How to Stream Music with Melodify: Step By Step Guide

The music streaming industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. Today many streaming services are available in the market, which allows users to listen to music for free, this proved to be very beneficial, especially when it comes to curbing the need for piracy and provides a great opportunity for artists to get more for their efforts made.

It is quite easy for users to access a ton of options if any of the users are in search of a music streaming platform, then Melodify is the best option for those who are in search of streaming some type. But many times when it comes to streaming music on Melodify, then users exactly don’t know about how to stream music with Melodify, then explore how you can make perfect use of the platform to stream and enjoy your favorite music.

Learn to Know How to Make Perfect Use of Melodify to Stream Your Favourite Music

No one can deny that the music streaming industry has bagged massive success in the last few years. In the report, it was reported that streaming platforms like Spotify have more than 10 million subscribers. Numerous music streaming platforms are available in the market these days from which users can choose any as per their requirements.

These streaming platforms have opened huge opportunities for independent artists and labels. It has made it quicker and easier for them to strengthen their presence on the service and gain popularity among the audience in no time. However, streaming platforms such as Melodify have been proven to be very beneficial for artists & Labels, not only that, but it has also proved to be a boon for music lovers. Before getting familiar with how to stream music with Melodify, explore what is Melodify actually.

What is Melodify Actually?

Melodify is an advanced and feature-rich audio streaming tech solution stack that enables you to stream music of your choice as per your preference. It allows users to listen to music with the amazing sound quality from anywhere and at any time as per their convenience.

Melodify is an advanced streaming platform that allows businesses to kick start their streaming business online. The end number of advanced features is integrated into the platform, which makes it easy for admin to manage the whole platform through a single platform.

Audio Streaming Platform: Steps to Get Started with It

Melodify is a perfect audio streaming platform that addresses all the needs of the users in the best possible way. Users can leverage a variety of tracks, playlists, and other types of content of their choice. They can utilize many different filter options and can also check their favorite records and tracks with a single click on the streaming platform.

Melodify allows users to create their own audio and relaxing tunes as per their preference. Users can leverage a huge number of different playlists from other musicians and genres. They can even discover songs under various segments like metal, reggae, acoustic, folk, hip-hop/rap, punk, electronics, pop, jazz, blues, and soundtrack, classical, etc.

There are a few useful and simple steps that any of the users have to consider to get started with the streaming platform. These can help them know how they can stream music with a music streaming platform like Melodify.

Step1: Easy Sign Up Process

If you are a newbie for the steaming platform and using it for the very first time, then you have to register yourself with the streaming platform. You can follow a simple process to register yourself and leverage the music of your choice on the same platform.

Enter an email address and password, also make sure to select the gender you belong to. After entering all the details you wanted, go to the signup button and click on it to register yourself with the platform.

Step 2: Login Process

If you have registered yourself with the platform, then you can log in yourself to leverage the favorite songs. You can use your login credentials like email ID and password to login to the streaming platform. Once after entering your login details, click on the login button to successfully with the platform.

Step 3: Edit Profile

Users are allowed to make essential changes to the platform if they aim to make the changes. They can edit and update several details like Email ID, Full Name, Gender, Birthdate, and much more as per their choice. They can save all the changes by simple click on the save button.

But if users don’t want to save the changes made, then they can simply click on the Cancel button for discarding all the changes which they recently made.

Step 4: Change Password

Users can change their password for security purposes as per their preferences whenever they want. They need some of the details like a current password, new password, and much more to change their password. Once they set a new password, they need to click on Save Button to save the change made.

How to Stream Music with Melodify

If the users don’t want to change the password, then they can simply click on Cancel Button. Once they click on Cancel Button, all the changes will be discarded.

Step 5: Explore the List

Once after login successfully, you can explore the whole list of playlists available on the platform. You can check the list based on various segments like metal, reggae, acoustic, folk, hip-hop/rap, punk, electronics, pop, jazz, blues, and soundtrack, classical, and many more to find the perfect one as per your convenience.

Melodify Website

Step 6: Search for Your Favourite Songs, Artist, and Album

Users are allowed to search their favorite songs, artists, albums, and much more to enhance their entertainment level. If they want to check their previous search, then they can easily check the same with a few single tap on the platform.

How to Stream Music with Melodify Mobile app

Step 7: Create Your Favourite Playlist

Users are allowed to create and enjoy their own playlist, they can add and remove any of the songs from the playlist as per their choice. They can even update the playlist whenever from any time and from anywhere. They can check their playlist, album, and their favorite list to find and leverage the music of their choice.

How to Stream Music with Melodify Website

They can even check the list of albums present on the platform, this can help them to find a perfect match that suits their mood.

Step 8: Check Recent Playlist

Users are allowed to check their favorite playlist from the platform they want. They can even check the recent playlist from the platform to leverage the same as per their preference.  

How to Stream Music with Melodify Image

Step 9: Easy Log Out Process

If users don’t want to use the audio streaming platform, then they can follow a simple logout process to leave the platform successfully. Users can click on the log out button to stop the usage of the platform quickly with a single tap on the platform.

Ending Note

Opting for an audio or music streaming solution stack for your streaming business can prove to be the best option and helps you to leverage numerous various opportunities that you have even not imagined before. You can opt for Our Melodify Clone solution for boosting your business presence in the music streaming world. We assure you to provide excellently developed products that satisfy all your business in the most efficient way, it will also help you to address all the needs of your prospective users accurately and make them yours forever after.

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