HTML : Let’s Learn A Static Webpage Language


We will be learning and creating a webpage through this series of articles. This is the first article on this series. Throughout the series we will learn HTML, CSS & Javascript. Also not that we will be finished a project with this series of articles by learning it from scratch. If you are a beginner than also this course will suit you. We will see html in this article.

What is HTML exactly?

HTML is a static webpage markup language and it is not a programming language. The full form of html is hypertext markup language. It is used in web development and custom web development also. Tags are the building blocks of HTML. It’s tags are written in between <tag>. HTML is used to create websites and static web pages. In this article we will understand it and also create some static webpages.

History of HTML

HTML was invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 and was known as “HTML Tags???. He gave 18 simple tags of html. All these tags where influenced by Standard Generalized Markup Language(SGML) except for hyperlink tag.

What You Can Do In HTML?

You can create a simple for form in which you can add button, label, textbox(or a multiline textbox) and many more. You can also embed audio and video file from now in html5. Although you can enhance the look and feel of an HTML page with using css which we will understand in next article. So what we are waiting for let start learning it.

Simple Example

We can use different editors but in this example we will use notepad for learning purpose. First of a notepad and type the following code in it:



Then after save it as .html file. Now open it with any web browser. You will find following output:



Now Let’s Understand This Example

The document of it is divided with two main tag <head> and <body>. They both are written in <html> tag. Links should be putted in <head> tag i.e. link for css file or javascript file. We will see them in next articles. <body> is main tag which contains other tags. Every tag ends which </tagname>. Spaces written in between opening of a tag to ending of tag will ignored automatically. You can check it on your own. You can see this in our example.

Heading Tags

All tag from h1 to h6 are heading tags. The text written in these tags will be bold automatically will have some pre-defined size. And also not that these tag will contain automatically line break as well. The heading tag with highest size is h1 and with lowest is h6. No more than these heading tags are available.

P and Strong tag

<p> tag is specially used to write paragraph. This tag will take automatic line breaks. Another tag is <strong>. This tag will make any text to bold. Mark that the text written in <strong> tag is bold automatically.


In this article we understood some basics of HTML. I recommend you to go to w3schools website and learn more. For that click here.

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