Increase engagement and sales in eCommerce


These days shopping from internet had become common and more and more people are now purchasing from internet only. And that is also a reason that every business holder now have to have become aware in competitive market. In this article we will discuss six valuable tips to increase engagement and sales in ecommerce. So let’s start.

Landing Pages

Send every user to lending page of matching category of product not to the home page. This will really help to increase traffic and sales to your website.

Increase engagement and sales in eCommerceProduct Description & SEO

Provide a product description which matches exact the product. Keep it short and to the point.

Use the keywords which necessary for SEO optimization. This will help to bring traffic to your site.

Keep Shipping Cost As Low As Possible

One survey says that half of the traffic does not becomes sales because customers are not able to find the free shipping. Try to keep the shipping cost low or keep it free.

Keep Your Website Up With Tablets And Pc

As now the trend of PC is declining. The use of tablets and pc and continuously increasing. More and more people are now using there tablet or mobile phone to shop. So be sure that you are using providing app compatible with window, blackberry or ios. Also provide some additional discount to people who are shopping from your app. This will confirm that now people can shop from you wherever they go.

Increase engagement and sales in eCommerceSurvey Existing And New Customers

Survey time to time about new customers and existing customers. This will really help you about where you are lacking and what are your strong points. Be very specific about your surveys. Don’t ever ask any personal or irrelevant question in you survey.


Competition in ecommerce is getting harder these days. You must be active to increase traffic and sales for your business. I hope you found helpful information in this blog. If you apply these tips in your business, you will surely get good increase engagement and sales in ecommerce store. For more information check out this and this article.

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