How to Market Your Small business Online

The Online world provides an unlimited potential to reach out to your targeted customers. While few marketing tactics do not require a large budget and are pocket-friendly. Every business has to look for the marketing strategy that works for them.

Here we have combined few popular marketing strategies which can be used by any small business. If you are working with small budget i.e. $500 then this strategy will help you to take most out of your marketing effort.

Launch Ad Campaign in Facebook

With Ads on Facebook, you know exactly where your every $$ goes. You are able to put forward your offer in front of a target audience. You can optimize your campaign in such a way that it can generate maximum ROI ( Return on Investment). It may take a time for a while to optimize your Facebook ads for better User Experience and generate sales.

Invest in SEO

SEO can drive you lots of free traffic to your website. SEO should be the priority for the small businesses if they want serious business from their website. There is a lot of free information available on how to do SEO of a website. You can also hire expert SEO person to do SEO of your website. It is also important to have self-education since you can guide the person you hire or provide meaningful insights.

Create Animated Videos

Most of the website visitor has very less attention span. Animated Videos catch their attention on the page and they get to know more about your product and services. With a sleek video you can explain the benefits and features in a much more efficient way and encourage users to take action, Action could sign up for newsletters, Click on call to action button, purchase a product, collect email address etc.

Creating Infographics

Infographics are an effective way to communicate the message in a graphical way. It allows you to take any topic related to your business and create a visual content that educates and informs the visitors. You can also perform an outreach and get your Infographics published on the high authority website and get yourself promoted as an expert in the domain.

Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead as presumed by many marketers and businesses. You need to build preferably from the website who are interested in your product or services. Spending money on building list provides you the opportunity to reach out to your potential customer in a more personalized way. It is very beneficial to have bespoke email template and have called to actions with each email. You can also automate the email sending a task to focus on other important aspects of a business. Make sure email that you design is responsive and displays correctly on all screen sizes.

PPC Ads on Google

If someone needs specific product or services they are likely to search it on Google. Running AdWords Campaign allows you to target specific search term that your potential customers are searching on Google. With as low as $100 monthly budget, you can start testing and optimizing ads that convert. From there, as you get more sales, gradually increase your Adwords effort to generate more sales and get more business.

Hire Influences to Promote your Business

Marketing Influencers have large reach on their blogs, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Channel etc. You need to figure out the best influencers on your domain and industry who can pitch your product or services or write a positive review about it.  With a very small budget, you can approach local influencers who can reach out to a large audience with a limited budget. Use some creativity to promote your business with influencers and it can yield good results.

Also, having influencers write about your product/service is a good way to get an incoming link from a highly relevant authoritative website. If you find it difficult to find influencers, or if you’re unsure how to reach out to someone, you can hire a link building service to help. Companies that offer link building services usually have access to large lists of high value sites available in the United States, Europe and globally. They usually have thousands of established relationships that a small business owner may not have access to.


It is really important to start marketing your website with different tactics and see what works for you the best. We hope you will get inspired by this and start marketing your website in the most effective way.

I hope you will find this blog post very useful regarding how to market your small business online.

Let me know any questions if you have in comment regarding it. I will reply ASAP.

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