How to Validate Your App Idea? It’s Easy If you Do it Smart

You come up with a similar type of situation where you come up with a great idea, you have invested time and $$ only making a great product that you thought would work and it doesn’t take off at all. If you validate your idea up front before investing heavy time and money into the app then you are unlikely to face a similar situation. That’s why validating your idea before building a full product it is a good way to build your stronghold which will help you improve the strategic goal towards building a successful product that will make your money.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Building Minimum Viable Product helps you to fine tune your development of a product that you want the customer to use or purchase. That idea is to create a prototype rapidly with minimum possible features and deploy the product to test by potential users. According to Eric Ries MVP is a version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with least effort.


Image Source: Jon Radoff

After getting feedback from the customer and collecting important information from them you can continue to improve your MVP by adding a new feature or rebuild your product. If you want Free Consultation on your Idea or want to build MVP for your idea Contact Us Today.


Separate Landing Page

 You need to design the separate landing page for your app idea. Through landing page you can quickly communicate your offering , it advantages , and CTA ( Call to Action).

Landing Pages are where you can hit the sweet spot of your potential customer. If you can convince the visitor with the landing page to acquire your product then he is likely to give it a try.

Make sure you have Google Analytics set up on a landing page to analyze the conversion and user behavior on the landing page. Iterate and Improve.

Here is one Example of Good Landing Page:


Reasons :

  1.  Long and In-Depth Landing page
  2.  Call-To-Action with Awesome Graphics
  3. Creates lasting impact on viewer to fill the form
  4. Unmatched UI and UX

Intense Research

 Before you start MVP or Prototype of an app you need to intense research about your idea. You can use Google Trends , Google Keyword Planner Tool , Top performing app on App Store and Play Store to understand the potential and market size of your app. If you want to do competitor analysis you can use tools like BuzzSumo and ahref to understand how your competitor is doing. You can also use AppAnnie Leading app analytics firm to help in researching about your app idea. You can see the ranking of the existing app in your niche. This can help you understating of how existing app ranks , what is the demand for this type of app. This is important step to validate your app idea.

Validate Business Idea

Business Idea Validation

Image Credit: Markus Spiske

Business idea validation is a process to test and validate your idea before launching your product or services. It can be done by in-depth personal interviews, creating a special landing page, sending out an email for survey etc.  It will help you understand what users actually wants. Based on the gathered feedback you can tweak or modify business idea. Minimum viable Product (MVP) development will also help you to validate business idea.

A/B Test

A lot of marketers and designer are using A/B Test for the web. But you can use A/B testing for Mobile App as well. Glassdoor Increases registration by 8% with A/B Testing for their Mobile App.


A/B Testing for Mobile App


A/B Testing Plays a big part in understanding the user preference. It gives you a clear understanding of what user prefer to see in your app. Before starting A/B test you need to define to goals e.g. increase the number of sign-up forms, increase social sharing , capture email address etc. Once you have set the goal create A/B testing for that goal. Generally in A/B testing following elements are tested:

->CTA’s  (Call To Action) size, font, color etc.

->Headline of the Page

->Style and Layout of Landing Page

->Text and Image on Product/Landing Page


There is no doubt that you should validate you app idea before developing a product itself.

It will help you in understanding user need and behavior in a better way.

After you successfully validate you app idea your next step should be to develop a product.

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