How to Start a Live Streaming Website: Check Step-by-Step Guide

People these days are becoming more tech-savvy, and live streaming has become mainstream. Users want a more open and shared experience with people globally. Live streaming is expected to reach around $70.5 billion worth of industry by 2021. Now you might be thinking about how to start a live streaming website, then check the step-by-step process right here.

The popularity of live streaming content has evidenced an enormous jump in recent years. Views of brand content have increased on YouTube by 99%, whereas it has experienced 258% growth on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg said that he prefers to explore video as a “megatrend.”

According to Cisco, live streaming content accounts for around one-third of consumption on the internet. At the same time, it’s estimated that it accounts for almost 80% of internet traffic. If you are looking to build a live streaming website, Alphanso Tech is always happy to help you; get in touch to get your query solved.

The live streaming website is the most promising area that helps you achieve success in no time. Nowadays lots of students stream and get some extra money. They even use the online writing assistant in case they have some deadlines for their current tasks. Explore the complete process to know how you can start a live streaming website; we have listed a step-by-step guide to making the process easier and understanding for you.

Types of Streaming Websites You Can Choose to Create

There are different types of streaming websites that you can consider creating. Check the below list to know the kind of streaming website you can choose to build to stand out in today’s competitive market. The list of the streaming website includes:

  • On-demand streaming services;
  • Live TV streaming services;
  • Live streaming services.

Why You Need to Create a Live Streaming Website in 2021

Grand View Research shows that the video streaming market is experiencing a huge jump in recent times. It is estimated that the live streaming industry will reach around $124.6 billion industry by the end of 2025. To provide perspective, live streaming was a $30.29 billion industry in 2016, while the growth in the streaming sector was astronomical.

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Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) May 2018 survey shows that 47% of live streaming video viewers globally are streaming live video compared to a year ago. And nearly 44% stated that they prefer to watch less live TV “as a result of live streaming.” At the same time, more than 50% of live streaming video viewers prefer to watch content through social platforms. It exceeds a TV network site while 34% on the app, or pay  21% TV service by a significant margin.

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Live streamers understand the importance of a live streaming website; they know that it helps them to:

  • Survive in the upcoming industry bust;
  • Secure the long-term future of their business.

Live streaming is a standalone platform that helps you achieve success. It helps to stream content, build an engaged community, connect with viewers, and much more around the topic. Developing your live streaming website enables you to:

  • Keep creative freedom;
  • Control your income;
  • Reach huge audience base (away from algorithms);
  • Have something that is yours (with your branding).

Basically, a live streaming platform stops your streaming business from getting at the mercy of a platform’s creator guidelines and empowers you to have complete control over every activity with ease. Check which step you need to follow to start your live streaming website.

Live Streaming Website: Learn to Start it with Ease!

1. Pick Your Platform

2. Choose Your Business Model

3. Upload Your Previous Live Streams

5. Customize Your Live Streaming Site

6. Create a Free Trial Offer

7. Invest in Live Recording Equipment

8. Choose and Encoding Software

9. Secure a Reliable Internet Connection

10. Video Streaming and Hosting Platform

11. Generate an Embed Code

12. Embed a Live Stream

13. Looking for Strong Support to Promote Product

Must-Have Features for Any Live Streaming Website

Mainly features can be categorized into two different types, includes:

1. Essential;

2. Advanced.

Essential features mainly stand for functionality which is required to satisfy the user’s expectation. You can make critical changes to website features as per customers’ feedback later. You can even prefer to add extra features to your live streaming websites to make them more engaging and useful for users.

Making your live streaming website feature-rich during the development process can save you money. Additionally, you can raise funds from investors by presenting your money-making and website launch idea in front of them. Checklist of features that you can consider including in your live streaming website.

Social SignUp

Let the platform choose among different registration processes by integrating social login features. For example, you can offer a simple login option with the user’s email, password, and contact number. Else can offer them social logins, allow them to register with Facebook, Twitter, or any other to make their registration process much easier and faster than ever before. Additionally, integrate the “Forget Password” function to offer a user-friendly environment to your users.

Add/ Update Profile

Users love to add and update their personal data on the live streaming platform. They also like to list to share their interests and hobbies. Hence allow users with functionality to add, update, and delete an account. Also, enable them to add different links to social networks on the streaming platform.

Start/ Finish Broadcast

Have you thought about how to make a streaming website successful? You need to build user-friendly opportunities to begin streaming. It is needed you add a feature that enables users to share the streamers’ location, comment, select category, etc., on the broadcast.

Real-time Chat

What if users want to chat while watching live streaming? Hence to provide your users with a complete, user-friendly environment, you can integrate real-time chat features. It makes it easier for customers to chat with streamers whenever and from wherever they want.


Make it easier for website users to search for videos by different categories and streamers. You can even add a list of recommendations to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Follow Users

Make it easier for users to follow streamers to get notifications related to upcoming events and live to stream as well. Also, let them list the profile which they follow and recommend to others.


To make your live streaming website user-friendly, you need to integrate changing settings as per users’ convenience. They can see the public or private status, turn messages “On” & “Off,” and much more.

Live Streaming Website: How to Monetize it?

In addition to the best content, you need to consider the best streaming platform model to monetize your live streaming website. You can consider four essential monetization strategies that you can integrate while creating a website for live streaming; this monetization strategy includes:

  • Advertisement;
  • Premium features;
  • Subscriptions;
  • Partner programs.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Streaming Website?

There are few key factors that define the cost of developing a live streaming platform. These factors include:

  • Size and scale of the website;
  • Design and development rates;
  • Testing;
  • Third-party services;
  • Software maintenance.

Different types of websites have changed, specified, and require an individual approach. The more details you provide to developers, the more realistic estimates you get.

Summing It Up

A live streaming website gets lots of attention; it looks like live streaming is the future of entertainment, education, and marketing. The streaming website has plenty of use cases; if you have a fantastic idea for a live streaming website or want to upgrade your existing solution, Alphanso Tech is all ready to help you. If you have any misgivings or need to know about the streaming platform, you can contact us right away; we are happy to solve all your issues and provide development support.

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