How to Start a Professional Networking Platform Quickly

Social media is not a simple means of communication or connecting with friends and family. Many business entrepreneurs are leveraging the benefit of professional networks these days. They are using the platform for brand recruitments, sharing ideas, retaining & attracting customers, and much more. Hence many business entrepreneurs wonder about how to start a professional networking platform quickly and easily.

Reid Hoffman, with his team, decided to build a social network after realizing the importance and business benefits of social networks. It helped them develop a successful and engaging business network ensuring their business success and growth. Guess which platform it is? Today the platform is popularly known as LinkedIn and has gained massive popularity among the users.

Complete Guide to Start a Professional Networking Platform Quickly

Social media usage is undoubtedly one of the most popular online activities these days. In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people were social media users; this number is estimated to jump and reach high to 4.41 billion in 2025. With the growing popularity of social media, LinkedIn also gained huge popularity among all the users. It is one of the biggest networks that operate successfully in more than 200 countries as well as territories. 

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Professional social networking is key to progressing in your life. The networking platform helps you stay connected with relevant peers, remain informed about the professional network, keep abreast of the latest development, and much more. Now you might be wondering about how to develop a professional networking platform like Linkedin. Learn to know what you need to take into consideration to achieve success and develop a network in a short time and that also at a pocket-friendly price.

Step by Step Guide to Follow to Start a Professional Networking Platform

Do you know how Mark Zuckerberg changed the world? The answer is very simple; he built a global community that connects people and brings them together. Facebook is a general platform for users helping them to build a large platform. With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is considered as one of the largest platforms connecting millions of people.

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While LinkedIn has also achieved success in the market in a short period. It is used by more than 170 million users in the U.S. alone. The country is undoubtedly a market leader, especially when it comes to leading the professional job networking service. It has accounted for a huge audience base in India also, around 68 million people make use of the professional platform for one or another reason. 

LinkedIn was successfully launched in 2003; it is a professional networking service that is used by job seekers and employers or recruiters. Job seekers use the platform to post their CVs while recruiters use it to find the best talent for their company. In 2019 alone, Linkedin generated more than 6.75 billion U.S. dollars in revenue and experienced an operating loss of 987 million U.S. dollars.

Seeing the popularity of social networks, many business entrepreneurs are thinking of developing a professional networking platform quickly and efficiently. Creating a successful networking platform is not an easy task; there are numerous things that you need to consider to create a professional networking platform quickly and at a pocket-friendly price.

Define Core Value

It would definitely sound weird that the designing of a professional networking platform never has features and functionalities. You need to define the core value of the platform which you are considering to craft. Hence before designing the platform, define the core value unit of the platform which you are thinking of crafting.

Now you might need to know why it is important; the answer is very simple: the success of any networking platform is based on enabling repeated connection and interaction between users. It becomes vital that your networking platform offers your customers with a core value. For example, LinkedIn is allowing customers to build professional connections with other customers in no time. On Kickstarter, professional persons like artists and musicians can easily find financial support for their projects.

Define Your Target Audience

Pay attention to the targeted audience to put all your efforts and energy at the same thing and get the worth for it. First of all, define your core values and craft a social network platform on these values and parameters. Get the answer about what is a social media network on the ground. Define your targeted audience by considering the following approaches:

  • Online Research
  • Test and Learn

Decide on Key Features and Functionality

Once you define the core values and target the audience, pay attention to the features and functionality that will cater to all the needs of the platform users. Ask yourself what problems will be solved by your platform and what features can help you to address all. Even though there are some features that are a perfect fit for the platform, there are basic features that you can consider, including your professional networking platform. Develop Growth Strategy

Develop Growth Strategy

How to build a professional networking platform quickly in today’s market, which is full of competitors? You need to build a growth strategy to build it for your targeted audience. You can access all the data; now it’s time to create awareness about the service among your targeted audience. The need to define growth strategy completely depends on your target audience; the destiny of your professional networking platform completely depends on it.

Follow Professional Network Development

Every professional networking platform demands to be developed using the right platform. Once you gather all the information and build your growth strategy, it’s time to finalize your platform features and look. Communicate with the development team and discuss everything with them to let them know what you exactly expect to have in your networking platform. There are various checkpoints which you can consider involving before you appoint the developing team, check to know which are those points:

  • The Money
  • The Platform
  • DataBase Volume
  • Traffic Estimation

UX Design

Make sure to design a networking platform that is user friendly and functional. Make sure to keep your networking platform simple and minimal as customers prefer to use simple, not the complex platform. Create your professional network platform in such a way that it offers a seamless experience to your targeted users. You can make use of social tools to build a feature-rich platform that your customers love to use. There are various elements which you can consider paying attention to for developing successful networking platform, explore to know which are those pointers:

  • Elements of a standard profile
  • Chat options and features
  • News Feed design
  • Connect Buttons
  • Engagement Buttons
  • Comment Section Areas
  • Social Groups options
  • Setup Page Design

Promote Your Platform

You need to make sure to promote your business platform to ensure its success in a short period. After developing and launching a professional networking platform, make sure to promote the same to get the best result that also without making much effort for the same.

Final Thought

Developing a professional networking platform is not an easy task; the development process can last up for days based on the selection of the app development company. You can follow the above-listed steps to ensure your platform success in the market in a short duration of time. Build the platform as per your customer’s need guaranteeing more downloads and usage by your targeted users.

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