to say, it’s crucial to test it until you release the app on the market because an app filled with bugs readily available on the app store is the worst thing which could happen in a programmer’s world, nearly an apocalypse.

It is imperative to make the login procedure as easy and as fast as possible but, allowing your users to connect with only their social accounts it’s a major mistake. It’s an advantage for all those users that are really active on social programs to allow them to use those credentials in your app too, however, as astonishing as would sound that, you must understand that not all of the people in this world love Facebook, for instance.

Forgetting Personalization

More important than features are the personalized elements of the mobile app. Keep an eye on customers’ tastes and attempt to accomplish their needs in each step they make inside your application. Be sure to implement a function that will show the activities made by consumers. In one of our articles on personalization, we highlighted the value of delivering smart recommendations to help in the instant they need them the most or rescue their very last action to begin from there next time they open your app. Little details make the difference. Start with little things and you will have great results.

Not Purchasing Mobile Engagement

The first thing you should have in mind even from growing point is How you will convince your users to choose your program and to come back to it over and over again. You do not need a massive budget, but you have to commit plenty of time to create a phenomenon around your program, as you are focused on creating the mobile app.

Social Sharing

Social Networking channels are one of the best ways to allow users to All of us conduct our lives in line with the advice we get from friends and loved ones. In the mobile world is the identical thing. Make certain that you implement social sharing buttons inside your program between important pursuits. We always warned you and we state it again: Never interrupt users’ actions for telling them to share your app because you can make certain that they won’t share your app. Rather they will share their disappointment with a 1-star review. The ideal approach is to wait till they are fully engaged since they solved a problem together with your app or else they won a battle within your game and they’ll be pleased to answer to your invitation to talk about your app. You may also encourage them to share their experiences in their own profiles by giving them incentives within the game.


Creating an app and making it successful is a hard process, but it will provide you Satisfaction for sure once you launch it. Do not forget to use a strong marketing plan that will position you in just the ideal spot for your targeted customer. Look for the Ideal keywords to name your app, and make your Landing page the perfect reflection of what your program does.

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The engaging user on the website is a very important first step both in the website and mobile apps.

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