How to Validate Mobile App idea? Step by Step Guide

It could be very insecure to begin creating a brand new product based solely in your ideas about what the sector and possible audience desire. As a result, you may get rid of money and time, and also suffer harm to your reputation.

It’d be better to confirm your mobile app though. By adhering to the rule, you can find a rough vision of prospective program prospects and growth possible. Most of all, you are going to figure out if it’s well worth growing in any way.

The most important reason that you want to confirm your app is to find your intended audience’s requirements more correctly, which saves money and time.

1. Invite prospective users

It is time to confirm whether your intended audience has needs and pain points your mobile app idea will suit, how folks meet it today, what, in their own view, is convenient or upset about it, etc.

In terms of your idea, decide whether users want to fulfill their needs together with your intended merchandise and method and if they’ll cover and if so, how much.

You are able to make topics on market forums, utilize online polls, or question folks in focus groups on interpersonal networking sites. Ideally, when you’ve conducted interviews, it’d be best to supply a preliminary purchase bargain in some acceptable form in case the item is discharged.

To put it differently, users must definitely affirm they are all set to devote their cash on it.

2. Estimate potential requirement using keyword research applications

If you understand nothing about internet marketing and especially SEO, it may be difficult to estimate the search requirement. But some tools are somewhat user-friendly for novices.


It’s a handy way of estimating search query statistical information. It permits you to define a specific area that interests you, discover the competition level, and also find out lots of additional helpful data.

The free version of the Keyword Tool creates around 750+ long tail keyword suggestions for every single search term.

Google Trends is a site by Google that assesses the prevalence of high search questions in Google Search across different languages and regions. The site uses charts to compare the research quantity of unique queries as time passes.

It doesn’t offer statistical information in total amounts, but it will permit you to comprehend the requirement for a specific topic. In addition, it can compare two subjects, accounting because of their popularity in a time period.

3. This is only one of the easiest and clear tips that lots of entrepreneurs and program developers often dismiss. Look for programs in groups applicable to your upcoming item. Enter keywords you believe potential users would look for and study the recommended programs section.

If you want to know more about a particular platform, for example, iOS, it doesn’t mean that you need to dismiss the Android platform. Spend some time exploring Google Play too; maybe you’ll find something helpful there, also, or some new program thoughts.

Assess your prospective opponents’ apps for consistency. Pay careful attention to feedback and ratings, as this information can allow you to know what people like, desire and desire. Last, check each of the pros and cons users cite in their remarks; this can allow you to stay away from app growth errors.


The approach is quite straightforward, but it needs investment.

Produce a landing page declaring and describing your app though. Insert a few mockup screenshots of this program. You may purchase them by a designer. Insert a lead creation type where users may leave their e-mails to get notifications about your upcoming program release date.
Establish an advertising campaign utilizing search engine advertising platforms such as Google Advertising, to make a paid search campaign or societal websites advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads.
Following the effort is complete, assess the proportion of consumers that signed up. At precisely the exact same time, you don’t need to develop the item right now — you’ll use these sales leads afterward whenever your program is out on the industry.
Next, gauge your startup expenditures and predict revenues, such as advertising and marketing expenses.

5. Post your App thought on Product Hunt

Product  Hunt is a web site which allows users to share and find new products. It is a fantastic platform for startups to record projects and invite users to vote for their preferred, increasing them to the peak of the list. In the last few decades, this support has grown into one of the chief information resources for new technologies products and is the perfect platform to rate the prevalence of any startup thought.

Even in the event that you have not begun your mobile app development, it’s beneficial to get comments from an engaged community. To try it, post a webpage about your mobile app thought. You are able to earn comparative decisions about the capacity of its prevalence based on”enjoys” received.

6. Produce your MVP

Following that, you monitor your viewer’s response to it and gather comments from the very first users.

By way of instance, if you’re planning to make a mobile application, create the most elementary version within a minimum budget (bypassing the whistles and bells ), and attempt to market it.

If consumer acquisition costs are lower compared to the gain margin, finish the item, running A/B testing or in-depth interviews with customers in precisely the exact same moment. In this manner, you can check your program idea in area conditions and determine what to do and how to begin doing it.

Proving mobile app thoughts

Any seasoned entrepreneur or specialist will affirm the ideal method to produce a successful product is to lower risks before investing substantial resources into growth. It’s simple enough for those who prepare and decide the measures that you should take.

These days, the principal question isn’t how to do something but if it needs to be performed in any way. This practical guide can allow you to assess your program idea before you invest time, effort, and money on its own development.

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