Ever wonder about ios application files and folder structure once installed on device?


Introduction to ios application files and folder structure:

Let’s understand files and folders structure in iOS. iOS is based on OS X, which itself is based on the Unix operating system. In iOS, the operating system’s full directory structure is not visible to an app because of each app, written by an iOS app developer, lives in its own sandbox.

A sandbox environment is exactly what it sounds like a sanctioned area where only the app that owns the sandbox can access the contents of the folder. Every app has its own sandbox folder and the sandbox folders by default have subfolders that apps can access.

When an iOS app is installed on the device, the folder structure shown in Figure above will be created for that app by the system.


Every App Is an Island.

An iOS app’s interactions with the file system are limited mostly to the directories inside the app’s sandbox. During installation of a new app, the installer creates a number of containers for the app. Each container has a specific role. The bundle container holds the app’s bundle, whereas the data container holds data for both the application and the user. The data container is further divided into a number of directories that the app can use to sort and organise its data. The app may also request access to additional containers—for example, the iCloud container—at runtime.

These containers constitute the app’s primary view of the file system.

Because it is in a sandbox, an app is generally prohibited from accessing or creating files outside its containers. One exception to this rule occurs when an app uses public system interfaces to access things such as the user’s contacts or music. In those cases, the system frameworks handle any file-related operations needed to read from or modify the appropriate data stores.

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