How to Upload a Video in Play Now?

Live video streaming is similar to a combo of right and most tired methods helping you engage a vast audience base and provide you with innovative opportunities. But there are many things which have to be considered when it comes to building engagement through broadcasting. There are numerous things that individuals have to consider, especially when it comes to uploading a video on video streaming platforms like Play Now, they exactly don’t know How to upload a video in Play Now successfully.  

85% of businesses these days are using video content as a marketing tool. This shows a drastic decrease from the previous year as it was measured around 87%. Still, the number represents a significantly high number compared to 2016. Now people prefer to leverage video content instead of going through boring topics textually.

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During the survey, more than 92% of marketers responded that video marketing is a vital part of their marketing strategy. It helps them to achieve the desired result in a short period that also without making much effort for the same.

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Perhaps most strikingly, more than 88% of video marketers said that video provides them a positive ROI while around a 5% increase is measured in the figure during the last few years. The figure was around 33% in 2015, which has increased drastically during recent years.

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The above-listed figures clearly represent the importance of video and how it affects your business. Hence it becomes vital for you to pay attention to a video marketing campaign, ensuring to drive more customers in a short duration of time. Know what you need to consider to upload the video to video streaming platforms like Play Now.

Step by Step Guide to Upload Video in Play Now: Check to Make the Process Easier!

There are various video streaming platforms available on the web these days, but it becomes vital for you to choose the best platform. If you want to upload vlog, music video, comedy sketch, or any other work, then it becomes essential for you to follow a few essential steps. The very first thing you need to install the platform on your video or visit sites like Play Now to upload your work on the streaming platform. Undoubtedly the video streaming video platform might wonder you about how to upload the video to Play Now.

Things to Consider Before Uploading Video to Play Now Platform

You need to make sure that the video file that you want to upload to the solution stack must be supported by it. Before uploading the video to Play Now, make sure that the video is supported by the platform. Luckily, you can make use of the Play Now platform to upload the video which supports different file formats, this video file formats include:

  • .MOV
  • .MPEG4
  • .MP4
  • .AVI
  • .WMV
  • .FLV
  • 3GPP
  • WebM
  • DNxHR
  • ProRes
  • CineForm
  • HEVC (h265)

Video streaming platforms support all the above-listed formats accurately; hence the chances of video files on the platform are very low. However, if the video file format that you upload on the platform is not supported, in that case, you can find the alternative for the same and solve the problem which you are facing by converting it to any formats which are supported by the platform.

Your video undoubtedly does not need any music before the upload on the platform. Suppose you could not decide on which type of music you wanted for the streaming platform, if content warrants it, don’t think that you are in bad shape. Thanks to the vast and free audio library which Play Now offers to you, you can add sound effects and music effects to your created content after you upload it on the Play Now platform.

Play Now offers you a flexible platform; it enables you to change the audio track anytime as per your convenience. Everyone is not going to need all the platform features, but users can leverage the platform features after registering themself with the platform. You need to know everything about the platform to make perfect use of it and upload videos without any hassle.

Know-How to Upload Video on Play Now: Explore Step by Step Guide

You can successfully register and sign up for the Play Now platform to upload your work successfully on the platform. You are provided with endless hours to create and edit the video content to go live by considering a few simple tips. Congratulations! Play Now platform can act as a powerful platform for every music lover, helping them drive traffic and reach more customers in no time.

You can easily increase the influence on the internet and drive traffic in a short time. Moreover, it is not easy to record and upload your video on the platform. Learn the step by step guide to uploading a video on Play Now platform.

Step 1: Sign In

Enter the Email Address and Password, which you have set during the registration process to upload your video to Play Now platform.

Step 2: Go to Video Option

After a successful sign-in process, go to the video option and click on create a video option to create a video of your choice on the platform.

Step 3: Enter Basic Details About Video

Enter the necessary details about the video like the video title and description, which will be visible to users when they come across your uploaded work.

Step 4: Update Video Details and Select Essential Video Options

After completing all the essential details, enter other video details like rating, age, cast & crew, and much more. Also, choose appropriate options like category, subcategory, public type, and many other options related to your video.

Step 5: Upload Video and Set Other Details

Now it’s time to upload a video on the platform by browsing it and setting the video’s duration. Also, update all the images like video, mobile, banner, and many more, which are required. Set video status from active or deactivate the option. Set video price and currency as per your choice and click on the submit button to upload your video successfully on the platform.

Step 6: Manage Video

Once you upload a video on the video streaming platform, you can explore it and can even manage it as per your preference. You are enabled with edit, delete, and view options to make necessary changes to the platform as per your choice.

Step 7: Logout

After completing the video update successfully, you can click on the logout option to leave the platform if you don’t require any further updates on the platform.  

Signing It Off!

You can follow the above steps to upload videos successfully on the Play Now platform. If you have a video and if you haven’t updated it to the Play Now platform, it can be proven to be a disservice to yourself. Play Now is the largest video streaming platform for uploading every type of video and gets visible in front of more audiences in no time. But you need to follow a few steps that are listed above to upload your video on Play Now platform without any hassle.

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