How to Upload Music in Melodify? Step By Step Guide

Melodify is one of the leading streaming services platforms which allows users to get their music uploaded on the streaming platform. But numerous users wonder about how to upload music in Melodify. What process they need to follow to upload their work on the leading music streaming platform so that more users can leverage the music which they have contributed on the platform.

It is found that 35% of music streaming subscribers globally had subscribed to music and audio streaming platforms. Hence it will not be wrong that more and more customers these days are stepping towards digital platforms. Even more business entrepreneurs are taking the support of video and audio streaming app development company to offer their users an excellent platform that they can use to upload their work or enjoy the music by another artist on the platform.

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Statista report shows that music streaming service in the U.S. was Apple Music with 49.5 million users, while Spotify has around 47.7 million monthly users. They are undoubtedly the market leads in the present market, but some of the other music streaming apps like Melodify and many others have gained massive popularity among the users in a short duration of time. But when it comes to platform use, users get confused about how to make use of it to upload music on the platform, then explore to know-how which steps to follow to become a music contributor of Melodify.

Getting Your Music on Melodify: Explore to Know How to Upload Music in Melodify?

Many small artists found that Melodify to reach an audience and earn a living. Artists can get their music onto the Melodify playlist and can help them to build their careers overnight. Melodify possesses tools for artists, helping them to get their music heard by the right listeners. This platform also helps artists gain insight into their audience and build their own playlist, which will help them gain huge popularity in no time.


Actively, the end number of uses and artists prefer to use the Melodify platform, and its number is estimated to jump constantly. Melodify is a great way to gain exposure for the artist, but it becomes easier for them to upload their music straightforwardly. Artists should remember that they can easily upload their work on the platform by following a few simple steps.


Creating a tremendous pre-save campaign before you release a track is also really important and helpful in creating a fan base and building hype for your upcoming release! Check out our checklist for what to do when releasing a song. There are numerous functions of Melodify, which makes the music uploading process quite easy for users. Explore to know which steps users need to follow to upload their work on the streaming platform.

Step by Step Guide to Follow to Upload Music on Melodify Platform

The library of the on-demand streaming music platform is quite huge, which simply means that most people can find their favorite artists and songs very easily on the platform. But what if the personal collection of any of the individuals includes some rarities? Not a big deal Melodify advanced features offer users access to explore their personal collection right within the app. They are even allowed to create their own playlist by following a few simple steps. Check the below-listed steps to know how to upload music on the Melodify platform.

Step 1: Easy Registration Process

If you aren’t an active member of Melodify, it becomes essential for you to register yourself with the music streaming platform. Click on the signup option and fill all the essential details like full name, email id, password, gender, and much more, set by the platform owners. Once after filling up all the information successfully, click on the signup button to become an active user of the platform.

Step 2: Follow a Login Process

After successfully registering yourself with the platform, you can immediately follow a login process to use the platform as per your convenience. Now enter email id and password, which you have defined during the registration process. Click on the login button to log in to the platform and upload your music on the same.

Step 3: Plan & Launch Your New Release

Once after completing the login process, you have access to upload your music on the platform. For adding your work to Melodify, click on add albums option visible to you on the menu.

Step 4: Add Essential Details

Once you click on add albums option, you can easily enter all the details related to your song. Enter album title, language, description, image, and rating star, after entering all the details successfully click on the save button to save your album. Now you can check your list to see whether your album is successfully added to the list or not.

Step 5: Manage Albums List

Once after creating your list, you are also allowed to manage the same efficiently. Even if you want to search any albums that you have added to the list, you are allowed to do the same with a few clicks of the buttons. Enter the album name for which you are searching for in the search field and click on the search button. You are allowed to edit and delete any of your albums as per your preference.

Step 6: Add Artist

Once you create your album successfully, it’s time to add all the details related to the artist. Click on add artist option and add all the details like name, description, image, and much more. After entering details, go to the save button to save all the changes made. You are also allowed to manage artist details that you had uploaded before and deleted as per your requirement.

Step 7: Add Audio

Once after creating your album, you can add audio to the same by simply clicking on the add audio option. Once you click on the option, you can enter details like audio title, language, language, and much more. You can select any of the albums, genre, and much more as per your preference. Now browse the file which you want to upload and set a default image for the same to differentiate your work from others.

Step 8: Manage Added Audio

You are also allowed to manage any of the audio files which you have added to the Melodify platform. You are allowed to make changes to previously added audio by searching it from the search field available. You can browse the audio file as per different categories like select categories, albums, and artists. You are allowed to delete any of the audio files as per your need.

Step 9: Share Your Work

Once after creating your album and audio file, you can share the same with your family, friends, or another person with whom you want to share the same.

Step 10: Logout Process

Once you create your album and audio file successfully, you can leave the platform by following a simple logout process. Click on the logout option to leave the platform once you complete the upload process successfully.

Summing It Up

If you are an independent or new music act rapper, band without a major record label deal or singer, then using platforms such as Melodify can prove to be more beneficial for you. You can take the support of the app development company to build an advanced video and audio streaming platform for your business to reach more audiences and develop your name in a short duration of time in the music market.

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